Chapter 43 Perm A Natural Curl


“Director, you…” Huang Qi looked at Duan Jiaze with detail and half-wittedly said, “When did you do the hair style?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze touched his permed black hair that was once straight. Both left and right sides of his hair were curled up. In the face of Huang Qi’s question, Duan Jiaze was speechless.

Huang Qi continued, “Very good-looking, young people with permed hair also look good”.

He thought to himself that the Director was just a recently graduated student and after all loved to dress up.

Duan Jiaze did not know how to respond. He could not believe that Huang Qi thought that was a special hair style! However, in fact, yesterday Luya tried to prevent him from picking up the feather. He said he wanted to do a heated pillow with it and Luya was particularly angry.

As soon as Luya was angered, he burst into flames, so he stomped away exuding fire.

At that time, they were close together. The fire did not burn Duan Jiaze, but when he went back to his room to take a look, his hair was already curled up…

It all happened for a short moment, yet his hair was curled!

Fortunately, his hair was not curled like springs, otherwise Duan Jiaze might have to find Luya desperately.

Luya was so bad-tempered that Jiaze was also speechless and did not know what made him angry. Luya also did not take the feather. Duan Jiaze dared not to keep it any longer and scheduled a time to return the feather back to him.

However, now it was not the time to do so, since Duan Jiaze wanted to go to the city with Huang Qi.

Duan Jiaze hoped that within four months, he could possibly introduce a certain number of level two animals. He had kept some on his mind for now, such as small Indian civets, swans, Mandarin ducks and so on. Huang Qi calculated the funds and there was not much left, so they had to wait a little longer for the sales figures to improve.

Moreover, they could not always have too many problems to deal with. When they got more animals, they would also have to hire more breeders, resulting in more spending. Therefore, Huang Qi suggested that Duan Jiaze should take a loan in the name of the zoo since paying rent was a must when doing business.

Duan Jiaze thought so. If he could do an instalment when buying a TV set, then what was the purpose of loans if he could just do it that way?

Therefore, Duan Jiaze and Huang Qi went to the city’s bank. Although he had no experience with the paperwork, Huang Qi was rather familiar with it and even promised to help Duan Jiaze with the paperwork.

Huang Qi stayed at Ling You Zoo for some time and also had a more comprehensive understanding there. Before going he told Duan Jiaze about his estimations. In the current situation, he must first apply for eight hundred thousand medium and long-term loans, which should be more appropriate.

Although it did not take long for Ling You Zoo to reopen, and its cash was not sufficient, but recently the rate of business was surprisingly good. Assets and equipment were very valuable, so it was more than enough to mortgage.

In fact, after understanding the relevant policies, You Su also encouraged Duan Jiaze to go to Lin Shui view as a guarantee.

Three lines appeared vertically at Duan Jiaze’s head, and he urged to stop forcing people. If rumours were out, everyone would have doubts in Shao Wuxing, even Zhou Xintang about how much favour he owed to the zoo.


On the bus, Duan Jiaze leaned against the window, spacing out.

“There’s a pregnant woman in the bus, can anyone give up their seat?”

“Hey, how about that curly-haired student?”


Duan Jiaze suddenly woke up, only to find that the “curly-haired student” the driver shouted for, was himself. He stood up with three vertical lines on his head, “Miss, come and sit here.”

The pregnant women came to the back and sat at Duan Jiaze’s seat. She also thanked him for his kindness, “Thank you, handsome man,” she said. She looked up at Duan Jiaze for some time, “Handsome man, were you born with that hair or was it permed, what kind of curl is this, it looks natural”.

Duan Jiaze, “…naturally permed curls.”

Since the director went to the city today, he decided to drop by at the barber’s shop along the way to straighten his hair. Otherwise, he would not feel comfortable about it.

Pregnant woman: “Oh, its good-looking, I also want to give my husband that style too.”

When Duan Jiaze got out of the bus, the pregnant women patted her head, “Wait a minute, why does he perm his hair when it was already naturally curled?”


Duan Jiaze went to the bank with a long face, the bank staff gave an application form for him to fill in. When he submitted form, the staff stared at Duan Jiaze for some time and suddenly asked, “You! Are you the Director of Ling You Zoo?”

