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Those Years I Opened A Zoo

Chapter 45 Those Who Hadn’t Shot Down The Sun Were Similar


Two weeks later, the bank review was over and the payment was approved. Duan Jiaze immediately took the five pairs of arctic hares and a pair of small Indian civets that had been negotiated. Although they were second-levelled protected animals, the introduction cost was not very expensive.

The arctic hare was a bit similar to the arctic fox. It was the only hare that could change its colour. Its coat was dark in summer and white in winter. It lived in ice and snow, which was easy to hide in. They were all commercial hares. Without including the transportation fees, it cost a total of eight thousand.

Duan Jiaze took the worker problems into consideration and temporarily placed them in the Canine Pavilion. Their cages were the same as You Su’s, and they could be adjusted manually. The sandstone was white as well, which simulated the environment of ice and snow.

As for the small Indian civets, Duan Jiaze bought it from a breeder. They were only five months old. A pair of them cost about three thousand and he did not deliberately choose a particularly good one.

Little Indian civets had scent glands on its body and could produce incense throughout the year. That incense could be sold for more than three thousand per gram, so it was not only sold in places like zoos, but also in some farms which produced incense for sale.

The civets were placed in the Feline Exhibition Hall. They looked very similar to cats, but they were rougher and slightly larger. Their fur was mainly brown, along with spots and stripes.

Arctic hares and small Indian civets were both timid animals. When they stepped out of the car, Duan Jiaze saw them all shrunk in a corner of the cage, snuggling with their kind.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.” Duan Jiaze could not help but comfort them with a few words. They arrived at night, so Duan Jiaze also said to You Su, “You can come to comfort them.”

You Su showed a cute smile, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

The arctic hares were so scared, they peed.

They could understand, but they were more afraid than previous.

Duan Jiaze was speechless and put them in their cages. The little Indian civets’ cage had a place for it to hide, and the two little civets immediately jumped in.

The arctic hares were all huddled together, shivering.

You Su whispered, “Although you are not buying rabbits, these rabbits grow fast and reproduce very quick. In a few years, there will be many of them, and the zoo will definitely not be able to settle them down…”

Duan Jiaze and You Su said in unison at that time,

“I’ll just sell them to other places!”

“… just feed them to me!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

You Su: “…”

You Su argued, “It’s not just me, even Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing liked to eat rabbits. You had so many of them, so why don’t you just feed them to us?”

“Because this is unnecessary for you, you have been distributed with feed, so why do you still want rabbits?” Duan Jiaze resolutely refused, “You are not allowed to eat your colleagues.”

You Su said in frustration, “Why bother…”

Duan Jiaze had just introduced two kinds of animals. The next day, the people at the protection station called him again.

“We rescued two little red pandas. As they are permanently disabled and not suitable for being released into the forest, we hope that Ling You Zoo can receive them.”

Duan Jiaze heard the word “panda” and went crazy, “Panda! Panda! You’re giving them to us?!”

The person at the protection station said with sweat, “Director Duan, calm down, they’re little red pandas!”

Duan Jiaze: “Yes! Little red pandas! They are little as well!”

The person at the protection station: “…”

After half a day.

Duan Jiaze: “They’re just raccoons…”

When he heard “red pandas”, he was excited for a moment and did not even think about the logic. After that, he realized that they were called red pandas. Some called them little pandas, which were completely different from giant pandas. Moreover, it looked exactly like a raccoon…

The person at the protection station explained, “It belonged to the Racoon Family under the Ailurus fulgens category, but they are not raccoons. You see, its face is rounder and its fur is orange-red.”

Was there a difference? When he said that, Duan Jiaze felt that they were just little raccoons with an Aibao color filter.

Of course, those two were still very cute.

After comparing the pictures of raccoons searched on the Internet, Duan Jiaze saw the difference. He personally thought that the red pandas were more adorable. Their hair was warm-coloured, their face was round, and there were two clumps of white hair on the eyebrows like a dewdrop. They were similar to the Alaskan Malamute.

