Those Years I Opened A Zoo

Chapter 46 Is this considered a debut?


In the new park covering an area of ​​forty acres, there were many new exhibition halls. Black bamboos swayed in the wind and it seemed the renovation was completed. In the middle, there was an artificial lake with a small island in the middle. That area was where the water birds lived.

Speaking of water birds, since the completion of the new park area, Duan Jiaze had once again introduced a new group of animals, swans and mandarin ducks.

There were ten pairs of swans, five pairs of white swans and five pairs of black swans. The unit price of black swans were around three thousand, while the white swans were twice as expensive. The five pairs of mandarin ducks were much cheaper, which was eight hundred each.

Swans were too inconspicuous when they were young, so Duan Jiaze did not buy cygnets. The artificial lake was an open area. When the swans and mandarin ducks first arrived, Duan Jiaze was still a bit unsure, fearing they would fly away after letting them out.

A group of amateurs squatted by the lake, discussing what to do.

Xiao Su said, “Why don’t we dial the Forestry Bureau…”

Liu Bin: “Yes, or call other zoos and seek help from them.”

Xu Chenggong said, “Wait, won’t it reveal that our qualifications were obtained through non legitimate measures…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Outsiders would not know, but those employees who had been working for a period of time would know. They had all the zoo certificates and qualifications but they were not a professionals. It would be obvious to others that they did not carry the legal measures. The director was very close with the Sun family of the Forestry Bureau, because he helped them raise dogs before.

Duan Jiaze thought about it while rubbing his hands and said: “I’m going to take Luya…no, I’ll take Cui Cui over and let them communicate. They are birds with the ability to understand each other and communicate easily.” He felt he should not bother Luya for such small matters.

Everyone: “…”

Is the director crazy? Although Cui Cui had a great position in the aviary, it was merely under Luya. How could it persuade those new-coming water birds?

Duan Jiaze ran to the aviary, held Cui Cui in his arms and ran back to the new lake, “Alright, let the birds go.”

Cui Cui called a few times.

Xu Chenggong hesitantly released the mandarin ducks and swans. The mandarin ducks swam in the water and the swans took off after a few runs. However, they did not fly to other places. Instead, they crossed the lake and landed on the island in the centre, as if they were camping there.

The amateurs applauded one after another, “Wow, did Cui Cui really persuaded them?”

“It should be because our water is clear and our grass is beautiful…”

That being said, it was true that the environment at the foot of the mountain was very good, and it was not surprising that the swans were willing to live there. Compared with the other zoos located in the urban area, their place was simply paradise on earth.

Duan Jiaze hold Cui Cui in his hand, took a look at the pergola and nodded in satisfaction, “Not bad, let’s wait for a few more animals to settle here and the new area can be officially opened.”

Duan Jiaze also contacted several zoos, breeding centres and breeding farms to prepare for introducing lynx, red-crowned crane, golden pheasant, hedgehog, Tibetan fox, flying squirrel and other animals. Among them, the most expensive were red-crowned cranes and lynx, which cost tens of thousands each, so they would just introduce a pair of each.

Others did not cost a lot. It was worth to mention that the Tibetan foxes were rarely raised and bred in the country’s zoo. Everyone liked the charismatic Arctic foxes. Duan Jiaze took a deep thought and contacted the relevant departments in the distribution area before he was fortunate enough to be introduced to one.

The Tibetan fox looked ugly, but the ugliness had it appealing quality, making them quite popular on the Internet. Now, there were arctic foxes and red foxes in the zoo.  Duan Jiaze was struggling to discuss the introduction of Tibetan foxes and he planned to put them in a cage next to You Su.  Maybe, it would generate positive effects.

Those animals would be transported to Ling You next week and Duan Jiaze also hired ten new employees, who would start work next week. After counting those expenses, Duan Jiaze felt slightly stressed.

Huang Qi persuaded him to be generous. Since there were still a few steps left towards their target, he should buy some bigger animals instead.

