Chapter two

Pushing aside the man’s hand, Lin Xi strode downstairs without looking back as if he were being chased by some kind of demon. He hadn’t even gotten to the bottom of the stairs when the phone in his pocket vibrated. Pulling it out, he tapped on the unread message.

“Wait at the door of the bar.”

Lin Xi snorted, pocketing his phone. Walking out of the door, he pulled the valet from earlier close, “Give me the car keys, quick.”

The valet hesitated, but didn’t obey.

Lin Xi’s expression turned cold. “Are you hearing what I’m saying?”

His expression pitiful, the valet stuttered his explanation, “The manager told me, I can’t give your keys back.”

“…” His expression murderous, Lin Xi cursed to himself, then turned and walked quickly toward the narrow alleyway nearby. Within a few steps someone grabbed him from behind. Taking a deep breath and looking back, Lin Xi found himself facing Lu Lingxing. He sighed an undetectable sigh of relief and put on a cheery face, “What? You’re heading back too?”

Lu Lingxing shook his head, looking forlorn and helpless, and pointed behind him. There was a man much taller than him standing there with a suit on his arm. His face showed no emotion.


The valet drove Duan Shen’s black luxury car up from the parking lot. Duan Shen’s eyes passed over Lin Xi’s face, “Get in the car.”

Without a word, Lin Xi opened the back door and got in. He raised his head only to see Lu Lingxing coming in from the other side, humming in a good mood, “Since we live close, I asked Shen here to take me some of the way.”

Hiding his anger with a cold look, Lin Xi said nothing.

Duan Shen drove Lu Lingxing to the suburbs on the mountain top, right to the door of the gated community. He was about to leave, but his eyebrows shot up when he noticed that Lin Xi wasn’t budging. “What are you sitting there for? Come on.”

Lin Xi glanced at him but said nothing, while Duan Shen spoke up from the driver’s seat, “He’s not coming. You go ahead.”

Lu Lingxing hesitated, pushing down the slight suspicion in his heart, but still shut the car door and headed toward the crowd of mansions. After a few seconds he looked back. Duan Shen’s car was still in the same spot, and hadn’t budged.

Only after Lu Lingxing entered the gates did Duan Shen look at his passenger. “Come and sit up front.”

His head lowered, Lin Xi was busy playing on his phone.

Duan Shen frowned. “Don’t make me say the same thing twice.”

Only then did Lin Xi slowly climb out and settle down in the passenger seat. His hands were stuffed into his hoodie’s pockets, while his face was obscured by the hood.

Reaching out, Duan Shen handed him the neatly folded suit that had been resting on his knee. “Take this.”

Lin Xi intentionally spread it open on his knee messily.

Duan Shen glanced at him coldly. “Take your hood off.”

“No,” Lin Xi responded quickly.

“Lin Xi,” A slight emphasis entered the man’s voice, “Take it off.”

His mouth turned up, Lin Xi pulled his hood off.

The black luxury car drove down the mountainous roads, taking a turn at the bottom of the mountain to head in a different direction. Finally, it stopped in the underground parking lot of the downtown luxury suites. The two of them entered the elevator together, then exited the elevator together.

Duan Shen unlocked his door with his fingerprint, then turned and backed away. “Go in.”

Balling up the wrinkly suit in his hand, Lin Xi kicked off his sneakers at the door as a habit, stepping into slippers and entering the house. It was only after a few steps that he remembered this wasn’t the old mansion he had lived in for twenty years and turned around, slightly remorseful, to see Duan Shen picking up his sneakers and arranging them neatly on the shoe rack.

Lin Xi made a face without saying anything, then turned into the living room. Stealthily he patted the wrinkles on the suit. Duan Shen’s voice came from behind, unwavering, “Don’t worry yourself. The maid will take care of it.”

Lin Xi threw the suit on the sofa with a guilty demeanor. Eyes lowered, his words were still angry, “I wasn’t worrying myself.”

Raising his gaze, he could only see the long legs of the man in the suit before him. The next moment, a gray tie fell before his eyes, and a metal ruler was thrown to the sofa.

Alert, Lin Xi looked up. “What do you want to do?”

“Nothing much,” Duan Shen responded in his deep voice, “Just settling the business of you going to the bar.”

Lin Xi stole a look at the shimmering ruler and asked incredulously, “Are you planning to beat me?”

“The rules are quite clear. You forget them so quickly. My front foot is barely out the door when you’re already sneaking out through the back door.” Slowly, Duan Shen rolled up his sleeves, revealing his strong forearms. “Do you not deserve to be beaten?”

His face taut with anger, Lin Xi turned to him. “Not even my brother dares beat me. You want to give it a try?”

Duan Shen leaned over to grab the ruler, his tone cold. “Your brother can’t bear to beat you. That’s why he asked me to.”

Taking advantage of the moment, Lin Xi jumped off the sofa, heading in the direction of the study. Duan Shen grabbed him by the hood and pulled him back, pushing him down to the floor. Lin Xi finally began to panic, and started struggling tremendously. “F*ck! Let me go!”

Keeping him down with one hand, Duan Shen lifted the other to peel away his outer layer. When the cold fingers touched his waist, Lin Xi fought back even harder and started to be even less choosy about his words, “Duan Shen, you #@%! Let me go!”

The man on top of him wore a cold, indifferent expression.

Lin Xi began to feel pathetic and tragic when he could almost feel the cold ruler against his back. Raising his voice, he shouted with both helplessness and anger, “Duan Shen, who the f*ck do you think you are to beat me like this? You’re not my dad! I’m looking for a man to marry, not another goddamn father!”

Duan Shen paused. “Really?”

Lin Xi ground his teeth together. “Of course!”

“If that’s what you think,” said Duan Shen, throwing aside the ruler in his hand, and instead unfastening the metal clasp of his belt, “Then I’ll teach you a lesson as your man.”

Lying on the rug, Lin Xi stiffened like a dead fish.

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