“I wonder if Claude is in his room.”

“Well. I think he will be back soon.”

“Is that so? I’m going there.”


Irene proceeded with powerful steps and her heels clattered with high pitch.

Beelzebub, who has finally swallowed the chocolate, asked Keith.


“You have been summoned by the King, right? Is it alright if you don’t go? “

“It’s fine. That is extremely troublesome every year so I will have Ms. Irene help me out with that.”

“It cannot be helped that human ladies crowd around the King but… Wouldn’t Irene be furious about that?”


The monsters, including Beelzebub, looked at him with worried expressions. Keith replied flatly.


“As the future wife of my master, she has to deal with something like that normally.”

“…Is that so?”

“Yes, that’s the case. In the first place, all will turn out well, as long as my master receives the chocolate from Ms. Irene. Sigh, even I myself want to receive a piece of chocolate with love poured into it from a cute girl.”

“It’s forever impossible for you. The King will never allow that. “


He returned a straight look at those blunt statements. It wasn’t only Beelzebub; even the surrounding monsters are nodding their heads in agreement. Keith broadened his smile.


“Alright, I’ll confiscate everyone’s chocolates.”

“Why!? “

“Sister-in-law, sister-in-law!”

“Who was the one who just said ‘sister-in-law’? There will be no chocolate for all of you tomorrow too, as a joint liability.”

“Tyranny! Tyranny!”


The monsters protested noisily, and somehow ended up begging Keith in tears.

The Demon King’s sister-in-law is powerful- probably even more so than the Demon King himself.


It has finally come to the last piece – THE chocolate with love poured into it.

She took a deep breath in front of the double-hinged doors.


(It’s finally time for the chocolate of mutual love… It’s not definitely an exaggeration to say that this is the first Valentine for me.)

I’m going to make this a success for sure. I have no idea what’s the basis for my declaration but I’m going to make this a success and laugh off everything that has happened in the past.

I put my hand on the door knob. A lady is all about courage.


“Excuse me-”

“You’re late Keith. If we don’t hurry up and tidy these up, Irene is going to-”


I looked at my loving fiancé, who’s also looking back at me next to a mountain of presents.

The next moment, lightning descended.

I inadvertently closed my eyes and reopened it, to find that the mountain of presents behind Claude has disappeared. As though it’s magic-


“Ah, you’ve done well coming here, Irene.”


With his usual beautiful looks, the Demon King smiled.

However, Irene, who has clearly seen that mountain, screamed at him.


“You hid it just now, didn’t you!? “

“What are you talking about? “

“I saw that, the mountain of chocolates! Where did you get that from!?”

“Mountain of chocolates? You must have seen it wrong, there’s nothing here, no?”



She grabbed Claude’s chin as he’s feigning ignorance and scowled at him. The beautiful King looked back at him. However, Irene cannot overlook it.


“The windows have been clattering since just now, Claude.”


Of course, the culprit for the intense clattering of the windows is the sudden gust driven from emotions of discomposure.


“You cannot hide the truth from me. Well, show me what you’ve been hiding from me.”

“T-There’s nothing I’m hiding from you.”

“If you don’t bring it out, I’m not going to give you my chocolate!!”


Lightning once again struck from the clear skies.

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