Chapter 44 Crew Inspection


From the next day onwards, visitors and netizens was able to see Director Duan’s new hairstyle.

That’s right, Duan Jiaze had given up to straighten his hair again. It seemed the money he spent to straighten his hair the previous day had went down the drain, it even made a sound. Aside from the barber who knew it, the people in the zoo only looked at it with a short glance, yet it only took less than five minutes for Luya to curl it for him again.

If this continued, it would not be Luya who spoilt his hair, instead, he would have spoilt his hair because he straightened it too much.

Duan Jiaze gritted his teeth, it was cruel for him but he could only pull off that hairstyle for now!

Therefore, what appeared in front of everyone today was a curly-haired Director.

Duan Jiaze performed his own daily performances and ran to interact with Luya. If he did not go, Luya would not move for a whole day. Huang Qi said that it was very detrimental to maintain the zoo’s popularity.

As usual, Xiao Su took pictures next to him. As soon as Duan Jiaze entered, Luya flew onto his head and squatted down.

Duan Jiaze: “… = . =#!”

The director was very angry! Luya surely did that on purpose, laughing at his hair!

However, he could not get angry in front of tourists, so Duan Jiaze reluctantly smiled. He first picked up the feathers that Luya had lost today, and then used food to lure him down, “Come down, Luya.”

Luya looked at the scenery left and right, but he did not respond.

Duan Jiaze reached out to grab Luya, but he flew upwards. When Duan Jiaze lowered his arm, Luya landed back in place again.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

You Su shared the GIF she had taken:

Today’s Master Luya is extremely disobedient. It may be because of the warmth of the director’s new hairstyle that was similar to its home…


I watched it ten times hahahahahahaha, the director’s new haircut is very cute!

OMG! Luya is becoming disobedient!

Wow, the director permed his hair, he looks so nice nice nice

I came to get my nutrients from birds again~~

I came to get my nutrients from Director, the director’s new hairstyle is so handsome =3=

Luya: This bird’s nest is not bad

Editor, how dare you blackmail the director, don’t you want your salary?

Duan Jiaze was fighting with Luya when Huang Qi came over.

He took the advantage to shoo away the triumphant Luya, and went out, “What’s the matter? It’s not the problem with the bank’s approval, right?”

It stood to reason that the approval could be completed in about two weeks, and there was nothing against the conditions either. However, he should be prepared of any possibilities, just in case.

“No, I have to tell you something,” Huang Qi said with a smile, “I have a friend who contacted me and said that the crew has settled. There is a very suiting advertising crew, hoping to use our zoo as a venue.”

Duan Jiaze did not expect to have the after-math so soon, and said in a pleasant surprise, “Really? What advertisement?”

Huang Qi said, “There are no celebrities, but the advertiser is a very large pet supplies company. The theme is still suitable for us. We’ll take it step by step. The main reason is that Luya was on the global search some time ago and they noticed that, so they took the initiative to step into the range of consideration. Our possibility is very high. The zoo was on the hot searches and located in a small place. Our price was not too high as well. But the crew still had to come over to check it out before making a final decision.”

“Then we must fight for this chance to let them choose here.” Although there were no popularity and no celebrities involved, but as Huang Qi said, take it step by step, so Duan Jiaze was still very happy, “What should we do?”

“There is nothing for us to do. I think we have high hopes for this. The facilities of the exhibition hall are very good, so let’s just focus on entertaining the people. Since they specifically wanted to come over, they should also be discussing it with us.” Huang Qi was anxious when he looked at Duan Jiaze. He continued to console, “Let’s just take it slowly. If we get it, we get it. If we don’t, then we can wait for the next one.”

“You’re right. Let’s face this like normal.” Duan Jiaze adjusted his mentality, “Alright, so when will the crew arrive?”

Huang Qi answered, “They were in charge of the location production and hoped to come in two days, so I’m here to ask for your opinion.”

“It’s Tuesday in two days. I have nothing on that day, so it’s fine.” Duan Jiaze said, “Let’s set that day.”