Fortunately, Duan Jiaze did not belong to the breeders’ category. Otherwise, the people in the protection station would have doubted their breeding qualifications.

Ling You Zoo was indeed a bunch of people. Through his normal science knowledge, Duan Jiaze also asked Xiao Su to make a trailer preview, introducing the new arctic hares, small Indian civets and red pandas. He even asked her to pay particular attention to explaining the origin of the red pandas.

Red pandas were also classified as second-class protected animals. Two of them were free of charge. Although they had just applied for a loan, Duan Jiaze, who was accustomed to poverty, was still very happy in order to save a sum of money.

In addition to introducing animals, Duan Jiaze also asked the company he had worked with before to help him recruit more employees. That time, he should deliberately choose employees who had relevant experience or graduated from related majors.



In two weeks, the advertising crew would also be stationed in Ling You.

Duan Jiaze did not want to close the zoo for shooting, and the panorama did not require many pictures, so they were shooting in separate exhibition halls. Therefore, only one exhibition hall was closed at a time.

Since the animals in the script, from Xiong Siqian to Luya, were very ferocious, it was actually impossible to make them appear in front of the camera at the same time in that beautifully short duration. Instead, they would be shot separately and finally synthesized by computer. Coupled with some post-editing, a seamless advertising film was formed.

There would be a total of six species of animals in Ling You, namely Arctic foxes, monkeys, black bears, lions, blizzard pythons, green tree pythons and golden crow.

The order of their appearance was the Arctic fox, monkey, python, lion, and black bear first. One was bigger than the other as they appeared on-screen, and fiercer. It was also to showcase the one that appeared last. Although he was small, his aura was the strongest.

For the first filming, the crew chose monkeys. They felt that the monkeys were smarter and could make a good start. The successful completion of the filming could be a good sign.

First, they took a scene of the monkey, and it passed quickly. In the deep pit-like cage, most of the monkeys were temporarily moved, leaving only six for shooting. Under Duan Jiaze’s instructions, they performed very well.

After they carried away all the monkeys, it was the turn of the protagonist of the advertisement, the American shorthaired cat called “Spots”.

Its owner had been holding it, probably because there were beasts in the zoo, so Spots was very upset when they entered, and kept shaking in his owner’s arms. At that time, the owner coaxed him for a long time and put it in front of the camera.


As soon as Spots was put down, he jumped up again, screamed sternly, and got into his owner’s arms.

The owner was very helpless. That was not Spots’s usual performance. It was not the kind of cat that was afraid to go out. “Maybe the smell here has affected him. Can you change the location? You have to use computer graphics anyways.”

The crew originally wanted to shoot with a real background, but there was no choice, so they had to move the crew together and go to a vacant exhibition hall to record the cat’s scene.

On the way, the owner of Spots fed him a few cat food which was exactly the product to be displayed in the advertisement, the chicken-flavoured natural cat food.

Spots took a bite and suddenly jumped off the owner’s arms.

The owner was surprised and hurriedly caught up to him.

Spots leaped in front of the monkeys, salivating at the monkeys who were eating through the cage, the hunger and thirst in his eyes were undoubtedly revealed.

The monkeys gave it a menacing look, grinned and made a threatening sound, but Spots was unmoved and insisted on staring at their food.

The director saw that scene, thoughtfully, and asked the photographer to take a shot with the camera. He was feeling that Spots was not enthusiastic enough with the cat food. That look of the cat was very convincing to be shot and edited.

Spots allowed them to shoot and remained motionless until his owner came over to pull him after the shot, and he made a miserable cry.

Xu Jinghui smiled to Duan Jiaze, who was watching beside him, and said, “It seems that this cat food does not have the attraction as the feed of your zoo.”

Duan Jiaze: “…Haha, yeah.”