Duan Jiaze did not expect to be recognized, but since the news of Luya was huge, it would not hurt to be recognized, “Yes, haha.”

“Well, I read the news. I really admire your reaction!” The bank staff shook Duan Jiaze’s hands, “Your bird is too handsome! At first glance, I find you familiar. It took me half a day to know it was you because of your changed hairstyle.”

When it came to hairstyles, Duan Jiaze laughed again.

The staff was very enthusiastic when found that Duan Jiaze was the director of the zoo. The staff also asked him about Luya, and told them how to fill in the information with concern.

Duan Jiaze finally finished filling out the application with the staff’s and Huang Qi’s help, and he submitted the information they prepared. Huang Qi was indeed well-prepared real as there were no mistakes and gaps. Next, they had to wait for the bank to approve.


After completing their matters, it was past noon. Huang Qi and Duan Jiaze casually ate something. Jiaze asked Huang Qi to go back first, claiming that he still had something else to handle.

Huang Qi did not understand, “What’s the matter, do you want me to accompany you?”

“No, I’ll go by myself.” Duan Jiaze vaguely urged Huang Qi go back, and then ran to the barber’s shop.

That’s right, he was going to straighten his curly hair, afraid of Huang Qi’s further questions. He wanted to straighten it first, then go back and tell him that the curly hair only appeared once in a blue moon, and it was now straightened back.

Although that might cause Huang Qi’s brain to make up a random moment of Jiaze perming his hair with the curling iron in front of the mirror… Ugh, why did it sounded a bit gay when he thought about it?

The hairstylist at the barber’s shop stood behind the chair, touched Jiaze’s hair, and said sadly, “Do you really want to straighten it? Although you don’t look like a trendy person, but it was permed really well. If it was little longer, then it would look less trendy, right? However, it seemed that many people favoured this trendy, yet casual feeling. Why don’t I just fix your hair a bit? I can give you a suitable style, what do you think?”

Duan Jiaze: “…This is permed with fire.”

The hairstylist laughed out three words, “You are hilarious.”

Duan Jiaze: “??”

The hairstylist looked in the mirror for nearly half a day before he found that Duan Jiaze’s expression seemed serious.

He silently grabbed a handful of hair and spoke, “I am not blind. Look at your hair, it was permed naturally and no damage at all. You really kept it in great condition. It looks completely like a natural curl. How can fire have this effect, hahaha.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

It depended on what kind of fire, and who set it on fire… It seemed that Luya’s future was to work at the barber’s shop.

Duan Jiaze: “No, just straighten it for me…”

The hairstylist repeatedly confirmed with Duan Jiaze, then he finally helped him to straighten his hair, feeling pitiful. By the time it was finished, it was five or six o’clock in the afternoon.



Fan Haiping’s family was now a loyal fan of Ling You Zoo. Both husband and wife had a good impression of Ling You, and even bought a whole-year pass. Their son, Zhao Bo also often browsed the official social media account, to see what was new.

No way, according to the officials, the zoo had a new big black bear.

Zhao Bo immediately shouted that he wanted to see the big bear.

Looking at Zhao Bo’s recent good exam results, Fan Haiping agreed. However, during the weekend, Zhao Bo’s father had to work overtime, so Fan Haiping took Zhao Bo there herself.

“Mom, come on, walk faster!” Zhao Bo ran in front, and waved to Fan Haiping, “Let’s do the lucky draw!”

Fan Haiping, “Slow down, don’t fall!”

Zhao Bo was familiar with the place that he was already at the entrance gates as he waved to his mother. Today, it was Brother Eight who was on duty, he greeted, “Welcome.”

Fan Haiping scanned the whole-year pass, and drew a prize. This time, the luck was not so good because she did not draw the Bird Escort. Zhao Bo was slightly disappointed, and said, “Let’s go to see the big bear, and then go to feed the sparrows.”

Fan Haiping denied, “No, they might peck you if you’re not careful.”

The sparrows in Ling You Zoo were getting more ferocious, Fan Haiping saw a number of people who did not pay attention and were chased all around, so she refused to let the child feed them. In particular, after the recent incident in Ling You Zoo, the people of the whole city knew that there was a raptor Luya bird that was the only one to KO the brawny gangster. Who knew if those sparrows would be influenced by it…

Zhao Bo took Fan Haiping, suddenly losing his spirit.