Two days later, Duan Jiaze and Huang Qi went to the high-speed rail station to pick up the production crew of the advertisements. The producer was a woman in her thirties and dyed with green hair. She was very environmentally friendly as well. In the boundary of the city of the East Sea, there were many people who looked back at her along the way.

The zoo did not have its own car until now, a car was rented just for today. It was not easy to take the production crew to wait for the bus or a taxi after all.

“Producer Xu.” Huang Qi shook hands with the producer. Her surname was Xu, named Xu Jinghui. Huang Qi introduced Duan Jiaze to her, “This is our Director Duan.”

“Mr. Huang.” Xu Jinghui also smiled happily, shook hands with Huang Qi, held Duan Jiaze’s hand, and jokingly said, “Although I watched the videos and heard that Director Duan was young, it still seemed different to see you in person. Ah, such a promising young man.”

“I’m flattered, being young is just an adjective.” Duan Jiaze hurriedly asked Xu Jinghui to get on the vehicle he rented.

Xu Jinghui was very open-minded and generous, maybe it was because their crew really had the mentality to cooperate. As soon as they got on the car, Xu Jinghui said clearly, “Acrually, it was the leader of the advertising company that suggested to reach out to Ling You Zoo. He watched the videos on the Internet and found them very astonishing. The quality of the venue was great and the animal domestication of Ling You was also very advanced. We even planned to rent animals from some animal performance centres…”

It was very troublesome to shoot commercials, movies or TV shows that involved animals. Animals could not understand people. After training, they could understand some instructions, but it was difficult to do complex actions and to guarantee the details. It often took a lot of time to think about all sorts of ways to guide them to complete the shot in the mind of a director.

Huang Qi said as he drove, “Why do you still need to rent? We have enough here. When will you start filming and how many kinds of animals do you need?”

There were not too many animal species in Ling You Zoo, but another batch would be introduced soon.

After staying in Ling You for a period of time, Huang Qi was also very confident in the animals there. Although he had not seen the breeders training—They were even working outside—but Huang Qi knew that Duan Jiaze was an expert, and he thought that it must be the director who had done something.

“Of course, we should start shooting as soon as possible. We are almost ready as well.” Xu Jinghui said, “In fact, what we think is that if we can do everything there in one shot, then it would be the best to save a lot of trouble. We are fine with having any type of animal to be on camera, but as for Luya, we definitely hope for him to be onscreen.”

Since they watched the video, it was not surprising that they hoped Luya could appear on the scene. There were really few “animal stars” like Luya. In the eyes of the crew, he was particularly suitable for photogenic purposes.

The other animals in Ling You Zoo which were slightly more popular, such as Arctic foxes and blizzard pythons, did not show the same level of spirituality as Luya.

Duan Jiaze curiously asked, “It sounds like Luya has a lot of scenes?”

The advertising company that invited Xu Jinghui and their crew was an internationally renowned Chinese branch for pet supplies named Jia Su. Jia Su produced a series of products including cat and dog food, toys, and daily necessities. This time, they were going to shoot an advertisement for their new cat food product.

And the protagonist of the advertisement had already been decided, of course, it was a cat. The zoo and other animals in the zoo belonged to its foil.

Duan Jiaze did not quite understand it. If they let Luya to participate in it, then did they want him and the cat to act lovey-dovey with each other?

Xu Jinghui smiled, “Not a lot, but he’s important.”

She stopped there. The woman certainly would not reveal the specific details of the shooting plan to Duan Jiaze immediately, so she took the initiative to avoid the topic.

After arriving at Ling You, Xu Jinghui got out of the car and took a look. She praised, “It’s really beautiful and outstanding. I heard that Donghai City used to be bounded by Cape Mountain, half of the land and half of the East China Sea. Here happened to be at the junction. It should be said that the zoo brings together the aura of mountains and seas.”

It seemed that Xu Jinghui still did some homework. Duan Jiaze smiled and said, “Yes, later the coastline moved backwards, so that we can have the Donghai City today. After you, Ms. Xu.”

When Xu Jinghui entered with Duan Jiaze, she could not help but nodded when she could see the bird escorts on the shoulders of the lucky tourists. With Luya on the global searches, she did not find it strange that the birds there were so “well-trained.”

