Chapter 6 : Preparing for Internal Test

Xiao Su probably was facing difficulties too. She agreed to sign the contract without much hesitation. Duan Jiaze’s tentative opening time was one month later, and there was no specific date.

His own goal was to open as soon as possible, and the deadline for the task was to reach the minimum opening requirement within one month. The animals were all bought. If he still was unable to recruit all the employees after one month, then the strike of thunder would be coming down. It would not be necessary to open the business anymore.

Originally, Xiao Su did not need to work before the business open, but the girl offered to take up the training or internship during this time. Just give her half of the amount will do – it was because she was too poor to have any choices.

But currently there was nothing to train, Duan Jiaze was helpless. Xiao Su only could disappointedly express that she had to go back to working odd jobs, and Duan Jiaze was quite uncomfortable.

Because he needed to sign the contract with the employee, Duan Jiaze once again contacted Lawyer Wang. Lawyer Wang had misgivings. Why did Duan Jiaze not sell the zoo?

Duan Jiaze awkwardly said that he decided to continue operating the zoo and was now recruiting.

Lawyer Wang was somewhat surprised and blessed Duan Jiaze, but Duan Jiaze felt that his mind was thinking likewise.

Later on, Duan Jiaze discovered that he measured the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men. Lawyer Wang intentionally contacted Duan Jiaze and told him that the younger brother of one of his employees was recently looking for work but was struck, and decided to move brick out of anger.

Lawyer Wang said that it was better to be an aninal keeper then to do manual labor. That person was really interested so Lawyer Wang was here to introduce the employee to Duan Jiaze. This was exactly what Duan Jiaze needed the most, and he was very thankful.

A few days later, the brother of Lawyer Wang’s colleague came for the interview. The young man was named Liu Bin. Although his appearance was not good, his build was big there were a lot of muscles on his body, and his behavior seemed to be quite honest. He studied early and entered the same academic year as Duan Jiaze. However, he was one year younger, so he can’t be bothered to call him older brother.

Liu Bin did not think that the director’s age was almost the same as himself. He was particularly surprised. He said with a straightforward feeling: “People and people are just different. I couldn’t find a job even if I were to knock my head until it was broken and bleeding. Brother Duan, you and I are the same age, yet you are hiring. Hey! It is difficult to find employment. It is even harder to find a job in the environmental engineering profession. I’m almost going to move bricks!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Listening to such familiar words, Duan Jiaze could not help but burst into hot tears. “Brother, you are also studying environmental engineering, which school did you graduated from?”

The two looked at each other in consternation. They did not expect to have such a relationship with each other. After talking about their specialty field, they became even more intimate.

The latter event became quite smooth. Liu Bin originally thought about coming up with some reasons. Since the director and himself had the same professional, he did not hesitate any more. This job actually had a predecessor, so he signed a contract with Duan Jiaze.

Duan Jiaze recruited two people in the blink of an eye. When he returned, he called Xiao Su and informed her to come over for training.

Duan Jiaze’s instruction was to have three employees. Now that he had recruited two people. He can still count himself as one. He simply asked the villagers to stop coming. He was also slightly relieved. Every time his eyes had to stare so intensely, he was even more tired than doing the job himself.

Xiao Su was delighted to come. She had been working odd jobs this few days, and it was more tiring than the work here. Duan Jiaze naturally took care of the girls and asked her to feed the small animals such as fish and birds. Once the keepers had been recruited, she didn’t even have to feed the small animals.

After all, Duan Jiaze came in earlier than them, he knew that Luya could hold these animals down. He also saw the enthusiasm of the animals eating these rations. Therefore, when feeding, he was not afraid at all.

What wad there to be afraid of? The lion did not necessarily think that he was tastier than the meats from Ling Xiao Hope Project …

This elegant and generous enthusiasm, led to Xiao Su and Liu Bin thinking that he was a veteran.


They were all young adults, it only took a few days for them to be familiar with each other.

Luya, from time to time will appear in front of them, especially during meal time.

Duan Jiaze recently hooked up with the security guard of the park. He heard that they would buy food from the surrounding villages, so he went to the villages and agreed to give a sum of money every month so that they would send fresh vegetables from their lands.

If it were one or two, the villagers might be too lazy to send. However, the zoo’s geographical environment was good, it was next to the park, where the employees ordered a lot of food. Since it was convenient, they would send here too.

With the source of vegetables, Duan Jiaze started cooking on his own. Even though Xiao Su and Liu Bin arrived here, they did not know how to cook. At noon he would cook additionally for two more people. But other than this, he would also have to open the kitchen stove for Luya and make the dish.

