Those Years I Opened A Zoo

Chapter 47 We Are Going Live


Two days later, at two o’clock in the afternoon, You Su started the live broadcast on time when the fans were heated in the live chat. Huang Qi stood aside, in case of any emergencies.

Although he had watched some live broadcasts, which was the first time he did it himself. Xiao Su also deliberately went to learn about doing live. Of course, she was still not very professional with it. She watched the live broadcast platform for only half a minute and thousands of people swarmed in. The number of viewers continued to rise, and You Su greeted them with a smile, “Hello, everyone.”

Is that the editor? I’m so excited, she’s as cute as I imagined.

Where is that immortal? I came to see the immortal!

I’ve come to show myself to call for Le Le!

Where is Luya that giant? I want to see the director carry him like carrying a hen.

“Yes, I’m the editor of the official blog. I’m going to have a live broadcast with everyone today.” You Su looked at the notebook in hand, “I made a schedule, but you guys can tell me what you want to watch first, so I can adjust it appropriately.”

The number of comments in the live chat increased rapidly, You Su took a look, “It seems that everyone is very superstitious. Alright, let’s go to the Canine Exhibition Hall today.” You Su introduced as she walked, “At present, in the Canine Exhibition Hall, aside from the Arctic fox that existed before— Yes, the great immortal white fox— and a red fox too. Furthermore, there are two kinds of newly introduced animals, the Arctic hares that are staying here temporarily, and the Tibetan foxes.”

Tibetan fox? There’re Tibetan foxes? Holy moly, I’m looking forward to it!

It’s rare to see a Tibetan fox in a zoo… I have never seen a living emoji either.

You Su walked to the Canine Exhibition Hall and first took a panoramic shot for everyone to observe, “When the sun is at its highest, there are not many tourists. Let’s take a look at them one by one.”

I just saw the Tibetan fox! It’s right next to the immortal. It got even ugly in contrast though…

Daily superstition, I’m gonna throw a flying kiss to the immortal.

The superstitious netizens began to send out gifts, You Su said with a smile, “Wow, shouldn’t we give our thanks to our baby fans for their gifts?”

She walked to the Tibetan fox’s cage and filmed both herself and the Tibetan fox. The camera was closer to the Tibetan fox, so its face looked bigger, like a great “T”. Its eyes were decadent and in a daze.

Damn hahahahahahahaha, don’t zoom in so close, I’ve spewed my water out.

Screenshot successful. Emoji package… GET!

It’s really cruel to let the Tibetan fox and the immortal be in the same frame.

…What, do you know how big the fox’s face will be with it being at the front like this?

Hahahahahahaha, I don’t know why but I can’t hold my laughter seeing this.

Enough, editor, I just took a shower and changed my clothes just to worship the immortal, how can I burn incense religiously if you do this!

Gift-giving time! Let’s think of this as the nutrition for the Tibetan fox. It’s not easy to grow up like this, and it’s even impossible to grow up like the great immortal.

You Su took various shots of the Tibetan fox very wickedly. The Tibetan fox was also very camera-conscious. It had been staring at the camera, causing many netizens to comment that they felt like being glared at by the Tibetan fox and as if they were getting sucked into the magical eyes of the beast.

After waiting till everyone announced that they had enough emojis, You Su moved to the Arctic Fox’s side to take a break and talk about the funny things when the great immortal was shooting the advertisement. She let the netizens create superstitions remotely in their own way.

When she waited till it was almost time, she found a bunch of people were still giving gifts and wishes on the live chat. You Su silently pointed the camera at the civilized propaganda poster sent by the former street officer on the wall, which was printed with the core values ​​of socialism.

She shot it for three seconds, and quietly explained, “I don’t want the account to be banned.”

Netizens: ‘…’

The camera shifted. That time, it was aimed at the Arctic hare.

Everyone was used to seeing rabbits. You Su told them about the habits of Arctic hares. She saw a female hare pressing onto a small-sized male hare, and said with interest, “Look, don’t they look like pulling marshmallows?”