It was strange if it was not attractive. It was not that the cat food was not good. If there was a choice, any cat would choose Ling You’s feed.

Let’s not talk about cats, even Duan Jiaze always had the greedy idea of craving the zoo’s feed…

The owner forcibly took Spots away, and after entering the exhibition hall, it went smoother, and Spots no longer jumped up into arms.

But what was bad was that the director found that the cat always had only one emotion of fear… No matter how it was guided, it could not show the “brave” side, so the director could only find ways to search angles and create styling.

However, that was not a problem. The crew could not do all the shots like that. Faced with the animals in front, the protagonist cat would dodge dexterously, sometimes showing fear. But in the end, when the cat confronted the Boss, it must show its bravery positively.

The director was troubled and said, “Let it take a break and we’ll shoot its part later. It is so safe here, but why did it look so intimidating?”

Duan Jiaze also felt a little strange, but he had told everyone to restrain their aura beforehand.

He believed very much that Luya would do what he promised. With Luya’s dignity, it was absolutely impossible for him to break his promise. However, as for other animals, it was impossible to make impact even with such a large distance…

Or was it that the cat had a bad mental quality?

The more the director thought about it, the more depressed he became. The cat was paid a lot of money to come over. It was also designated by the advertiser. It filmed a lot of commercials before, and it was said that it performed very well, but he did not expect it to be so unsuccessful that time.

Putting aside Spots’s scenes, the director went to shoot the animals Ling You Zoo.

There was no harm if there was no comparison. Only by comparison could one know how good the Ling You animals were. The director had never been so smooth in shooting animals in his life. One animal could be said to be luck, two and three animals… That was the strength of Ling You’s director!

The young director did not need the assistance of other breeders at all. Every time it was him who was directing and guiding the animals, including his daringness to lead the amazing big black bear.

With him present and watching the black bear under his command, it was better than a dog. The crew who were originally a little worried were also relieved. Sure enough, there were specializations in the industry, but the professional ones were indeed different.

Every time, he raised his hand and said a word, the animals would act in accordance with his command. Even if there were related special training beforehand, that was amazing.

In such a smooth situation, it took only two days to finish filming all the other animal scenes and some empty shots. It was still due to the director’s diligence.

Regarding the performance of some animals, the director was unsure whether he imagined in his head, or if the animals really did have the acting skills of the best leading actors or actresses.

However, after two days of recuperation, the protagonist Spots’s state was still not adjusted well.

What was very strange was that it escaped the restraint of its owner, and it was very energetic when it strayed around in the zoo to covet other’s feed. When it came to the time to shoot, it wilted when it was told to do some actions.

The camera chased it and took a few useful shots in the zoo, but the close-up shots were really not acceptable.

Even if the shooting location was transferred to the hotel, it was the same.

The director felt helpless, all the other shots were completed, and he was stuck there with Spots for a while. After a long discussion, the film crew finally decided to slightly change the script.

They thought that they could retake the Boss battle, and no longer forced Spots to bravely resist the big devil. Just letting it flow naturally, when Spots faced the big devil, it was scared, trembling, lying on the ground, pitiful… Finally, the breeder came to take the big devil away.

Therefore, Spots could still go home happily with the cat food.

After discussion, they also felt that that was not so dramatic, but it was more in line with the setting. It was a bit unrealistic for a cat to defeat a bird that even humans could not KO (knock-out), but the setting when the owner came to take the big devil away was more in line with reality.

In the popular video on the Internet, it was under Duan Jiaze’s command when Luya flew to attack people. In addition, the daily feeding routine released by Ling You’s social media platform had always been in that way to get along. Luya was a ferocious bird, but it was very obedient to his owner.

The big majestic devil met his master and turned soft. When he left, he looked at the cat food unwillingly. It was rather funny to think of it. It was different from the original scenario where the cat scratched its claws angrily to frighten the devil away with its teeth and movements, but the effect was also very good.

