Chapter 5 : New Species, New Employees

The second day, the App once again sent Duan Jiaze a message. The second task had been issued.

Task Description: In order to ensure a smooth opening, please prepare for the basic! Introduce 30 types of animals and recruit three employees. Otherwise, how can you satisfy the needs of the tourists?

Task Reward: After the task is completed, you will receive: 30 days worth of high-quality rations for all animals, free upgrade of animal house cages and facilities.

As for the Ling Xiao Support below, there was still no new progress. Seem like there won’t be any animals dispatching any sooner. This made Duan Jiaze let out a sigh of relief. One Luya was enough to make him troubled.

But, this mission was sure difficult for Duan Jiaze. Don’t talk about recruiting workers, he had already been doing it. The thing was, the park wasn’t big to begin with. There was also not enough money and now he still needed to bring in thirty types of animals? Why did it felt like the difficulty level for task No. 2 increased!

Duan Jiaze even ran out to count the number of empty cages. There was only some left. While he was in a dilemma, he suddenly thought of something. He took out the previous feeding list and checked, and sure enough!

The current animal species list was very tolerant. They were both bird species, but peacock and parrot can be counted as an independent type. The number was all written according to Peacock No.1, Peacock No.2, Parrot No.1, Parrot No.2.

While other animals were not easy to bring in, but just talking about bird species itself, Duan Jiaze could go to the bird market to purchase. Buy one for each type and it would add up to thirty types then the task would be completed. Moreover, birds did not occupy a large place, and their space requirements were much smaller.

As he said, why would the mission abruptly became so hard. Now that he seen it, it was still rather easy to complete.

Actions spoke louder than words. Duan Jiaze was feeling pleased as he brought his funds and went to the bird market in the city.

Easr Sea City’s bird and flower market was relatively large. Once Duan Jiaze went in, he felt that there was no need to mention about getting thirty types.

Thrush, Siskin, Leiothrix, Canary, Lark, Warbler, Zebra Finch…

Duan Jiaze did not have many criteria, he picked the inexpensive and those that looked healthy (even if the health was not good, go home and feed them some rations and they would be good) The process was speedy. Later on, he rented a cart in the shop, placed seven, eight cages on it; it looked like a special purchase.

Although there were plentiful types of bird. Firstly, the zoo already had some birds. Secondly, the par value was also not much. After buying close to twenty, he suddenly came to a realization… Because he saw these fish sellers.

Actually, buying fish was more convenient than buying a bird!

Duan Jiaze was very happy to find a store, picked a dozen species of ornamental fish. The price was economical, this should be enough. Here, together counting the container, the fishes and the birds, he spent a total of several thousand dollars and everything was settled.

The original Cape Zoo had fish. But it was long dried up and the fishes went missing. Moreover, all the fishes in the water were normal ordinary goldfish. It was for the tourists to rent net and scoop them.

Duan Jiaze pondered for a moment. That empty pond was quite ugly. Hence, he bought another thirty goldfishes.

In this way, there were thirty fishes. On the way, Duan Jiaze bought a tank. After that, he planned to put all the ornamental fishes in the tank, and the goldfishes in the pond. For the time being, he placed everything in the tank and it looked a little crowded.

Duan Jiaze patted the tank, and talked to himself: “You all be good, we will relocate your new home once we go back.”

The boss helped Duan Jiaze move the tank to the cart. Duan Jiaze was an outsider, he was a businessman; how could he remind Duan Jiaze that this way of putting fish was not good. He couldn’t wait for some fishes to die then Duan Jiaze would come back to replenish them.

However, when Duan Jiaze pushed the car out, he was stopped by an uncle.

“Young man, why do you put all the fish in one tank!” The uncle was holding a filter in his hand, it was estimated that he was an enthusiast and he could not stand looking at Duan Jiaze’s big tank of mess.

Duan Jiaze was ignorant: “What’s wrong?”

The uncle said: “There are different size of fish here, there are fighting fish, map fish… Oh, you don’t want all these fishes? They are going to fight! It will be not bad to go back with half left.”

“It can’t be, fish fight?” Duan Jiaze carefully observed the fishes in his tank. “Uncle, how do I feel that they seem to get along well?”

“Where is the get along well?” Uncle bent over and wanted to point out the disharmony. But after a closer look, he couldn’t help but swore, “… Fuck, they really get along well?”

Inside were dozens of fish with dozens of different colors. There’s big and small, fierce and docile, and they were really not fighting, in fact… They was especially neat. Those of the same breed lined up together. If not, they would just go according to the size, doing things in their own way, like someone directed them to line up properly.

This uncle had been raising fish for many years yet he had never seen this kind of situation. He stayed dazed for a long while, and said dryly: “Young man, you really are capable, how do you do this?”

Duan Jiaze was a bit ashamed. “I don’t know. I have been very good at raising fish from a young age.”

When he was a child, he also raised small goldfishes and small turtles. Unlike his classmates, who within a week can turn the animals’ belly up, his little goldfish can survive for a few years before dying. He never felt that it was difficult to raise fish.

Sometimes he bought live grass crap, even if he wasn’t able to find up a container in time, and placed it inside the goldfish tank, nothing happened.

Uncle was full of enthusiam, “There is such talent? Have you raised guppies? I don’t know what happened to some of my guppies at home. Nowadays, they don’t like to move and also don’t form any groups. I have asked many people and was still unable to solve this problem.”