…The editor’s thinking is very strange.

Yes, yes.

They are so similar 23333

After coming out of the Canine Exhibition Hall, You Su went to the waterfowls’ lake.

“There are red-crowned cranes, mandarin ducks, white swans, black swans…” Xiao Su counted, saw some bullet-screen comments, and replied, “Yes, our new park has just been completed. That’s right, the plants are all bamboo. I don’t know what kind of bamboo though, the director seems to say it’s black bamboo.”

You Su did not say that the bamboo shoots were delicious though. What if everyone came to pull the bamboo shoots if they were promoted?

In the waterfowls’ lake, black and white swans and mandarin ducks were resting on the ground, and the red-crowned cranes were standing on one foot on the island in the center of the lake.

“None of these birds participated in the filming, but they are particularly interesting. The peacocks in our zoo can come here to show themselves once every few days.” You Su motioned to Huang Qi for him to bring the peacocks. That was an arranged program for the peacocks and the bird newcomers to interact.

Speaking of Ling You Zoo’s peacocks, they also had certain followers. Some people did not even know that Jin Wei (Gold Tails) and Cui Cui were from Ling You, but they had watched the video of them flying before.

After Jin Wei and Cui Cui were placed on the shore, the swans and mandarin ducks soon gathered.

The swans also came ashore, surrounding the two peacocks, like stars contrasting the moon.

Is this communication? That’s amazing, it’s the first time I see peacocks and swans making friends.

Please let the peacocks fly!

At that time, the red-crowned crane on the island of the lake screamed, and the sound was extremely penetrating.

When the netizens had not figured out the source of the sound, they saw the swans and peacocks in the screen both started to run—

Running to the shore, led by the two peacocks, and the black and white swans behind, all of them spread their wings and flew!

They did not fly considerably high, just a few meters away from the ground, and the shore was tens of meters away from the center of the lake.

That distance was actually a bit far for the peacocks. At that moment, the netizens watching the live broadcast, which had reached tens of thousands, were even beginning to worry about whether the two peacocks could reach the other side smoothly.

But the next instant, they were only astonished and speechless.

The wings of the two male peacocks were so strong and broad, which made the distance from the shore to the center of the lake no problems for them.

They took the lead. With their colorful feathers shining in the sun, and the black and white swans following behind them, the contrast between the colors of the rainbow and the black and white was silently moving. The lake was near and the black bamboos were in the distance. Their shadows are reflected on the clear lake, just like a scroll of art.

The peacocks landed on the island, and they kept their phoenix-level gorgeous wings, which made people wake up like a dream.

Wut the— That’s too beautiful I can’t even speak clearly!

My gosh, that’s amazing!

I have goosebumps now…

My heart was actually moved by that inexplicable scene. I was astonished.

My mother asked me why I was crying while watching a video…

I can’t describe it! The word beauty is too thin, but I can’t describe it more accurately!

Look at how they became friends. Let me cry and faint in the toilet real quick.

At that time, You Su secretly moved the camera down from the island of the lake, and aimed at the group of dazed mandarin ducks.

I almost forgot that there were mandarin ducks…

What’s the matter with them? Can’t they fly??

Maybe they are embarrassed to fly. The contrast is simply too hurtful.

The editor is silently giving the knife again23333

Compared with other waterfowls, the mandarin ducks were indeed a bit ugly. At that time, several pairs of mandarin ducks swim silently to the island in the lake. You Su explained, “Their wings are under-developed. Some can fly, but they don’t fly as beautifully as the others, so they chose to swim.”

They really are embarrassed to fly hahahahaha.

The editor speaks very tactfully.

Just as if after watching a big show, the waterfowls had all gone to the middle of the lake, and You Su also moved on.

When passing by the bamboo forest, You Su dug up a bamboo shoot and took everyone to feed the red panda.

