Those Years I Opened A Zoo

Chapter 48 The Monk Is Here (1)


So surprising, so thrilling!

I was awe-strucked by the head of the zoo QAQ

The most exciting viewing experience…

This live broadcast is too awesome!

Director, don’t leave, let’s keep flying!

Keep flying +1!

“Please continue following our blog, there will be various benefits in the future.” You Su waved goodbye to Duan Jiaze and spoke to the netizens, “Next, I’ll take everyone to other places.”

Netizens’ had a large variety of thoughts, what were the kinds of benefits?

Will there be monkeys that will show us live parkour…

I think the swans are good, mainly because we can observe the peacocks flying up close.

I have fallen in love with Luya. How can a bird be so handsome? He even took me to heaven.

Editor, I beg you, please have a live broadcast every day. You don’t have to say anything though, just put your phone in the immortal white fox’s cage. I can watch it all day.

You Su smiled, “I can’t make that decision. I will show this to the director some time later and let him decide.”

She took a look at the gifts received. Just after Luya took over the live broadcast, it had risen a lot, and now there were almost thirty thousand in total. The director of the zoo would be so thrilled seeing that.

After You Su left, Duan Jiaze put Luya back on the branch, then folded his hands together and prayed to him, “Brother, you are so awesome, thank you so much for your cooperation. Look at how you conquered mankind, the bullet-screen comments were all complimenting you.”

Since the ad director told the truth, Luya…needed more praise! He increased the grade of compliments, but he would first refuse to admit that he loved to listen to good things!

Luya: “Hmph, don’t you think that saying something nice will convince me to let you do everything you want. Let me tell you, this time it’s because you asked for this too pitifully.”

“Yes, yes, thanks to Lord Daoist who saved me from fire and water.” Duan Jiaze said skillfully without blinking his eyes, “but I’m telling the truth. As I said before, this is the first time someone has done a broadcast like this. How can other people have an advantage like me? What I said is the truth. Nonetheless, didn’t you spare me when I spouted nonsense about you during the live broadcast just now? You really live up to your name of greatness, a gentleman!”

Luya raised his head and hummed, “Nice for you to know.”


Ling You’s live-broadcasting effect was very successful, especially Luya’s high-altitude live broadcast, which made the live broadcast’s popularity reach its peak. There were more than a hundred thousand netizens who watched the live broadcast online, and the number of subsequent viewings was also particularly high.

Even the whole scene of the high-altitude live broadcast was cut out and forwarded to other websites with various eye-catching titles, which once again attracted people’s attention to Ling You. The discussion went on without limits. After all, no one had done that kind of thing before.

You Su, the anchor who made a temporary guest appearance, also contributed even more. After Luya attracted many people to the live broadcast, the netizens still stayed to listen to You Su’s explanation of other animals even if he left.

Duan Jiaze’s live-broadcasting method could be said to be unprecedented, so it also won him the title of “Master of Bird-playing”. After Duan Jiaze knew that, he was speechless.

The unexpected situation was that, in addition to Duan Jiaze and Luya being worshipped again, the City of the East Sea, which was not particularly eye-catching across the country, had also received a lot of praise.

There were mountains, seas and ancient views. The pace of life was slow there, and it had not been developed to be of commercial purposes. Although there was no airport, it was still connected to the high-speed rail. The place still remained like a good place for vacation.

The local media in the City of the East Sea quickly reacted and drafted some articles with titles similar to “This video set the East Sea on fire, do you know?” which became popular in the local media. After many people read that, they discovered that it was the Ling You’s bird that was involved again, so they really liked it.

Luya had already shown his demeanor to the people of the whole country, so no one was surprised by his behavior. However, the people were surprised as they did not expect to have such an operation in the live broadcast.

As a result, with Ling You’s newly-opened area, it attracted another wave of sightseeing worth.

Chairman Zhao of the Forestry Bureau Protection Station was one of them. His old classmates from other places arrived in the East for a vacation. According to the usual hospitality practice, Chairman Zhao must take visitors to the Linshui View for a visit, and then to climb the mountains. Other than that, the East had no famous attractions.

However, that time, his old classmate actually took the initiative to ask, “You have a Ling You Zoo here, right? It’s very popular recently, so can I go there to see it?”

Chairman Zhao had great relations with Ling You. After all, almost the whole country knew that the director of Ling You, Duan Jiaze, had a very strong relationship with Sun administrations. The workers seemed to admire him very much, and had ordered to take the initiative to protect him at all costs.

However, Chairman Zhao did not go online often, so he did not know that Ling You Zoo’s live broadcast had become popular. At that moment, he froze and nodded, “Alright, it’s just below the mountain.”