Duan Jiaze sadly told that he was totally reluctant to build a new office building. Now that, there were more employees, he would not be able to sit to enjoy dinner in the lounge but rather sit at roadside…

There were more animals and the original space in the warehouse were also very occupied…

Huang Qi smiled, “Director, are you blind?  If you can’t build a new office building and a cafeteria, we still have a vacant exhibition hall.  Can’t it be used and modified for the time being?”

Huang Qi’s words literally made Duan Jiaze wakeup from a dream. Slapping his forehead, he said, “Yes, that’s right!  I’m really stupid.”

Those exhibition halls were locked and not needed. They were not full of animals for the time being, so they could be used for other purposes. Even though the place was named exhibition hall,s there was no stipulation that they could only be used as an exhibition hall.

Duan Jiaze realized that situation suddenly but unfortunately, he could not turned it into an office. But, he was quite satisfied now.

Huang Qi said to Duan Jiaze again, “On the advertisement side, the sample had been sorted out and being reviewed by the advertiser. After completion, they will have us to review it in advance. My thought is that after the advertisement been released, the newly-introduced animals will arrived one after another. With so many new animals, we can also organize a live event to promote.”

Duan Jiaze: “Good. Should we be involved in the live broadcast too?”

“Previously, the effect of the live broadcast by the anchor was good, and it gave us a lot of fans. Those online popularity can change in the future. This time, we can take advantage of this opportunity to live broadcast once by ourselves. Why not we use the function of Weibo?” said Huang Qi.

Duan Jiaze thought for a while, “It’s good, but we don’t have employees with live-broadcasting experience. Will it be awkward?”

Huang Qi: “I think Xiao Su is good in this. She had managed official blogs and small official pages every day, so she must be familiar with the Internet.”

It was definitely Xiao Su who was the most suitable and reliable person for that job in Ling You Zoo. She originally planned to broadcast live on Weibo as well. Xiao Su also worked as an editor of the official blog and she liked to surf the Internet too.

Duan Jiaze nodded and spoke, “Then I’ll have a chat with Xiao Su when the time comes.”

Two days later, Xu Jinghui sent a modified commercial sample to Duan Jiaze.

Duan Jiaze deliberately went for his laptop and clicked on the sample video to watch.

The clear blue sky first appeared on the screen, and the verdant forest with the zoo pavilions were located at the foot of the mountain.

In the woods, a chubby shorthair cat came out of the bushes.  It followed the smell and found a pack of cat food left on the forest path, subsequently rushing forward to bite the edge and dragging the cat food away.

The cat climbed the wall and came to the zoo. Since the cat food was too heavy and it did not have the grasp of centre gravity, which made the cat fall directly into the exhibition hall. After landing with stealth, the cat picked up the cat food again and walked away.

At that moment, the scene flashed forward to the background of various animals in the cages. They slightly moved their upper body, as if they found something.

In the pavilion where the cat was, an Arctic fox cracked the code on the lock and pounced on the cat.

The cat rolled on the spot and looked at the fox, dumbfounded.

The Arctic fox dragged the cat food and was going to return to its cage…

The cat rushed up angrily, grabbed the other end and pulled it towards itself.

The fighting spirit between them was similar, because their body sizes were not much different.  The cat dragged the cat food over. As a canine, the Arctic fox shown its big fangs.

The cat was so scared that it panicked. It quickly ran away with the cat food but accidentally rolled into the monkeys’ area.

The cat was depressed when surrounded by six monkeys.  It tried to escape from the sides under the monkeys’ feet and finally crawled back up.

However, pythons, lions and black bears appeared one by one after that. One body was bigger than the other. The cat accidentally entered their cages. It did not even notice it was in the pythons’ cage, because the area was like a jungle in the wilds. When it finished encountering the python, it faced a black bear that was countless times larger. The cat pretended to fell dead on the spot.

After all the hardships, the cat was finally prepared to leave the zoo.  The BGM suddenly became dignified silence.

A red predatory creature with sharp beaks and sharp claws appeared. It had an extremely sharp pair of eyes. It could scar the branches under its feet with its one scratch and its wings that flapped was extraordinarily powerful when flying.