Needless to say, the venue was located at the foot of the Cape Mountain, with blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and clear waters, not to mention the picturesque background. It did not even need to edit more vibrant colours to it. Compared with the first-tier cities that Xu Jinghui had visited, the exhibition halls in the zoo were not bad. Some places were even better.

Although it was a little too small there, but it was well-equipped, so filming the advertisement at the zoo was enough.

Xu Jinghui became more satisfied as she strolled. Duan Jiaze even told her that if she thought the place was too small, there were forty acres of land next to it, and the greening was almost done. The construction speed was very fast, so it would be completed next month. By then, there would be newly introduced animals moving in.

“I don’t think there is any problem with the area, let’s go in and take a look.” Xu Jinghui first entered the aviary. She thought that Luya would be in it, but she found that Luya had been transferred after asking the director.

However, the peacocks in the aviary still left a deep impression on Xu Jinghui. She stared at the two male peacocks intently, “They are just like phoenixes, so gorgeous!”

Even their postures were very arrogant. No wonder other birds surrendered to them. That was definitely not Xu Jinghui’s illusion.

The layout of the cages in the exhibition hall also made Xu Jinghui very satisfied. It was not too clear in the video, but at the scene, the completely ecological scenery in the cages seemed to be another world through the glass. She even felt that the funds for the background of the shoot could be saved.

At that moment, there were still a few tourists interacting in the cage, and Xu Jinghui’s heart was even more shocked by the harmonious scene.

When they arrived at the Reptile Exhibition Hall, Xu Jinghui enthusiastically asked Duan Jiaze to interact with them. Aside from Luya, there were three pythons. After all, it was not like at the aviary where visitors could interact with the animals.

Duan Jiaze resisted the distress in his heart and advanced into the territory of the pythons.

Duan Jiaze thought that Bai Suzhen was gentler and steadier than others, so he walked slowly towards Bai Suzhen after entering, “Ms. Bai…”

Xiaoqing leaned down suddenly from the tree, shocking Duan Jiaze.

Duan Jiaze: “…you go away.”

Xiao Qing spit out a its snake tongue and mischievously wrapped itself around Duan Jiaze’s neck.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Looking out, Huang Qi and Xu Jinghui still smiled and gave him thumbs up. The tourists started taking pictures even more.

Duan Jiaze almost died of anger. Holding Xiao Qing’s heavy body, he felt the cold and strange touch. After thirty seconds, he squatted, got out of the situation and hung Xiao Qing back to the tree.

When he came out, Duan Jiaze’s legs were slightly trembling, but he forced a smile and walked towards Luya’s office.

Undoubtedly, Luya flew over and sat on Duan Jiaze’s head, and Duan Jiaze was already unable to resist. He directly sat on pieces of wooden pegs and casually let Luya do the work.

Xu Jinghui froze outside for a while, and then laughed, “I can’t believe Director Duan’s hairstyle has such a wonderful purpose.”

She was very satisfied with Ling You Zoo after going around in a circle. After witnessing with her own eyes, she could feel the increasing charm of those animals. The most amazing thing was that they had a kind of agility, which Xu Jinghui could not see in animals from other zoos, especially their every move, as if it was not deliberate training, but their own natural wishes.

It was noon at that time, and there were no big restaurants nearby, so Xu Jinghui was simply invited to eat a home-cooked meal.

—Of course, it was home-cooked food, but the ingredients were very awesome, including the black bamboo shoots from the Black Bamboo Grove of Guanyin, watered with nectar.

The delicacy seemed to give Xu Jinghui the final blow. She held the chopsticks and said, “Just from this dish of fried pork with bamboo shoots only, I have made my mind to sign a contract with you immediately!”

Xu Jinghui still needed to report to the rest of the crew, but she was basically satisfied with the inspection. The matter was settled pretty good, after all, from the advertiser to the director, they all thought it was good before, so her trip could be said to be finalized.

Xu Jinghui had already posted back the photos and videos taken today. The director’s response was very good, and the other team members would be able to talk about the contract if they looked at it again.

With such a relationship, Xu Jinghui also disclosed the content of the advertisement.