Fan Haiping looked at the guide and took Zhao Bo to the bear house.

The pavilion was newly opened, and there lived a black bear. It could be soon as soon as they entered. In the morning session, there were already some tourists gathered there. Looking past the crowd, it was impossible to see the black bear’s figure behind the glass wall.

There was also a wall-mounted TV on the wall next to the door, which was playing advertisements.

Fan Haiping just glanced, and did not care much about that. She heard those tourists gossiping, and discussing about the new black bear. When she walked over to see, the introduction card on the black bear’s name column stated “Black Wind”. However, the black bear’s action was not like wind.

Black Wind was very tall and huge, but now it was sitting inside, exposing its belly, so it could not be seen by the crowd outside.

“Ah…” Zhao Bo sighed, “Mom, it’s so ugly.”

Fan Haiping looked at it, “It looks good compared to other bears.”

Black bears all grew like that. That bear had a strong body, its hair glowed brightly, which was rather a good-looking bear.

At that time, no one noticed that the television on the opposite wall had finished broadcasting the advertisements. The TV began to broadcast international news.

The big black bear, who was lazy and sitting, suddenly stood up!

Almost all the tourists were startled. It made the visitors understood truly how tall it was.

The big black bear stood like a human and took some steps to the glass wall. Although it could not hear the sound, but it gave people a strong aura when it stepped on the ground. Even the visitors that were opposite it felt a pump of cold air as they somehow wanted to avoid getting in its way.

At that time, they were still comforting each other, and teasing.

“Oh, why are you shaking, are you afraid? The big black bear is coming at you.”

“Where, hahahaha, there is a glass wall. What’s there to be afraid of?”

“Who’s afraid? You must have wet yourself, right?”

The people’s eyes flickered, only to see that big black bear’s huge body pouncing forward as its two front palms aimed forward!

The visitors standing in front of it dodged to both sides in a flash of fear. Some were edgy and several nearly fell.

“Damn it, that scared me to death!”

At that point, the big black bear’s two palms printed on the glass wall with a “Thud.” The face was also very close, but the solid glass wall could not have any impact.

Its sudden action made the tourists lingered in fear. They did not even dare to speak loudly anymore and could not bear to stand in front of it.

“Mom, why did it suddenly pounce, was it going to hit someone?” Zhao Bo asked.

Fan Haiping was also frightened by its actions. When the big black bear pounced, she tightened her grip at Zhao Bo’s hand, “Maybe… it’s because we’re interrupting it.” She explained with uncertainty.

Not to mention, such an action coming from a black bear let everyone witnessed its greatness. The onlookers did not want to leave even though they were both afraid and curious to see if it still had any more actions.

But surprisingly, the big black bear never moved again. It was leaning on the glass, staring blankly outside.

“What is it looking at? Did it want to escape?”

“Or maybe, it hasn’t seen humans before…”

“What the heck, why do I feel like we’re being visited by it?”


Fan Haiping looked at the black bear several times, could not help but speak, “It seems to be watching the TV news.”

Following its gaze, it did not look like it was watching the people, but watching the TV news on the opposite wall.

Other tourists heard Fan Haiping’s words, and also tried looking in the direction from its viewpoint.

“Hey, it really is. This bear seems to be watching TV from the opposite.”

“Holy moly, can a bear watch TV, too?”

“Aren’t bears blind…”

“Who said that? This side already wrote that bear’s vision is good and it can distinguish colour. Perhaps it is looking at the colours on the TV.”

The bear could still be attracted to the news. Interesting.

What’s more interesting was that the bear was walking with two strong hind legs. One stop took a long time, it really looked like it was fully attracted. Finally, it went to the side, people thought it finally lost interest, but in fact, it just walked aside, took a bamboo shoot, and walked back. While gnawing bamboo shoots, it continued staring at the TV.

“…What? Watching TV while snacking?”

“It’s exactly the same as I was during the weekend!”

Fan Haiping was amused by those young tourists because they were also very humorous. She could not help but raise her mobile phone to shoot a short video. From filming the black bear gnawing bamboo shoots in front of her, to the television news. On her post, she added a text:

Accompanying my son to the zoo, I saw a big black bear concerned about the international situation.


Now, there were more fans and more people interacting on Weibo.