It landed at the gate and blocked the cat’s path. Looking against the light, the big bird appeared serious.  For every step it took, the edited sounds made the atmosphere more anxious.

Everyone could tell that is was the BOSS of the zoo.

Before that, the cat was very rebellious and used its own ingenuity. However, when faced with that bird, it laid fearfully on the ground and did not dare to make a sound. Looking at its cat food, its eyes became moist. It was a very pitiful scene.

The big bird did not fly but stepped forward, approaching the cat.  By creating a shadow under the light, it also lifted up its sharp claw.

At that moment, the sudden change occurred and the BGM suddenly stopped. A human came out and grabbed the wings of the big bird. While picking it up and hugging it like an old hen in his arms, the human walked away at a relaxing pace.

After a while, the cat finally dared to stand up. Shaking its head, it went home with the cat food. Finally, the bag of cat food was poured out into a food bowl and the cat tilted its head down, chewing happily.


“Aahhhhh! It was so cute! How can this advertisement be so cute?!” Wang Weiwei grabbed the computer and shook it.

Initially, she randomly opened a movie on a website just to pass her time but unconsciously, she was attracted by the advertisement before the movie was broadcasted.  Although Wang Weiwei did not pay attention to Ling You’s official blog, Wang Weiwei immediately recognized it as soon as the opening scene appeared. That was the location of the foot of the mountain and Ling You Zoo.

Therefore, Wang Weiwei, who originally planned to pour a drink and ignore the advertisement, immediately picked up the phone and watched the advertisement.

That was a cat food advertisement. Wang Weiwei had never raised a cat at home, but she had a dog, so she knew that that company had a lot of money and made different advertisements.

Watching the cat’s adventures in the zoo, and the animals from Ling You that appeared on the scene, Wang Weiwei could not help but got particularly excited. On the one hand, she felt that the commercials were very cute and the editing was also very smooth. On the other hand, it gave her a wonderful sense of pride.

Under the high-definition camera, the animals were very detailed and their movements were extremely humane. Although there were no lines, it did not affect the viewers’ understanding. If it was someone else, they would thought about how it was shot. But as a native of the East China, who had been to Ling You, Wang Weiwei knew that they were usually very humane!

Like that male lion, Wang Weiwei still remembered that it was called Lele. In the advertisement, after encountered with the cat in the cage, the scene and action turned out to be the same.

Rolling, wagging the tail, licking its palms, and lowering the front body were all synchronized. Even the cat seemed to be suspicious of whether that was a mirror image although the other party was much more powerful than it.

Wang Weiwei had seen those actions in the zoo and in contrast, she realised: No wonder they were all cats.

“Lele is too cute!” Wang Weiwei was amused by the big cat and the kitten while nibbling her snacks.

At the end, when Luya was taken away by a human with a hidden face, Wang Weiwei screamed, “That’s the director!”

She had been to Ling you before with her friends, and also rated the director’s looks. Even if the human did not expose his face, she still could see that he was definitely the director of the zoo. That made Wang Weiwei more excited, so she sent the link to her friends and shared it in her social media circle.

Wang Weiwei eventually exited the movie website, and watched the advertisement again. Alas, she started to watch her movie in a daze.

There were many response from the beginning of the movie:

I’m still immersed in the cat food advertisement just now…

Immersed in the advertisement +1. I can’t stop my affection to the cat.

It doesn’t seem like I watched the same advertisement as yours?

What should I do if I want to eat cat food after watching it? It looked so fragrant.

Me too! I watched it three times! OMG, the lion is so cute!

Why do snakes want to eat cat food too? That’s unscientific.

Isn’t the last big bird that appeared in the video the bird that saved people a while ago? Luya? Awesome, I was shocked when it came out, I thought it would catch that cat!

VIP here not understanding a single word you guys said…

For five full minutes, there was a wide discussion of the cat food advertisement.

Wang Weiwei could not read anymore. She quitted the app and checked her social media to find a few more comments and likes on her post.

I have seen it too. I saw it at the zoo’s official blog. They even posted behind the scenes. Go and see!