Although Ling You Zoo’s official blog had shared some of the details of the red panda, there were always some new netizens who were clueless, so You Su explained the difference between red pandas, giant pandas, and raccoons.

The red pandas in the garden were lying on the stone slab, enjoying the sunlight from the transparent ceiling. Their warm red hair was clearly visible in the sunlight, and the big nine-node ring-shaped tail hung in the air. The two rounded brows of white hair make them look very cute.

The red panda was very gentle. You Su entered the cage, and the red pandas came to her when they saw the bamboo shoots in her hand.

You Su raised her hand a little. The red pandas stood up and opened their mouths slightly. They raised their heads and looked at You Su. From time to time, they raised their claws, trying to grab the bamboo shoots.

You Su took the opportunity to take pictures of their big front, which was so cute that netizens could die through the screen.

They’re so adorable!! I want to hug the red pandas and kiss them!

These are the *crispy noodles (*T/N: the packaging of the noodles had the red panda on it) I have in my mind. The last time I went to the zoo to see the raccoons, I felt so betrayed!

*sprays water from mouth* The editor is hugged on the thigh…

Moe! I want to be hugged by a red panda too!

The red pandas could not catch the bamboo shoots and started hugging You Su’s calf stubbornly.

You Su could neither laugh nor cry, so she had to hand the phone to Huang Qi, break the bamboo shoots by herself, and hand them to the red pandas, so that she could get out of the situation.

The two red pandas returned with bamboo shoots. At that time, they could see that their hind feet were a little scratched. There were a lot of questions in the bullet-screen comments. They still believed that Ling You would not abuse animals.

What’s wrong with their legs? Ling You Zoo has so few zookeepers, yet they have a schedule to abuse red pandas?

What do you mean have a schedule 233333

They seemed to have been rescued, and were already disabled.

My heart is broken, big brother, although we have few employees in Ling You, but each did the work of ten. The editor seems to have said that her job is actually finance. But it should not include animal cruelty.

I major in finance too, where there is debit, there must be credit…

Are debits and credits supposed to be equal?

You Su smiled, “Don’t do this, the director has already hired new employees, and we have odd jobs now!”

She explained, “These two red pandas were rescued by our East Sea Forestry Bureau. They were poached before and injured their legs, so they were sent to Ling You. They have already recovered a lot and their limping is not obvious anymore, but you can still see it when they run. Well, we have no choice.”

You Su paused and continued, “Some ill-hearted merchants buy and sell red pandas’ fur or domesticate them as pets. In fact, it is not only red pandas. Many animals have not been rescued. This must be prevented by the masses, after all, there will be no harm done when there are no demands.”

In fact, everyone’s concept was gradually strengthened. After the propaganda, most people would still support animal protection, just like how most people in the comments were scolding the poachers.

You Su adjusted the schedule of the live broadcast slightly according to the opinions of netizens, so the next one she went to was the Lion and Tiger Pavilion. Although it was called the Lion and Tiger Pavilion, there were no tigers yet, only two lions, but it symbolized the determination of Ling You Zoo to introduce tigers in the future.

When You Su entered, she accidentally saw Duan Jiaze. She thought that Duan Jiaze would be in the office or the aviary. What the live broadcast needed was just for him to assist in Luya’s part.

Curl hair in the crowd!

It’s the director, the director! I saw the director~’

Since the netizens found out, You Su had to shout, “Director.”

Duan Jiaze looked back and saw that it was You Su who was broadcasting live, and there was Huang Qi next to her, “Hey, so you’re live here now.”

Duan Jiaze leaned in front of the screen and greeted, “Hello everyone, I am the director of Ling You Zoo. We welcome everyone to the City at the East Sea City to play and visit Ling You.”

Duan Jiaze opened his mouth as an advertisement, and then explained to Huang Qi in a low voice, “I’m planning to enter the cage, do you want to broadcast this?”