How would Duan Jiaze know this? HAe himself was muddled when he was raising his fish, so he was quick to say he don’t know. Uncle was very disappointed and watched the “spectacle” in his fish tank for a while before he said goodbye.


When Duan Jiaze went back, he hanged the bird cages in the shed. He requested the villagers to clear up the pond before they start the feeding before he poured some water in and placed all the goldfish inside.

The ornamental fishes were still in the glass box, and Duan Jiaze placed them on the corridor of the first floor of the small building. The table was moved to the side and was placed like a display.

Luya knew that it was time to eat, and came out to see Duan Jiaze moving the fish tank and asked him: “What is this?”

Duan Jiaze: “Aquarium…?”

Luya: “…”

Luya revealed an “Are you crazy?” expression.

But it didn’t matter, he quickly shifted his attention. “What kind of meat is it today?”

The meaning of this sentence was that, Daojun wanted to eat.

At present, in the whole zoo, Director Duan was the supervisor for the feeding of all animals and the only Three-legged Golden Crow keeper. He accepted his fate and held a bucket of refreshed lamb chops into the kitchen and decided to fry the lamb chops today.

The tasteless lamb chops sizzled in the hot oil, and the color gradually turned into a golden with a slight burnt colour, giving off an enticing scent. He turned it around and fried the juicy fat part. The color became deeper.

Granduncle Luya stood on the side, supervising the keeper doing his job.

Duan Jiaze was frying halfway when the phone rang, and it was a stranger’s number.

The call was connected: “Hello, how are you?”

“Hello, is this Mr. Duan? I saw your recruitment information online on East Sea Recruitment Website…”

“Hey, hello, I am!” Duan Jiaze was happy, did someone come to apply?

He put down the spatula and ran outside.

Luya stopped in front of, blocking Duan Jiaze. What will happen to the lamp chop if he went off?

“…” Duan Jiaze knocked onto Luya and could not move forward. He only could shovel the lamb chops while chatting with the applicant.

The other party was applying for finance. Of course, it was not accurate to say finance, because the work content also included ticket sales after the zoo opened…

From listening to the voice, it sounded like a young girl. Duan Jiaze first confirmed with her that she knew about the work content.

At this time, the lamb chops were done, and Luya was on the sidelines staring at Duan Jiaze. Duan Jiaze shoveled the lamb chops with one hand and placed them on the plate. It was immediately taken by Luya.

Duan Jiaze and the girl briefly talked around two sentences and agreed to come for the interview tomorrow.

If there was no accident, Duan Jiaze, who was in short supply of manpower and needed to complete the task, will let her stay as long as she had no major defects – but he just didn’t know if she was willing to stay.

The next morning, Duan Jiaze got up early and welcomed the first interviewee.

The interviewed girl was as young as her voice. She handed a paper resume to Duan Jiaze and said very shyly: “I am Su Shu, you can call me Xiao Su.”

Duan Jiaze looked at the age on her resume, she was one year younger than him, and she graduated this year. “Hey, are you a Chinese major?”

Xiao Su awkwardly said: “Yes, but I have an accounting certificate.” That was the only certificate she have.

The graduates of Chinese and Finance majors were particularly numerous. Her graduate result was not very good, and the employment situation was difficult. She had been looking for a long time to work like Duan Jiaze, more than half a month ago.

Duan Jiaze understood her position and nodded. He sincerely said: “In fact, I think your condition is very good, but I have to give you an understanding of the our situation here. We currently only have me as the only in charge here. The keepers have not been recruited yet. It is the nearby villagers acting as temporary feeders. At that time, your work will also get complicated. In addition to accounting and ticket sales, there may be other trivial matters for you to do. Of course, the visitors volume here is not estimated to be particularly large, and we will hire more people when we develops…”

As for the salary, it was 4,000 yuan a month, including a meal. In view of Luya and other animals that were not human who will be sent here in the future, he can not include accommodation. Otherwise, it would be easy to get exposed, but he did provide housing subsidies.

Duan Jiaze introduced Xiao Su to the actual situation and led her to take a look at the zoo.

Although it was still relatively simple, but the high quality rations fed to these animals these few days, made their fur smooth and skin shiny, and they were full of spirits. The sounds they made were full of confident and bright, bringing back some face for him.

At this time, Luya with hands in the pocket walked from the front, and entered the small building, his highlights… No, the natural golden red hair was particularly eye-catching in the sun. Of course, the most eye-catching thing was his face. Everyone will turn their head just to look at him.

The existence of Luya was contrary to the simple environment. Xiao Su seemed to be skeptical about her own vision. “Is that an employee in the zoo too?” She remembered that Duan Jiaze said that there is only one person in charge at the moment, she dumbly asked, “…Village feeder?”

Duan Jiaze sweated, “No, no, he is just a outsider.”

At present, the zoo was not opened yet so Luya can still wander around. After the opening, he will be acting as an animal during working hours, he might be be facing Xiao Su quite frequently. Duan Jiaze explained further: “He is not an employee. After the opening, he will only come at night to stay.

Xiao Su suddenly was awe struck, “I see, only comes at night.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

… He felt that Xiao Su’s tone was weird but he can’t put a thought to it.


Luya was calling himself granduncle( 大爷), meaning a respectable old man

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