The old classmate said, “Have you ever been to this zoo? It’s really awesome!”

He talked endlessly about the greatness of Ling You, as if it was a rare family heirloom, after all, once he shared a post about the white fox, he immediately won two thousand in the lottery.

Chairman Zhao felt proud after hearing about Ling You from his friend, “Of course, some animals in their place were sent by our protection station. If Ling You did not have powerful authority, how could we send the animals to a private zoo?”

He brought the old classmate to Ling You Zoo and visited the animals praised by the old classmate on the spot.

He also took his old classmate to meet with Director Duan. Duan Jiaze had a relatively close relationship with the people from the Forestry Bureau, especially the people at the protection station. He also had a lot of dealings with Chairman Zhao, so Duan Jiaze also let them stay to have lunch.

Chairman Zhao said, “It’s not that I want to say this, but Director Duan, your Ling You Zoo is good at everything. Now that there are so many tourists, how come there are no canteens? Just a small shop selling bread, and that bread is still used to feed the sparrows. This won’t meet the needs of tourists. We can come to you to have a meal, but how about those tourists?”

Presently, most of the visitors to the zoo were local citizens, and they usually only settle for a meal at the zoo. They either eat in a small restaurant or simply go to the Cape Park to barbecue or have a picnic.

Chairman Zhao was right. As the zoo was still expanding, there would be more tourists in the future, and the staying time of visitors in the zoo would be longer. It was indeed possible to consider more tourist services. The first thing he had to do was catering.

Duan Jiaze reluctantly said, “We have not much manpower as you can see. The ten new employees are all busy, so there is no time to build a restaurant. I also thought about finding someone to have a contract with, but generally there will be accommodation requirements. I can’t build a staff dormitory at the moment either.”

Restaurant work had to be done early. Since the zoo was so far away, it was impossible for them to not ask for accommodation. Nonetheless, restaurants had procurement problems too. Ling You’s purchases were confidential, and it would be embarrassing if they faced bankruptcy.

Chairman Zhao laughed and said, “That’s right, Director Duan still lives in the second-story small white room, so this area had to be used to house animals.”

“…” Duan Jiaze felt a pain in his heart when he mentioned the office building.

However, to be honest, he also thought that he should open a restaurant, but he had to hire his own people. That would not only add profit, but also give the animal food a sloppy look. In case the zoo got bigger in the future, if someone really remembered to inquire about that matter, they would find out that Ling You had never done purchases from anyone before.

Xu Chenggong was cooking at noon, so there was no time to cook up bamboo shoots. When Chairman Zhao and his classmate were leaving, Duan Jiaze gave them a few black bamboo shoots.

After they left, his classmate was amused, “Isn’t this the bamboo grown in the garden? Director is really interesting. I can’t believe he gave us this as a souvenir.”

Chairman Zhao also smiled helplessly, “You are too welcomed, do you want him to give you animals instead?”

That was a zoo, not a gift shop.

The old classmate laughed and said, “I just think it’s funny.”


Chairman Zhao’s old classmate who spent a weekend in East Sea City returned. When he left, the chairman helped him pack the bamboo shoots, including his own share.

The old classmate was speechless, “You can keep it to eat, how can I take it all the way back?”

Chairman Zhao reluctantly said, “Your sister-in-law is busy at work, and my daughter and I both eat takeaways, so I can’t cook it even if I keep it.” Those days, he pretty much brought his old classmates to eat at various restaurants.

Once the old classmate listened to him, he felt that he earned something great and decided to take it back.

Therefore, the old classmate took a bag of bamboo shoots all the way back home.

After arriving home, the wife took over his baggage and asked, “Is this a specialty of the City of East Sea?”

The old classmate laughed, “I think so.”

“Then I will cook it tonight,” his wife said, “Go and visit your mom. She hadn’t eaten anything at noon.”

With old age, elderly people would have many problems. The mother of the old classmate was already eighty years old. With high blood pressure, high blood sugar, indigestion… all kinds of problems have appeared, and her appetite was also prone to worsen.

The old classmate hurriedly went to the room and cared for his elderly mother. Until the food was ready, he helped the old woman to the dining room.

The wife said, “Mom, I’ve made some chicken soup tofu, you can have some.”

“I don’t want to eat tofu…” The old woman sat down slowly, with a bitter expression on her face, “SIgh, my mouth can’t taste well.”

She neither wanted tofu, nor meat, even vegetables. Nowadays, the old woman could barely eat half a bowl of rice at every meal, which tasted like chewing wax.

There was no taste in her mouth. With all kinds of problems in her body, the wife could not cook oily and salty dishes either.

