Chapter 171 — Poisoning Someone Does Not Kill


The element controller stopped looking at us, moved its legs with difficulty, walked forward tremblingly. I hurriedly asked, “Where are you going?”

Without looking back, he said calmly, “Going to collect some useful herbs to treat my toxins. The poison in me is too much. If I don’t prepare an antidote quickly, the toxins will only harm my body deeper.”

Murong Shanshan looked up at me and showed a charming smile, “I know what you are thinking, let’s go together. I also want to see what kind of herbs can restrain the domineering undead plague.”

I silently chuckled, sometimes Murong Shanshan could be quite considerate.

After walking for nearly a hundred meters, the element controller knelt under a big tree and dug up the soil under it with its rough hands. After a while, star-shaped herbs with gloomy light appeared in the soil. Deep in the dark woods, the lavender light seemed to tear the black curtain of the forest and was rather dazzling.

Seeing Murong Shanshan and I’s surprised expression, the element controller smiled and spoke, “This silent orchid is highly toxic. I was unable to treat myself properly because I couldn’t grasp the amount of medicine needed. Now that I have the information in the diary, after comparing the data, I can prepare an appropriate amount of medicine to detoxify myself.”

I asked, “This herb grows underground. How do you tell its location?”

“In fact, it’s not difficult. Look at this bouquet of flowers~” The element controller pointed to the small flowers next to him. I knew about those. They should be designed based on the actual dandelions in real life. The only difference was that the bunch of flowers had a hint of purple aside from the normal yellow.

The element controller explained, “The toxicity of the silent orchid is too strong, even nearby plants will be affected. Therefore, when you see the unusual color of a plant, there must be silent orchids in the ground where they grew.”

Murong Shanshan questioned in amazement, “Then what does it rely on for photosynthesis to provide nutrition?”

The element controller and I were speechless, so I had to change the topic and say, “Let me dig this silent orchid. I also want to see this poisonous medicinal herb!”

Pulling out the blood-red sword and digging hard on the ground with the tip of the sword, a bunch of lavender flowers immediately appeared in front of my eyes—

[Silent Orchid]: A highly poisonous plant, which can be used to prepare poison!

I was overjoyed and quickly opened my skill list, and the secret recipe for making poison stated impressively: Any toxic medicinal herb could be selected to formulate the poison, and the medicinal effect varied depending on the toxicity and combination of the medicinal herb.

After clicking on the first level and putting the silent orchid that I just picked on the poison-making tray, I carefully clicked the “Confirm” button.

Several brilliant rays of light flashed in front of my eyes, and there was already a small bottle of poison on the tray—

[Poison No. 002]: Can bless the effect on the weapon to increase the weapon’s toxic effect!

I quickly put the poison on the blood-red sword. After a few seconds, the properties of the blood-red sword had also changed drastically—

[Blood-Red Sword] (Orange Skin)

Attack: 380-525

Strength: +85

Stamina: +80

Agility: +85

Intelligence: +72

Additional aspects: Absorbs the vitality and blood of the attacking target with bloodthirsty power. Bloodsucking effect is 10%.

Toxin effect: Reduces the opponent’s attack speed and movement speed by 10% within 10 seconds and continues to reduce blood at a rate of 50 drops per second. Success rate is 50%.

Level Needed: 50

I was so shocked that I could not speak…

The success rate of the toxin effect was 50%, which meant that about every two attacks, I could poison the opponent once, with 50 blood drops per second. It was much stronger than the priest’s curse, which could consume 3000 blood drops in one minute. Judging from the vitality of most players now, it was estimated that few people could use it with me.

Murong Shanshan noticed that I was a little abnormal, so she asked, “What’s the matter? You took the wrong medicine?”

I did not speak, but showed her the attributes of the blood-red sword. The little beauty immediately looked at me dumbfounded. After a while, she said with joy, “Hurry up and make another poison. I want it too!”

Therefore, I continued to gather herbs. The element controller had gone back to heal its injuries. I did not have much affection for an NPC, so I did not bother to care about it. After a while, I found that Murong Shanshan was doing nothing, so I asked, “Shanshan, haven’t you learned logging skills? There is so much wood here, why don’t you practice skills and pick some wood along the way?”