That emergency plan was passed collectively, and the film crew came to discuss with Duan Jiaze.

One problem was to retake Luya’s shots, and the other was that Duan Jiaze might also have to appear on the scene.

Duan Jiaze had no objection to that plot change, but he felt a little embarrassed to let himself appear on camera, which was different from a news interview.

“It’s fine. You can keep your face. We actually just need a concept of a ‘breeder’. There are many film and television works that have this shooting angle of the headless animal owner,” explained the director.

It was true. Anyway, if people watched the online video, they would naturally understand the connections, and if they had not, it would not affect their understanding.

Duan Jiaze was relieved, “Then, there’s no problem, I can cooperate with you.”

Duan Jiaze went to inform the visitors and closed an exhibition hall again the next day to remake Luya’s part.

He also told his crew about the revised plot, and said with gratitude, “The cat may have a bad psychological quality, and it was always switch between being down and getting excited. When the director always couldn’t shoot the cat’s acting, he simply changed the plot. This is great for Luya.”

A sly flash flicked in You Su’s eyes, as she chuckled and said, “But the Taoist doesn’t necessarily think so.”

“How is it great?” As You Su said, Luya said incredulously, “It’s embarrassing to be defeated by a cat and be carried away by you!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

He was speechless…

To Luya, those who had not shot down the sun were similar, so it did not matter whether it was a person or a cat.

Luya put his hand on his forehead, and continued to criticize Duan Jiaze with slight pain, “It might be even more embarrassing to be carried away by you.”

Duan Jiaze: ??

Duan Jiaze patted Lu Ya on the shoulder, following his tone, “It’s fine if you’re used to it.”

Lu Ya: “…”


The next day, Luya’s scenes were re-shot. That time, they had to strengthen his sense of oppression, so that it could have contrast with the later plot.

The director also asked Duan Jiaze to direct Luya to have a meal, and its meat-eating appearance had to be particularly brutal.

After filming Luya’s threatening aura which scared the little animal, it was time for Duan Jiaze to appear. He did not even need to change his clothes, walked over and pinched Luya’s raised wings, then held it up.

Therefore, Luya, who was still shooting “gazes of ferociousness”, immediately sat obediently in Duan Jiaze’s hands, still staring in the direction of the cat food, but he was taken farther away by the owner…

It was a one take pass.

The director applauded, “Thank you for your cooperation, Director Duan. This time, I really troubled you since you have to guide the animals for us and appear on camera.”

He shook hands with Duan Jiaze who came over, smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I have applied for your wages.”

“I still have wages?” Duan Jiaze said with a smile, “Then I’m overjoyed.”

“Of course,” the director looked at Luya, who was close at hand, always feeling that the raptor’s eyes were not very happy, and he could not help but had a few steps back. Seeing Duan Jiaze looking at him in surprise, his old face blushed, and he felt a bit embarrassing, and spoke, “I have studied the surveillance video of it pecking people many times. It’s really scary to have it so close to me…”

He also took Luya’s scene just now, and it looked good on the monitor. It was really scary to have it face to face.

Duan Jiaze knew at a glance that he was intimidated by Luya’s gazes, and placed Luya in his arms, “It’s fine, he’s very obedient, and doesn’t hurt people without instructions.”

The director said with emotion, “Your bird is indeed well-raised, and it is forbidden to do anything unless commanded. To be honest, when I was at home, even my wife was not as obedient…”

Duan Jiaze: “…???”

The director said sincerely, “May I ask how you usually train him? I have seen a lot of pet birds, but they were never raised like yours, so worry-free. Do you have any tips? ”

Duan Jiaze thought for a while, and whispered while patting Luya’s feathers like a dog’s head, “There’re no particular tips, just praise him. Praise him constantly, from the inside to the outside.”

The director laughed awkwardly, “Then, your bird is quite a narcissist!”

Lu Ya: “…”

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