Those Years I Opened A Zoo

Chapter 49 The Monk Is Here (2)


Originally, Duan Jiaze thought that Luya’s Buddhism adornment idea was good. However, firstly, he did not expect that Luya’s level of achievement was excessively high. Secondly, he did not expect that a genuine monk would appear at that moment.

Duan Jiaze murmured, “He won’t always come to worship him later on, right… We are doing proper zoo business here.”

Having said that, if someday the people of the cultivation realm came to discover that there was no such person of great virtue, but only an individual of immortality descended to earth, wouldn’t they scare themselves to death?

Bai Suzhen put one hand on Duan Jiaze’s shoulder and said softly, “Director, if the monk wanted to come often, we still need to check whether Linshui View agreed.”

It was impossible for other religions and sects to reside in East Sea City when there was Linshui View because it was indeed the original Taoist sect located. Even if Linshui View agreed, other sects would also object.

Luya and Bai Suzhen were Buddhism elders after all. At that moment, Bai Suzhen calmly raised her voice and said to Zhao Xing, “You may return home and focus on practicing Buddhism. Don’t suffer from Buddhist karma and please remember to come visit a hundred years later.”

Duan Jiaze was speechless and said, “Sister Bai…”

Bai Suzhen looked at him, but she heard the monk’s mumbling, “A hundred years…a poor monk like me can’t survive that long.”

Bai Suzhen: “…”

Oops, I completely forgot that the practitioners at this era are too weak.

Zhao Xing felt extremely flustered. He was sixty years old already. Even if he was half of his age now, he would certainly not be able to live for a hundred years either.

Bai Suzhen: “Then, your fate with the Bhadanta can only end here.”

Fate ends here? Was he going to part ways just like that if his fate with that bamboo forest ended because of the long wait of a mere hundred years?

Zhao Xing was speechless. Could it be that his Buddhism fate was not sufficiently deep enough? He could only stop there.

Xiong Siqian was incapable of thinking and sighed, “Monk, it ends for good in this way. That person doesn’t really like meeting people.”

Xiang Siqian felt that it was a confusing situation, but the bear knew that Bai Suzhen was talking about Luya, so she casually comforted him. Luya did not attain Buddhism enlightenment yet. He just mingled along for a period and naturally, he was unlikely to be interested in supporting the younger generations.

Zhao Xing bowed his head sadly.

Duan Jiaze looked at the Buddhist monk, seemingly about to give up. He faced Bai Suzhen and gave a thumbs-up. It was better to let a monk go rather than to be deceived by his “fate”. After that, he said, “Old Bear, bring the Buddhist monk to that place to have a rest for a night, alright?”

It was so late at night and Duan Jiaze was guilty of driving the Buddhist monk away.

Xiong Siqian greeted Zhao Xing to eat something. He was carefree towards him, of course, he was not sad to miss the opportunity to ask a senior monk about Buddhist teaching. Previously, he used to see senior monks daily anyway.

“Wait a minute, I have to inform him by message.” Prior to Zhao Xing’s sense of loss, he sent a chat mail to the Buddhist chamber, “Senior, I had prepared to return to the Buddhist temple tomorrow. There was a Bhadanta in East China where I am staying. I meditated for some benefits in the Ling You bamboo forest. I received enlightenment here. However, the residents here said that if I had the opportunity to meet a hundred years later, I can ask for Buddhist teaching. I had better return to continue practicing.”

Zhao Xing was also not a greedy person. He regretted that he might not be able to meet Bhadanta, but he would not grasp the idea for too long. Precisely, the opportunity had not yet come. It was already his honor to be able to enlight there.

After sending out the chat mail, Zhao Xing just let go of his thoughts and matter. He confidently started to eat his vegetarian food.

However, Zhao Xing just abandoned his old phone and switched to adapting to a smartphone. Therefore, he was not quite proficient in the operation and felt a little upset. Therefore, he did not discover that he had wrongly sent the voice message.

Consequently, at almost nine o’clock in the evening, over one hundred people of the permanent member of council, Chinese Buddhist Association received a group chat voice message. It was from the head Buddhist monk of the Wuliang Temple, Master Zhao Xing.

Master Zhao Xing was a contemporary senior monk of that generation. He had the ability to join the group recently and it seemed that it was his first message in the group chat. They heard that he had just recently egressed the Buddhism practice outside. The people did not know if he had an opinion on his journey or if it was just his discussion on Buddhist issues to enlighten?