Previously, Duan Jiaze received a side mission. Le Le was jumping around every day, and suddenly felt depressed. Without a companion, he would always play by himself or with a lion through the glass. However, he had been reluctant to play or tidy his fur.

Therefore, Duan Jiaze came over. At that time, there were few tourists, so he went in to play with Le Le. Huan Huan got older and became lazy, so Huan Huan did not play with Le Le after they stayed together in a place. It looked like he was mentally retarded, let alone licking his fur. After all, they had a generation gap and different personalities.

Huang Qi whispered, “You can say a few words, and then we’ll broadcast it.”

Duan Jiaze said to the mobile phone, “I am preparing to enter the lion cage for some entertainment activities. The lions must be fed beforehand. Generally speaking, the breeder will not enter the cage, but I have special lion-playing skills. Everyone, please don’t imitate it.”

It’s here, it’s here. Oh no, the director is going to play with beasts again…

I’m here watching with my dog along with tidbits!

Can the director rub the lion’s head?

Duan Jiaze took a stick, a rope and a sepak takraw ball, entered Le Le’s cage, sat on the spot. He began to tie the takraw ball with a rope, and then tied it to the stick.

Le Le laid at Duan Jiaze’s feet, watching him do that.

After finishing, Duan Jiaze started to shake the sepak takraw ball with a stick, and Le Le instantly got up and swooped.

Netizens became more familiar with that scene and could not help but complain.

…What the heck, what kind of special godly lion-playing trick is this! Isn’t it just like an interactive wand for cats?!

I thought the director did the handicraft to make a magical thing, but he made a funny cat stick.

The style of art has changed. Return me my mighty lion!

When was Le Le ever mighty? Our Le Le has always been a cute big cat, okay?

Yes, this is very Le Le-ish.

Not only did Duan Jiaze interact with Le Le with a large cat interactive wand, he also pushed Le Le to the ground when he was done, then combed his hair and rubbed his chin.

The netizens were all in a trance, were they really watching a lion-training?

‘I suddenly felt that I can also play with a lion…’

It’s absolutely his true nature in the advertisement!

Can I say that I am doing the same thing to my cat?

Le Le: Ah~ Comfortable!

Duan Jiaze made Le Le happy, and then he came out. Before leaving, Le Le stood up reluctantly, putting his two front paws on Duan Jiaze’s shoulders.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

After such a match, he realized that Le Le was quite big and oppressive.Le Le was indeed the first animal to scare Duan Jiaze. But now, Duan Jiaze was not afraid of him anymore. He pulled away his heavy claws, ignored Le Le, who was turning his belly on the ground, and got out of the cage.

Since Duan Jiaze appeared, netizens would certainly not let him go, and they all asked to watch him play with birds.

Duan Jiaze was also speechless when he saw that term, “Don’t be so erotic, playing with birds… Alright, let’s go see Luya.”

You Su pointed the phone at herself and Duan Jiaze, and said with a smile, “Speaking of which, do you know why Luya is called Luya?”

Netizens have started to speculate that it was because the feathers of the Luya bird were fiery red, just like the snowstorm python, the green tree python, and the golden python were the trio of the white snakes.

You Su: “No, it’s because our director has a friend named Luya. He said that the bird is very similar to his friend, so he gave it the same name.”

The director knew how to play, but it’s kind of…

Gay gay.

Our cat also has the same name as my ex-boyfriend, hehe, I feel confused when I see it now.

The point is if your friend is handsome? Is there a photo?

Duan Jiaze: “…”

You Su: “I don’t know, do you have a picture, Director?”

Duan Jiaze: “…No.”

In the newly completed exhibition hall, Luya was working in his own single office—That was, standing motionless on the branch.

“The treatment is very good. He is the only one in this pavilion.” Duan Jiaze asked You Su to turn her phone and show everyone.

Luya realized that they were coming, and looked over there.

Duan Jiaze went over to open the cage, stretched out his hand, and Luya flew over to stop on his arm.