After watching it, I decided to visit Lele on the weekend.

I want to go to the zoo too…

I watch it while holding my cat. The cat’s all stunned hahahaha.

Wang Weiwei saw one of the comments. Curiously, she went to Weibo and found Ling You’s official blog.

The official blog reposted the advertising video from the advertiser and there were quite a lot of reposts and comments.

In the original comments and reposts, many people were surprised by the aura exuded by Luya during the last appearance. In the beginning, they thought about what kind of animal was better than the lion or the black bear. When a bird appeared, they wanted to laugh out loud. But when they looked into it, they felt it was particularly reasonable.

Those were the netizens who never read the news about Luya’s rescue of people before. As for those who have knew it, they would agree that: The moment Luya came out, they knew at a glimpse that Luya was the great demon king!

In the end, it was picked up by the owner anyway…

Ling You’s comments there were all great fans of various animals. Wang Weiwei also saw fans of Arctic foxes leaving a message in disbelief:

The fairy has too less screen time! Not impressive enough! Bad review!

Awesome, is this considered a debut?

Yes, yes, it is. Ling You made a group debut!

Are there no shortage of agents and assistants?

Get that fairy a call. Its beauty is prospering for decades!

Lele’s army emerged suddenly. Ling You had originally announced that there were advertisements but the most anticipated were Luya and the great immortal white fox.  Although those two had the most relevant comments but Lele was equally not low in popularity.

Another comment with a lot of likes was the post of a picture of a cat wearing a lion’s mane, saying: The cat should be allowed to wear this, and it would look exactly the same as Lele.

Wang Weiwei searched for the post her friend mentioned. It was probably taken by the staff of Ling You with a mobile phone. The picture quality was not particularly good. Various scenes behind the footages were put together. After she looked at it, she realized that it was shot separately.

Wang Weiwei felt that the cat was too sensitive and timid. It was mostly relied on editing and shooting skills. On the contrary, Ling You’s animals were great actors and it was a fact!

Especially the immortal Arctic fox, it had the most acting feels. As soon as the filming started, it entered a cruel state of barring teeth with great fighting spirit. After the filming ended, it slowly licked its fur on the side and returned to its usual stance.

Many of the comments below the video also said:

Gift this fox the title of best leading actress. That acting is awesome.

It turned its act on and off so quickly, I am convinced.

So, it was the director of the zoo in the end? I didn’t see it in the whole clip. I really want to complain. Why was his holding technique the same as holding an old hen?

Holding an old hen, ahaha! I’m crying with this vivid image in my head!

Agreed, our Lu Ya is almost becoming an Internet celebrity, can you please give some respect!

The biggest BOSS is actually the director, right…aside from the cat, he was guiding every animal. I am already kneeling when I see him leading the bear. Does this have to do with furries’ blood relation?

Duan Jiaze went through the comments. He was amused and laugh from time to time.

—Oh my, I can’t let Luya know that the netizens think that I looked like I was holding an old hen.

Xu Jinghui also sent over a lot of excitement, “The effect is very good! The advertiser already liked the previous video sample, but it was unexpected that the effect of the release was great too!”

Xu Jinghui did not mention the specific sales figures but from the perspective of the advertising effect, it was indeed an explosion.

Even the video posted by Ling You officials had a high number of hit points.

Xu Jinghui exclaimed in awe again that the cooperation with Ling You was really worry-free. The shooting process went smoothly and the effect of the release was so good. She also joked, “Just make a debut, I think the animals in your zoo are really good in acting.”

Duan Jiaze also replied with a smile, “Then why don’t Sister Xu introduce us to a filming crew?”

The two talked a few words and bid goodbye. Then, Duan Jiaze asked Xiao Su to send out a notice. He had already told Xiao Su about the live broadcast and she had no problem with that, even feeling full of interest.

Therefore, Xiao Su made an announcement on Weibo and WeChat. Ling You Zoo will have a live broadcast in the afternoon two days later. We’ll discuss about the highlights about the commercial shooting and look at the newly-introduced animals. Of course, we will not miss out on the fellow leading characters.

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