A lot of council members thought the same way and clicked open the voice message. Then, they right away heard a faint gloomy voice inside that said, “…there was a Bhadanta in East China…for some benefits…enlightenment…a hundred years later…”

All members of council: “?!!”

Zhao Xing finished eating all the vegetarian food. Afterwards, he faced Xiong Siqian to express his thanks again. He discovered that his mobile phone seemed to be out of power and consequently asked for the socket and plugged the battery charger to his phone.

After a moment, he turned it on again. He found out that his senior had replied with a lot of messages and missed calls.

Master Ji Shan: Junior brother, is that true?

Master Ji Shan: Junior brother!! Quick, delete the message!

Master Ji Shan: Junior brother, what are you doing?

Master Ji Shan: It’s already too late…

Zhao Xing was in a daze. He exited the chat and took a look. Only then, he was surprised to find that he had sent the message in the wrong chat. He sent the chat message that was originally intended to be sent to his senior but was sent to the group of council of the Buddhist Association instead.

——After Zhao Xing sent the message, it was a norm for many others to provide respect and reply to the spoken Buddhist master. At that moment, the last message remained Zhao Xing’s. The usually lively group chat was quiet, as if no one caught sight of the message.

Zhao XIng: “…”


The next day, Duan Jiaze got up from the bed to have breakfast. He even prepared one for the old monk.

“Amitabha, many thanks to Director Duan.” Zhao Xing took the plain bun with a guilty conscience and looked at Duan Jiaze with a little difficulty to start speaking. Last night, he and his senior spent a long time texting. He was in the same room as Xiong Siqian, therefore Zhao Xing had no choice but to use his fingers to type, which consequently took quite a long time.

After Ji Shan listened to Zhao Xing’s description of the situation, he requested him to stay temporarily in Ling You. He had an emergency meeting there and he would take the high-speed rail to the East.

The Wuliang Temple was indeed the temple with the most decent Buddhist cultivator and not dense with a breath of commerce atmosphere. That way, it entrusted more valued attention to rarely seen Bhadantas.

There were clearly no more Bhadantas in that world. When Ji Shan heard that the person was kept hidden from the outside world, he could not believe that his practicing aura had unexpectedly affected the bamboo forest and influenced Zhao Xing’s level, so it was clear that the Buddist’s methods were very refined.

Furthermore, if he actually mentioned about a hundred years later, wouldn’t it prove that the Bhadanta had the long-lost method of prolonging longevity?

The stiff-headed junior never expected that. Although he said they had no fate to meet, with so many monks in Wuliang Temple, wouldn’t it be possible that one or two had the fate with the Bhadanta?

Ji Shan just hated that his junior sent the message to the wrong chat. Now, he was afraid that everyone had entirely the same way of thinking.

Regardless of whether it was a refined Buddhist method or the method of prolonging life, it was sufficient to capture all the monks from various kinds of Buddhism practice circles. Simply not only the Zen Buddhism but other sect monks would definitely be tempted too. Monks of that era had more flexibility in their thoughts.

Ji Shan served as abbot in the chamber for so long while cultivating Buddhism. He started as a member of the council of the Buddhist Association and had recently still been strongly assumed as a president. He came across quite a lot more matters than he did.

Therefore, Ji Shan requested Zhao Xing not to leave for the time being. By all possible means, at least it was important to seize the opportunity for the sake of Wuliang Temple.

Having said that, Zhao Xing had to follow Ji Shan’s instruction, but he was actually somehow embarrassed to do so.

An outsider could not do all he wanted in a foreign place. How could he use excuses to tell Director Duan that he wanted to stay behind?

Duan Jiaze looked at him and became more curious when he did not speak, “Monk, what’s the matter with you?”

Was he thinking of borrowing money from him? He looked embarrassed at some point.

Zhao Xing got anxious. He did not want to make up a lie—— He could use the art of language to avoid lying and being able to achieve his purpose either—— He had to stay to fulfill the abbot’s instructions. After being restrained for a long time, he suppressed out a sentence, “I want to ask where to buy the ticket. I’m thinking of visiting the zoo today.”

After saying those words, Zhao Xing finally heaved a sigh of relief. He was lucky enough to have that flash of divine light for his inspiration on words.

Duan Jiaze oddly gave him a glance but he did not take it seriously. He just thought of it as the Buddhist monk wanted to stay for a while in the bamboo forest to meditate. After Duan Jiaze listened to what Bai Suzhen said last night, he was relieved a lot. He would not have to worry about the Buddhist monk looking for someone, because he had to get Linshui View’s permission no matter how.