The reason to find a zoo as a venue was because the cat food advertisement would use a complete plot to show the product. The protagonist, a cat, found a pack of Jia Su’s new natural cat food, chicken flavoured, crunchy and crispy.

The cat liked to take the cat food home, but was blocked when passing by a zoo. In order to reflect the goodness of cat food and to create a big scene, those animals that had nothing to do with cat food escaped from the cage and wanted to grab that pack of cat food.

As a result, the cats worked so hard to escape their pursuit, and finally encountered the Boss, Luya the bird. It defeated the devil and triumphed with cat food.

—Look, a Boss, it really fit Luya’s status in people’s minds!

The advertisement was indeed very suitable for Ling You Zoo, where many animals could be on camera, and the shooting was not very difficult, and all actions could be completed.

The more Duan Jiaze thought about it, the more he felt that the advertisement was very revealing. It was indeed worth-doing. After talking about it, it was definitely a win-win situation.

Both sides were in an agreement, with a clap, Xu Jinghui immediately asked Duan Jiaze to wait for her good news.

“Good news, good news, such great news, Luya is going to shoot an advertisement, as the villain Boss.”

Duan Jiaze happily announced the news.

Luya said angrily, “What? I will be defeated by an ordinary cat?”

Upon hearing Luya’s point of focus, Duan Jiaze said softly, “Strictly speaking, it is not an ordinary cat. It seemed that they invited an American shorthair cat. It won an award as well, so it’s impossible to buy it for just a few thousand dollars…”

Luya: “Won an award? Let’s talk about it after it shoot down the sun!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

You Su lazily spoke, “Taoist Luya, your role is fine. You are the big villain, yet we are just the measly little villain on the way.”

Luya hugged his chest with both hands, not wanting to pay attention to You Su.

Duan Jiaze did not expect to get stuck there at Luya, but he could not let anyone adjust the ending, not to mention that he had no say in the matter… That was a cat food advertisement, otherwise, should Luya hold a bag of cat food at the end and nibbled while saying it was great instead?

Duan Jiaze reluctantly said, “Brother, you are a little overboard, who in the world could shoot down the sun…”

The one who could had died a long time ago.

Luya proudly boasted, “So, do you now know how great am I?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

…There was not much he could do about it! All he did was actually just to brag!

Luya said, “Although it is false, if it is spread out, the people of the Three Realms will know. By then, where can I place my face?”

Duan Jiaze: “You’re joking again, isn’t that kind of thing long gone?”

Luya: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “Bro, think about it. You only need to cooperate with publicity to let more people know about our Ling You. With your demeanour, we will definitely be able to make money. If you have money, don’t mention having gold foil for your office, I will even make you a golden body. Isn’t that beautiful?”

Luya’s originally ugly expression gradually eased under Duan Jiaze’s praise. On his last thought, it was indeed the truth, so he nodded and said, “Alright, deal!”

After solving the biggest obstacle, Duan Jiaze heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Luya could cooperate, that advertisement shoot would definitely be no problem.


The sound of the sandalwood and Sanskrit lingered.

In front of the gate of the famous Chinese Wuliang temple, the Abbot Master Jishan saw off the head monk alone.

The temple had four main chiefs: The head monk, the west monk, the back hall’s monk, and the Master of the temple. In ancient times, they governed the temple together with the abbot, and now it was the same. They also formed the temple management committee.

Compared with other religious places, the business atmosphere of Wuliang Temple was much weaker. Therefore, not only in the spiritual world, even in the secular world, many people thought that the monks there were devoted to practice the Buddha.

Master Jishan kindly said, “Junior Zhaoxing, now that you begin your journey to walk thousands of miles to cultivate this time, passing through the South Hill, East China Sea, mounds of rivers, the wild and many other lands, there must be some suffering…”

“Amitabha,” said Master Zhaoxing made a salutation by placing his two palms together, “if I don’t practice, I don’t listen to the Dharma. Abbot Master does not have to see me off anymore, I will leave now.”

“Wait, let me give Junior something again.” Master Jishan took out a smart phone from his arms and handed it to Zhaoxing, “Junior, you are hopeless on the road, so why don’t you change your old device? If you could not find the way, just turn on the navigation…”

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