The old classmate and his wife looked at each other, and they were a little helpless, “You might as well eat something.”

At that time, my wife went to the kitchen and brought out the bamboo shoot soup. “Would you like some bamboo shoot soup? The bamboo shoots are really fragrant and tender. I drool when I smell it.”

The old woman’s nose moved, and she actually said, “I’ll try it.”

The wife filled her with a bowl of bamboo shoot soup. The white and tender bamboo shoots looked fresh and lovely. After the old woman took a sip of the soup, she picked a bamboo shoot and ate it. It did not take much effort to bite it. After feeling dry and bitter for a long time, when the bamboo shoot soup flowed along the mouth of fading tastes, her taste buds seemed to be restored to life all of a sudden. Her stomach began to gurgle, clamoring for food.

“…It’s so fresh.” The old woman even continued to put the bamboo shoots into her mouth greedily, experiencing the long-lost vitality.

The old classmate was stunned when he witnessed his mother’s emotions. Were the bamboo shoots so delicious?

He and his wife also got a bowl for themselves, and it was indeed, really delicious. However, the two of them were still healthy, so they could only taste its deliciousness, and were less eager than the old woman.

The wife kept saying, “You should have brought some more back. I didn’t expect the East to have such a special product.”

Seeing that his mother had such a rare appetite, the old classmate was in a particularly good mood. Scratching his head, he was unsure how to explain about that special product.

After the meal, the old classmate took the mother’s blood pressure routinely. Her blood pressure actually dropped a lot, and he was even happier, “Not bad, mom, keep it up, your blood pressure has dropped.”

The wife probed and said, “Really? Her measurements yesterday were the same as before. Is it really going down?”

“If you don’t believe me, come and see.” The old classmate showed her.

The wife thought for a while, “I heard that bamboo shoots have the effects of lowering blood pressure and promoting digestion, and are also good for diabetes. Could it be related to this?”

The old classmate felt speechless, “If it has this effect, it won’t be effective in half an hour, right? Do you think this is planted by Guanyin or something? I think it’s because mother finished eating and drinking, so she is in a good mood. She has been taking antihypertensive medicines too, so her blood pressure has lowered.”

The wife said, “Isn’t it still because of the bamboo shoots? Mom only felt appetizing when she ate it. If she doesn’t eat well, how can she be happy?”

The two of them now reached a consensus.

“Please contact your classmate and buy some more bamboo shoots. These are not enough for a few meals at home. Mom really likes them and they are indeed delicious, so we must prepare more.”

The old classmate felt frustrated for a while. He was just joking when he agreed with his wife that the bamboo shoots were just a specialty of the East. Should he let Zhao go to the zoo to buy more? He was not even sure if the other party would do that business.

Wait, since the bamboo shoots in the zoo were delicious, the ones next to them should be no different. The old classmate thought to himself. Since the climate and soil were the same, the bamboos’ kind would be similar. The old classmate decided to check online to find out if there were any local farmers selling bamboo shoots, and buy some. Their tastes should be similar.

As for the wife, it was another story. She enthusiastically promoted the delicious bamboo shoots of the East’s specialty in the local housewife platform.

A monk in light blue clothes trudged under the moonlight. His mobile phone was glowing.

He was one of the masters of Wuliang Temple. He had walked thousands of kilometers on his feet. Every day, he used that smart phone to count the steps he took and he was always the number one in social media.

When Fang Zhang gave the phone with a camera to Zhao Xing, Zhao Xing had been learning about the gadget. Sometimes, he could also video-call his disciples to talk about his situation.

He did not have a penny on him. Walking on foot, eating, sleeping, and charging all depended on alms. If there was no one, Zhao Xing would rely on wild fruits and sleep outdoors. As for the phone, there would always be a place to recharge it.

Along the way, Zhao Xing would cultivate, and got the opportunity to teach the Dharma to the destined people he met, doing some good deeds within his power.

That night, Zhao Xing arrived in the City of the East Sea. That was the place where Linshui View was located, so Zhao Xing did not plan to stay for long.

Although he decided to have a short stay, he would still go to Linshui View for a greeting. After all, everyone was a cultivator. Although they were on separate ways, they had always been in contact. They could always meet in religious associations, so he figured that he should at least visit it since he passed by the East Sea City.

However, the greeting should be done the next day because it was already eight o’clock in the evening, and he had to go to the city for the night.

There was still some distance from the city. With Zhao Xing’s great eyesight, he could easily see the lines on the board, “Cape Park” and “Ling You Zoo”.

Zhao Xing thought about it, and felt that he could attempt to spend the night in the park and enter the city early in the morning. Otherwise, it would be extremely late once he reached the city at that time, and it would not be easy to find a place to stay.