For example, one of the visitors of the Black Bear that time shared the posts and pictures in Twitter:

@LingYouZoo, were all the animals of Ling You Zoo so cool and awesome? Now, we have this, one black bear which understands the international situation [Smiley face] and eating shoots while watching. It really does know how to enjoy.

Xiao Su also forwarded the post:

This is the zoo’s new black bear, Baby Black Wind. It’s in its prime, and it advocates the saying: “We must not only concern ourselves with personal affairs but the affairs of the state and the world.” …


Hahaha this bear is very hard-working. Not bad, young and promising!

I’m curious about how Ling You trains animals? Birds must have been trained, but for other animals, it’s hard to tell…

What training is needed though… It’s clear that people are just brain-storming! How can they train a black bear watching TV!

I want to see Luya! I want to see the director! Officials, please post a pic of the director to let me have a quick suck on!

Marketing is flying in the air, but I like it.

Isn’t it because of love _( : 3」∠)_

Yes, yes, it’s all because of love 233333

I watched a lot of short videos, but also feel very fascinated. I have also worked in the zoo, it can be said that some can be trained, but some are absolutely impossible. Maybe it was all a coincidence? Otherwise, it would be the animals that are becoming more like spirits every time!

Hey, upstairs, speak carefully. If they were becoming more like spirits, how could @LinShuiView still cooperate with Ling You? XD


Xiao Su glanced at the comments, picked out the comment that asked for Luya and the director, then forwarded a photo of the director’s back: The director went out today, so I only saw his back. It seems that he changed into a new hairstyle… Wait till he comes back, then Officials will shoot a video of the interaction again!


Duan Jiaze, who “changed into a new hairstyle today” but changed back to his original hair, was getting off the bus. The sky was getting darker, and the staff were off-duty.

Duan Jiaze walked to the lounge to see most people were playing cards there. Luya was not there, so he closed the door after taking a peek. He also heard Huang Qi in the inside muttered a sentence “Why was Director straight again.”

Duan Jiaze sweated a little, and his heart said: Argh, why can’t you just say a complete sentence?

He ran to Luya’s room to knock on the door, and the door opened. Luya was sitting on the bed, putting on a bossy look. Without raising his head, he asked, “What do you want?”

Duan Jiaze took out those two feathers, walked over to the bed, “I’m returning this to you…”

Luya sat blankly and slowly looked up, “What do you mean?”

Duan Jiaze said, “Yesterday, didn’t you mean that you were not happy to let people take your feathers? We ordinary people are not very clear about your culture. If there is any special motive behind this and I accidentally offended it, then I really am sorry, so I’m giving it back to you.”

“Who said that! Who says that there’s some special motive!” Luya roared.

Duan Jiaze: “… You said that yourself yesterday, no?”

He asked Luya before about what he would do if he took it, but Luya blushed after the question. Wasn’t his face hinting that there was a special motive? Duan Jiaze thought for half a day that it was reasonable for Luya to be angry. After all, the feather was similar to bird’s clothes.

Luya: “I didn’t!!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

The director spoke, “So I can just take it? I’m serious, I’ll put them together as a pillow, and if you allow four sets, I’ll also…”

Luya turned over and got out of bed, “Who said I was going to give it to you?!”

Duan Jiaze was dumb-founded, “Then what the hell are you going to do, why don’t I just help you throw it away?”

“You dare?” Luya choked. He frowned and stared at Duan Jiaze for some time. Finally, he said in fury, “Just think of it as my holy appreciation for your diligence at work, I’m gifting it to you.”

After he finished, as if he was satisfied with the reason, he continued to accentuate his tone and repeat, “I gift you.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze picked up those two feathers and asked carefully, “Really? You’re not going to change your mind again, are you?”

Luya growled, “Nonsense, get out!”

The heat wave rolled in, Duan Jiaze closed his eyes and felt his face burned. He scurried out, wow, he really could not offend someone with such a huge temper.

Duan Jiaze walked a few steps out and he found Huang Qi carrying You Su upstairs with his back. When Huang Qi saw the director at a glance, he gasped with an “Eh”, and he continued, “Director… Are…are you wearing a wig?”

“What?” Duan Jiaze stood blankly and then raised his hand to touch his hair.

–Damn it, he was getting furious! It’s curling again!

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