Unexpected Marriage

Chapter One


Lin Xi drove swiftly down the road all the way to the club’s door. He exited the car, throwing his keys at the valet. Stretching out his long legs, he strode inside.

In the dim, seductive light, sexy women kept rubbing up against him purposefully. Lin Xi deflected them with a raised finger, before entering the second floor’s reserved rooms.

A waiter outside opened the door for him and he walked in slowly. The room was full of his less savory associates, ones he hadn’t seen in a while. They all looked to him. Shoving aside the twink in his arms, Lu Lingxing whistled. “Well, well, look who it is! If it isn’t our hermit buddy dear Mr. Lin!”

“Screw off,” Lin Xi pushed away the twink to sit down next to him, “What do you mean, hermit? Are you itching for a beating?”

Lu Lingxing handed him a glass of red wine. His mouth was crooked at an angle that made him look especially punchable. “You haven’t been responding to our invites to come out and have some fun. Brother got you trapped home sewing?”

“What a joke. Has he ever tried to limit me? He’s set on spoiling me.” Putting down the red wine, Lin Xi tossed a piece of mint gum into his mouth. He spoke in a carefree manner. “It’s just that something has come up recently.”

“For you?” Lu Lingxing’s cousin Lu Jiaxi walked over from the bar. Taking the gum paper from his hand, he waved it in his face to taunt him. “You won’t even drink anymore? Is it because of the marriage, or that you’re already busy adding to the family line, huh?”

“I’ve still got a long time before I plan to get married,” Lin Xi snorted without even looking back. “Anyways, I’m not going to be messing around with male models in a mansion, just to get caught by my brother in the act and beaten up.”

Li Xijia almost choked. In a cool tone, he reminded him, “Lin Xi, keep it down. Duan Shen’s in the room next to us.”

Lin Xi’s expression didn’t change at all. “What about Duan Shen? My brother won’t even raise his voice at me. Is Duan Shen going to beat me up or something?” Saying this, he seemed to remember something infuriating and grabbed the red wine, pouring it down his throat.

Lu Lingxing didn’t tease him again, instead turning his head to eye the rest of the rich young men present a meaningful look: Lin Xi must’ve been taught a lesson by his brother, probably trapped at home, too. Help him keep it on the down low and don’t let Mr. Duan over there see him here.

The rest of them showed looks of understanding in response.

The crew in the private room called a few cute boys to dance with near the bar. The boy who had been sitting with Lu Lingxing earlier had gone to the bathroom and was there for a long time. After a while word came back that he had run into some trouble and been trapped in the room next door, and that they needed to go there if they wanted him back. The young men sitting in this room knew all too well who their neighbors were. They definitely weren’t the type that a bunch of second-generation rich kids could get into trouble with.

Cursing their luck, Lu Lingxing decided to go with a bunch of his buddies to offer their apologies to their elders next door. Bored, Lin Xi lingered in the private room for a while, playing on his phone. When no one came back, he sent Lu Lingxing a text message before standing up to open the door. After a moment’s hesitation, he pulled his hood over his head and shoved his hands into his pockets, walking past the neighboring room’s door with his head down.

Just then, someone walked out of the room. Lin Xi accidentally stepped on his leather shoes. The man in the suit was immediately angered, “Do you have eyes or not?”

Lin Xi looked up at him with contempt.

Seeing his face, the man’s anger dissipated. He grabbed his arm and began to speak in a much more affectionate tone, “Aren’t you Mr. Lin’s beloved younger brother?”

Lin Xi frowned impatiently, and was about to push his hand away, when he noticed that the door behind them had opened without him realizing it. Sitting on the couch across from the door was Duan Shen. His black eyes studied him with a heavy look.

Although Lin Xi kept his chin high and his expression unconcerned, his legs began to give a little bit.

His brother might not be able to lay a hand on him, but Duan Shen certainly would.


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