Duan Jiaze pointed out the location of the ticketing office to the Buddhist monk and went away to do his matters.

Over his side, he almost managed to complete his task entirely. After the red-crowned cranes, swan and other animals, Duan Jiaze also discussed getting egrets, hoopoes, several kinds of woodpeckers, leopards, elks (first class) etc. He calculated to find that there were only two types of second class protected animals left to approach and soon the task would be completed. The sum already far exceeded.

However, now there was still additional time for the task. Duan Jiaze was wondering what final two types to introduce. He was searching online to hunt for which animals were more popular and which had prices within his range of acceptance.

Zhao Xing bought the ticket and right away wandered around inside the zoo. He was not familiar with anyone. He originally thought to look for Xiong Siqian yesterday night to have a chat about Buddhism scripture. He did not know why he could not find him. Only did he realize that Xiong Siqian only stayed at night and went to work during the day after he asked around.

During his tour, Zhao Xing discovered that the animals there were far more spiritual than the outside world. With what happened last night, Zhao Xing naturally would not be surprised. Those animals had high spiritual intelligence maybe due to the fact they were by the Bhadanta’s side all year round or maybe they were fortunate to listen to his Buddhism teachings.

However, Zhao Xing was also a little confused. Why did the Bhadanta choose Buddhism practice in the zoo? If one looked at the place of the mountains and rivers scenery, it would not be necessary to reside within the zoo, right?

As soon as he thought about it, he unconsciously followed the crowd to the canine exhibition hall.

Other tourists looked at that old monk from head to toe. There were Taoist priests in East Sea City before, but a monk had never been there before, let alone a monk visiting the zoo.

After walking into the exhibition hall, Zhao Xing suddenly realised something. He saw a Tibetan fox jumping up and down in the cage. It was full of spiritual energy, and it was obviously a spirit of weather.

However, at that time, the spirit was in the cage. According to his thoughts, was the Bhadanta in the zoo for the convenience of catching spirits to do good deeds?

After replenishing his thoughts, he felt that the Bhadanta made the spirits surrender to him and placed them by his side to recite sutras. In order not to attract doubts from the forestry department in modern society, he simply stayed in the zoo…

Zhao Xing figured that it made sense. It was not a must for practitioners to live in the deep mountains or old forests. Water and electricity were so convenient. Who wouldn’t want something incomparable to magic? It was not convenient to live far away either.

Zhao Xing only observed the Tibetan fox as he went, but he did not notice that there was a pure white Arctic fox behind him, silently watching at him.

On the other hand, almost the whole sect of Buddhist religion became restless.

That incident shocked them too much. An unborn Bhadanta in the world! The kind that could prolong life!

Zhao Xing did not know how to go online, but other people do. First of all, they searched for Ling You on the Internet. Immediately, the web address of the zoo’s website appeared… They could not believe that they even sold tickets with Linshui View as their partner.

The sect was also involved, not to mention what role they played, which just proved the authenticity of Zhao Xing’s chat message.

As a result, it was unknown how many temples did the similar actions. Some qualified or high-potential disciples of several organizations bought high-speed rail tickets to the East. Even if they could not ask for the method or get the technique, if they could achieve enlightenment in the bamboo forest, it was also good, right?

There were also some sects who had the consciousness of the whole relationship in place, such as Wuliang Temple. They instantly called Linshui View to inquire about Ling You.

Without Luya’s permission, Zhou Xintang was naturally tight-lipped, not revealing anything. As more people inquired, Zhou Xintang also felt something was off.

At that time, Zhou Xintang also received news that numerous monks were already on their way to East Sea City!

Some of those monks still met on the high-speed rail. When they met each other, they did not ask about the others’ purpose and continued with their practice.

The passers-by were also surprised. Those who were clueless about the incident would have thought that the monks were going to hold a meeting.

With so many monks departing to East Sea City at the same time, Zhou Xintang became nervous. The members of the management committee were summoned to discuss and agreed that the monks should be stopped at the high-speed rail station.

East Sea City had a certain meaning to Taoism. If so many monks gathered in the city in a hurry, yet many of them did not give their greetings to Linshui View, what would others think?

Regardless of whether it was related to Ling You or not, Zhou Xintang could not let them into the city. If they barged in like that, would Linshui View’s image still exist?

However, Zhou Xintang was also relatively smooth handling the matter. He directly found connections and asked the railway department to “leave” all those monks at the high-speed rail station—— It was impossible for the people to watch Taoist priests conflict with monks.

