Villainous Daughter Aims for the Last Boss – It’s the World of Maiden Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [5th Box]

Heading towards the direction the monsters went, monsters can be seen lining up in the hallway. It seems like they were waiting for the chocolate distribution.


“All right, Almond, please hand these out to everyone who remained in the forest. Please also send it to Master Claude.”

“Roger! Roger! “

“Next, Sugar, these are for the monsters in Milchetta. They might not want it, so please ask them beforehand alright.”

“Leave it to me!”

“For the others, please take one each from Beel. You’re not allowed to rejoin the queue, alright. Only one for each monster! Those who do not follow the rules will be admonished-”


As expected, he’s used to dealing with monsters. Even Beelzebub has started handling out the chocolate to the monsters, in accordance to Keith’s instructions.


While being impressed by him, Irene entered the room, which has been turned into a distribution station, from the hallway.


“Mr. Keith, as expected, you are really skilled at this. However, wouldn’t Claude cover up for those monsters who tried to pull tricks?”

“It’s alright. In that case, I will have Master Claude work harder for that share. “


He’s also proficient in dealing with the Demon King.

Irene observed his excellence with both arms folded.


(I have to tame Claude so that I will not lose to this person.)


I’m sure this follower knows about Claude the most. While they might have known each other for many years, I am not going to be scared off by that.


“Mr. Keith, I am not going to lose to you. Please receive this chocolate as form of challenge notice. “

“I have no idea what you mean but I will gratefully accept if you’re going to give it to me. “

“Beelzebub, I have also brought one for you, so won’t you accept it? “

“For me? Ah, it is for ‘Valentine’, right?”

“Oh, you know well, don’t you?”


When I was impressed by that, Beelzebub showed a look of triumph.


“Of course. Every year, the King-”

“Beel. “


Beelzebub, who was in a prideful stance, froze when Keith called out to him.

On the other hand, Irene who did not miss the fact that Keith was clearly trying to stop him from going on, slowly smiled in the direction of Keith.


“…Every year, Master Claude-?”

“Looks forward to it- that’s what my master do. After all, this is the first Valentine where he has a fiancée.”


Does that “first” refer to the fact he has a fiancée or the fact that he’s celebrating Valentine’s Day?

I tried to bring that up through my stare, but Keith just remained in silence with his never-changing smile. After looking at him, Beelzebub stealthily retreated and started distributing the chocolates to the monsters again.

Now that I think about it carefully, I should have noticed it from the fact that even socially-distanced monsters know that chocolates are received on Valentine’s Day.

That would imply that.

As though Keith has seen through Irene’s inner realization, he smiled deeply with warmth.


“I have faith in Ms. Irene’s magnanimity.”

“Well, I’m the one at the fault for even questioning. Well, he possesses that face after all.”

“Yes. Since he possesses that face.”


“W-What is it?”


Beelzebub looked back with fear. Irene casually tossed a chocolate into his mouth. Beelzebub munched onto it with bewilderment.


“You are also a monster and generally most monsters look like you, right…?”

“? ??”

“Please remain a good kid like you’re now. You’re my comfort.”


Irene rubbed his head affectionately and asked Keith.

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