Therefore, Zhao Xing walked in the direction of the park. When passing by Ling You Zoo, he saw a man in a robe squatting at the gate of the zoo with bamboo shoots in his hand. He stood enthusiastically when he saw Zhao Xing, “Where does Monk come from and where do you want to go?”

Judging from that person’s attitude, he seemed to be a believer, and Zhao Xing immediately stopped to answer, “I am a monk from the Wuliang Temple. I am traveling through four directions and happen to pass by here.”

“Do you have a place to stay?” Xiong Siqian said enthusiastically, “why don’t you come in for a quick meal.”

Who was that? That was the destined person!

Zhao Xing immediately bowed in politeness and agreed. He decided to enjoy the quick meal, and teach that kind-hearted person about Buddhism, as his gratitude and destiny.

Xiong Siqian took the monk to the stone table in the new zoo area, and went to fetch some leftover vegetables and rice from the evening, “Isn’t it beautiful to talk about the classics with Master Monk under the moon?”

Xiong Siqian had a literary mind, but Zhao Xing could not appreciate it. He was already immersed in the rustling sound of bamboo leaves, as if he heard the arhats whispering in his ear. He also seemed to have heard the sound of Muyu (a wooden clapper for Buddhists).

After a long while, Zhao Xing sat on the spot. With a smile on his face, he had an epiphany in the sound of bamboo.

Seeing Zhao Xing enlightenment, Xiong Siqian was very kind enough to create a protective barrier for him. When Zhao Xing woke up, his cultivation realm had already risen, and he reached the goal of his asceticism ahead of schedule.

After regaining consciousness, Zhao Xing could not care more about having a meal. He prayed in front of Xiong Siqian, and called Siqian “*Bhadanta”.(*T/N: A respectful title used to address Buddhist monks and superiors in the Theravada tradition. The term religiously means “Venerable Sir.”)

Unexpectedly, that was not the kind-hearted person’s destiny to meet him, but his instead. The bamboo sound there brought life to the Buddha’s nature and enlightened people, which must have been infiltrated by the great virtues for many years.

That Bhadanta pretended to be a believer and invited him to enter and have a feast. If he did not come in, there would be no such destined way!

Xiong Siqian hurriedly said, “I’m no Bhadanta!”

Xiong Siqian did not expect the monks in the world to be so weak. He must be regarded as “a person of great virtue” in front of those monks, but he himself was embarrassed to agree.

Isn’t this the one? After doing so, he was taken aback, “Then dare I ask where the Bhadanta is?”

Xiong Siqian scratched his head, “In the office building, I guess?”

No matter how Xiong Siqian thought, the only one who could be called a Bhadanta there was Luya. Although that man did not enter Buddhism in the end, he was born to be a Buddha.

At that time, Duan Jiaze, who was not far away on the second floor, stood at the window and shouted, “Old bear! Where did this monk come from!!”

He was originally playing poker with Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing. Suddenly, Bai Suzhen said that there seemed to be some cultivators nearby whose realm had improved. He still wondered, “Do monks dare to come to our door?”

“Enlightenment is the method of Zen Buddhism, what does this have to do with Taoism?” Bai Suzhen said, “It seemed that someone from outside brought the monk in.”

Duan Jiaze was stunned, and then ran to open the window to see that there really was a bald head below, shining brightly in the moonlight, not to mention eye-catching. Xiong Siqian was standing beside him. Needless to say, he was the one who brought him in.

Bai Suzhen also walked over and said leisurely beside Duan Jiaze, “That’s him. At that time, we only reminded Brother Xiong to pay attention to Taoist monks.”

As there were no monks in East Sea City, that was the place of Taoist monks.

Duan Jiaze never expected that one day. There would be a monk who would pass through East Sea City, passing by there so accidentally. Xiong Siqian had been a guardian of Guanyin for so many years, so he had certain affections for monks. It seemed he took the initiative to strike up a conversation and invited the monk to come in.

It was enough for a monk to stay there, but he could not believe that monk still had an epiphany there!

Zhao Xing bowed, “I am an impoverished monk of Wuliang Temple, Zhao Xing. I humbly came to provide my thanks to Bhadanta.”

From the moment of epiphany, Zhao Xing did not think that he had to go out to cultivate everywhere. He thought that the Buddha must have guided him to arrive there to listen to continue his cultivation.

——It seemed that the monk knew that there was a place to stay there. What’s with the Bhadanta though?

Duan Jiaze gulped. He recalled that the Taoist monks would worship their superior Luya. If the monk saw him, wouldn’t he go crazy?


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