So, every day at noon, Liu Bin and Xiao Su would be hungry. They would look at Duan Jiaze, who was also hungry, stir-frying a dish for Luya. Luya would press himself to the side eating what he had. (Duan Jiaze can still get a little bit, the other two could forget about it). Afterward, Duan Jiaze would then make theirs, and the three people ate together. This showed that Luya was somehow different.

To be honest, Liu Bin was very envious.

“I feel that… Brother Lu’s food is always better than ours.” Liu Bin said quietly. In fact, theirs were not bad. Duan Jiaze’s method of cooking seemed to be the same, but he was not sure if it was a psychological effect that Luya’s food seemed to be tastier.

Xiao Su: “Because there are different ingredients in there.”

Liu Bin opened his mouth: “What? Chicken essence?”

Xiao Su, with both her hands, drawn a heart: “It is this!”

Liu Bin: “…”

Liu Bin had a shiver, and he did not dare to response.

After Liu Bin and Xiao Su, Duan Jiaze did not immediately recruit the third employee. There were a lot of calls for enquires, but in the end, there were not a few that came for the interview, and no contracts were signed.

On this morning, Duan Jiaze got up and went to the door to pick up the vegetables. He saw that there was an uncle who had never seen him alongside the auntie who was delivering the food. The uncle looked quite sophisticated and wore a pair of glasses.

The auntie introduced this uncle to Duan Jiaze, saying that he was Teacher Zhao from Tongxin Village Primary School.

Teacher Zhao and Duan Jiaze shook hands and this made Duan Jiaze felt some inexplicable. “Hello, Teacher Zhao.”

“Hello, Xiao Duan right? I heard that you are now the Director of this Lingyou Zoo?” Teacher Zhao smiled a little embarrassedly and said, “I came here… Actually there is a presumptuous request…”

Teacher Zhao opened his mouth and spoke slowly, it was then Duan Jiaze knew his purpose of coming.

It turned out that before Duan Jiaze inherited the zoo, Cape Zoo had been letting it free for the students of this Tongxin Village Primary School to come in and visit at this time of the year.

At this time of the year, all the students who could enter the city had entered the city, and the primary school students who remained in the village must had a not very good home condition. The school was not able to organize any extracurricular activities. This free sponsorship was a big event that students were always looking forward to.

Duan Jiaze was stunned for a moment. He did not expect that many people did not disdain the small zoo, in fact, there were some people who were still looking forward to it. He thought about it and said: “You can rest assured that this practice will continue on, you can bring the children here at any time.”

“Thank you very much!” Teacher Zhao held the hands of Duan Jiaze and thanked him. When he first heard that Cape Zoo will be closing down, later, he heard again that the owner had been changed. In fact, he did not have much hope. But who knew that the new director was a student-like young man, and his heart was also very good.

Before leaving, Teacher Zhao discussed with Duan Jiaze and hoped to come over in two days.

Although the zoo had not opened yet, Duan Jiaze had promised, and turned around and told everyone: “Comrades, we have an internal test!”

Liu Bin did not respond in time, “Internal test?”

Xiao Su: “Is there tourists coming?!”

Duan Jiaze told them about the free entrance for the primary school students. The sentimental girl even said: “Oh my God, it is the old fans of the Cape Zoo. Director, you say, will they ask us why we changed the name to Lingyou?”

Duan Jiaze calmly said: “They may ask how to read the word “you”.

Xiao Su: “…”

Duan Jiaze secretly found Luya, “That, Daojun, want to eat braised or steamed tomorrow?”

Luya was watching his TV with his feet up. Seeing that the keeper who always talked back was seeking for his own opinions, his vanity had been greatly satisfied, and he reservedly said: “That half of the steaming, half of the braised.”

“Alright, Taijun.” Duan Jiaze pretended to be a good slave.

Luya felt that he heard wrongly. “What do you say?”

Duan Jiaze looked innocently: “I said ‘Alright Daojun’, is anything the matter, Daojun?”

Luya swept him in with skeptical eyes and snorted without speaking.

Duan Jiaze said again: “This is what happened. I recently learned about the advanced experience of other zoos on the Internet. I feel that it is not bad. Just that with our current zoo technical skills, we can’t achieve it. Don’t we have tourists coming in two days later? This is the first step towards our success in the future. I feel that they should feel the difference between Cape Zoo and Lingyou Zoo…”

Luya casted a side glance at Duan Jiaze, “What exactly do you want to do?”

Duan Jiaze: “Hehe…”

Luya: “…”


measured the stature of great men by the yardstick of small men: to gauge the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measureXiao: an affectionate way of calling someone by adding Xiao(means small) in front of their nameTaijun, have several meaning, can refers to a title to call the immortal, or an insulting term that emerge during ww2. MC should be insulting ML~

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