Zhou Xintang had local authorities. Even if there were high-level monks, they were from other places after all, so they could not speak for themselves.

More monks were left behind. Finally, the office and the corridors of the high-speed rail station were full of monks.

They were all outstanding people, so they all knew each other more or less. Everyone who was new there recognized their faces and greeted them.

The staff members originally acted according to the instructions, but now they could not help getting doubts.. After all, were those real monks or fake monks? Why were so many people there?

Amitabha here, Amitabha there. Their different accents were everywhere. Most of the temples on the certificate were different. Some were famous and some were not. When they met, they all showed an unspoken expression… The staff seemed psychologically burdened.

However, as more monks arrived in East Sea City, some of them were actually boasting about their connections, looking for someone to talk to the leaders of East Sea City or even the provincial capital.

One after another, the leader could not sit still, and called to ask Linshui View. They were burdened on both sides, and they could not afford to offend either. However, since Linshui View was the local authority, the leaders still hoped that Linshui View could take action to resolve it.

What happened to those monks and Taoist priests?

Zhou Xintang was also under a lot of pressure, and Linshui View was fighting against most of the Buddhists in the spiritual world with the strength of his sect.

At that time, some monks started doubting. Was it possible if Linshui View also wanted to take advantage of Ling You? No, maybe it already took advantage of the zoo. Seeing that the tickets were selling well, they considered that as a sort of flatter.

As time passed, Zhou Xintang could not bear it, so he had to contact Duan Jiaze to ask what to do.

Originally, Duan Jiaze did not speak, and he did not dare to look into the matter. However, who knew the trouble got huge? Zhou Xintang had already tried his best, and now he had to ask, after all, Ling You was the source of that matter.

But, Zhao Xintang did not expect Duan Jiaze to be clueless about the current situation too.

Duan Jiaze’s expression became worse the more he heard about the matter. When he heard about the number of monks, he was already stunned, “How come there were so many temple monks?”

According to basic logic, whoever picked up the benefits would only share within his own people. Who knew that the monk did not play the cards according to common sense? Not only did he pick up the benefits himself, he even called all his colleagues in the world to take the benefits with them!

It was not a problem for Linshui View to stop a temple or two, Duan Jiaze would not care about it, but there were dozens or hundreds of temples…? Duan Jiaze was completely speechless.

“Sister Bai, You Su, what do you think? There are so many monks coming to East Sea City now… I don’t know what happened to the monk last night. He seems to have notified the monks all over the world, and I don’t know why they are so united at this moment,” Duan Jiaze twitched the corner of his mouth, “Now, there are hundreds of monks stuck at the high-speed rail station by Linshui View’s connections. The two sides are fighting, and Taoist Master Zhou is asking me for advice.”

He explained the problems and difficulties of Linshui View to the two in detail.

You Su: “Wow, do they want to join the deluxe ticket package?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “Sister, stop joking…”

Bai Suzhen and You Su glanced at each other, and suddenly said in a tacit understanding, “It’s fine, let’s just go with the flow!”

Duan Jiaze: “Now that it has developed into this way, how can we go with the flow?”

Bai Suzhen said, “We can’t stop it, can we? The two governments have their own measures. The Buddhists are not allowed to barge in, but they can only be invited by Linshui View to come to the East officially. In this way, both sides can be well-rounded.”

You Su continued with one leg up, “Once the monks enter the East, why can’t they come to Ling You? Just let them buy a ticket!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Now that things were developing like that, there was no need to cover up. It was better to turn troubles into profits.

Anyway, whether it was Luya, Bai Suzhen, or Xiong Siqian, they have had enough time to maintain their current status. Since Taoism had taken advantage of the zoo, why be afraid of Buddhism?

Duan Jiaze: “Yes, this is perfect!”

The next day, the East Sea’s TV station suddenly reported a piece of news.

On the screen, a group of monks walked out of the East Sea High-speed Railway Station accompanied by Taoist priests and leaders of relevant departments in suits, smiling…


The seven-day national cross-religious exchange forum was held in the City of the East Sea, hosted by the National Taoist Association, undertaken by the East Sea City Religious Bureau, and co-organized by Linshui View of East Sea City. In the exchange activity, 581 representatives from all parts of the country, all ethnic groups, and all religions will conduct cultural, educational and other exchanges with the theme of “Religious Harmony, Unity and Progress” to jointly improve the level of religious work and serve the society…


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