I’m not satisfied, why isn’t the landing place on the head of the director?

If the director looked at the comments, he would surely want to hit someone hahahaha!

With the popularity of Luya, the nonsense that Duan Jiaze fabricated in the local news could no longer satisfy the masses of gossip. They wanted to hear more details, so there were many questions in the live chat about how Duan Jiaze rescued Luya.

After getting the training from the system and You Su, plus a little talent of his own, Duan Jiaze had been able to speak nonsense more sincerely.

“It was a… night of black and high winds,” Duan Jiaze lived up to expectations, took Luya off his arm and carried him like carrying a hen, “I went up to the mountain to watch the moon. Unexpectedly, I heard the ‘chi chi chi’ sound of a bird.”

Even You Su was stunned for a moment, “Chi chi?”

Was Luya chirping when he was little?

Luya: “…”

“Listen to me,” Duan Jiaze said, “after that, when I pulled away the leaves, I saw a rope still wrapped around one foot, and a dying chick with a lot of feathers off. So, I took it home and took good care of it. At that time, it was yellow, just like a chicken’s young. It wasn’t until later that it grew bigger and bigger, and I finally understood that it might be a rare bird.”

“Training?” Duan Jiaze saw that question being asked, “I don’t know how to hunt myself, how can I train it, I…show it some videos.”

What the heck? Show it videos 233333

Is there a 30-day package on the Internet?

Does Luya have a mating partner?

“He doesn’t have a partner yet. Just single, after all, there are no species like him.” Duan Jiaze chatted for a long time, answered some questions, and noticing that time was almost up, he said, “Next, there is a small program, please let Luya take everyone for the broadcast.”

Before the netizens could react, they saw Duan Jiaze reaching out and picking up the phone, and the screen turned to the ground.

There was a suction ring buckle behind the phone. Duan Jiaze put the ring buckle through Luya’s claws. Luya clenched his claws and fastened the ring, Duan Jiaze took the bird to the door.

…What is this for? Is this what I imagined it to be?

Damn, what is he doing?

Director, do you want us to go to heaven?

In the midst of the debate, Duan Jiaze released Luya, and the scene seen by the netizens moved up and up in an instant.

As Luya took off, the entire Ling You was revealed. It rose again, and the towering Cape Mountain also came into view. From the dense woods to the cliff on one side, it was thrilling. Even the densely packed buildings in the City of East Sea in the distance and the long coastline on the other side had a great panoramic view!

Luya flew extremely high. Hovering in the air for a few minutes, the popularity of the live broadcast room skyrocketed again.

I just entered, is this a picture taken by an aerial camera?

It’s aerial Luya…’

Mom, I went to heaven, TAT

We’re really alive!

I’m kneeling! The director is too good at playing!

It’s so beautiful, why is the City of East Sea so beautiful? I want to go there!

It’s decided, I will go to the East for a long vacation. It’s so damn beautiful!

I’m so worried about the phone, what if we fall…

From time to time, Luya would fly with dazzling tricks, rushing up until the buildings became very small. He would stop suddenly or fly in spirals.

Damn, I think I’m driving a fighter jet.’

What is the height now?

I will be greatly conquered by Luya!!

At that time, Luya fell sharply, and the wind growled. Everyone could imagine how fast his speed was. The scene was quite exciting. Many netizens urged and screamed to turn on their computers, because that would be more thrilling and exciting with a bigger screen.

After descending to the Cape Mountain, Luya shuttled between the forest and the tourists, flying low from time to time so that the camera could take a clear picture of the tourists’ faces, or close to the bird’s nest on the tree. The broadcast also showed many tourists looking up and pointing to the sky.

All the way back to Ling You, Luya passed the sika deer, alpaca and other animals, steering left and right in the zoo. Finally, Duan Jiaze appeared on the screen. He stretched out his hand, caught Luya, and took off the phone.

Duan Jiaze smiled at the camera, “Surprised? Feeling thrilled?”

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