Murong Shanshan suddenly realized it, stuck out her tongue and said, “I almost forgot~!”

So the two started working as “men ploughing and women weaving”. Murong Shanshan was just standing beside a tree and was busy puffing, or simply leaning on the tree. She did not seem to be cutting wood at all. However, her inventory had materials that proved she was indeed working and was not being lazy.

At the time around noon, I looked at my inventory. Not only were there silent orchids, but I also collected some iris flowers and other herbs. However, most of the herbs there were poisonous weeds. Aside from the silent orchids, there were some other that popped out. For example, poisonous weeds such as Snake Grass and Scorpiontail Flowers. I randomly matched and refined, but unexpectedly produced several new poisons. Among them, the poison that reduced defense was the one I fancied. Although it was a waste of nearly half a day of gathering resources just to create four supplies, the attributes that could reduce the target’s 300 defense points within two hours per share were very attractive. In that way, my ability to single out the boss was greatly improved.

Murong Shanshan also stayed with me until noon, and her logging skills smoothly rose to level 3. She was able to make some small objects with simple materials. For that reason, she also gave me a small model of a chair. I really did not understand what that thing was for.

The two made an appointment in the afternoon to train in the depths of the real Valley of the Dead, and then we went offline together.

When I took off the helmet, I heard Xu Lin’s laughter. It seemed that something good had happened again.

“Lin Fan, come out.” Xu Lin greeted.

I nodded and said, “Well, what’s the matter for you to be happy like this?”

Xin Yu said from the side, “It’s nothing, just something for big sister. You don’t know about this. Today, four people in the guild that were little captains have been promoted. Each of them were full of fluff till they were speechless. As a result, big sister Lin became happy like this…”

I turned my head and asked Xu Lin, “Big sister Lin, is that right?”

“Don’t listen to Xin Yu’s nonsense. This morning, I brought thousands of people across Death Canyon to the west of Silvermoon City. That feeling is really great.” Xu Lin pursed her mouth and said, “Some smaller training to level-up teams saw us, so they all retreated one after another. Even a few large leveling teams organized by the world of sentimentality fled for us.”

I immediately felt something wrong, “The reason why those small training to level-up teams would avoided was because they were bullied and afraid by people from the two guilds, the romantic world and the sentimental guild. But, there is no reason why people in the sentimental world would be afraid of us. They have collected 20,000 people a few days ago, so they can be regarded as strong soldiers and great horses.”

Lu Xuehan nodded and said, “I also feel puzzled that the romantic world and the sentimental world have formally formed an alliance. There are only a little more players in that area than us. Why should they be afraid of us?”

Liu Yun suddenly spoke, “Why care about them? The site is occupied by us anyways, and the advantage is also ours.”

Xu Lin smiled, “You’re right, since I have taken advantage of it, what do I care about them so much?”

I only smiled bitterly, and suddenly remembered someone else, so I asked, “Who are the few little captains that were promoted?”

“There are four in total.” Xin Yu said and showed her fingers there were as white as lush, “a Level 49 fighter, a Level 50 mage, and two Level 49 knights.”

“Then, I will introduce you to someone who is absolutely trustworthy.”

Xu Lin asked in surprise, “Who?”

“Never Surrender!”

Lu Xuehan was shocked, “Oh, it’s him. He is in my team today. He seems to be a Level 46 fighter, right?”

“Yes.” I nodded and explained, “What is the most important thing for guilds to get new-comers? Character! This “Never Surrender” is one of the few players who can make me stand out. His character can be described in one word—- righteousness! If you leave the important things of the guild to him, I think that might be better, at least he will not do anything that damages the image of the guild. Why the world of sentimentality and romantics had bad reputations? It was all because no one restrained their subordinates since robbing and killing people are regular feats for them. Such a guild is in fact no different from a mob.”

Xu Lin happily said, “So, I will personally discuss with this person tomorrow. If possible, I’ll let him be the little captain of the first team. The first team has a total of 4000 people, and it was almost concentrated with the elites of the whole guild.”

“Then, there are other teams, how are they allocated?”

Xin Yu thought for a while and answered, “The second team has 2,000 people, and it’s under the direct command of Sister Lin. The third team has 2,000 people as well and are under my command. Same goes the number of people in the fourth team that is led by Xuehan and the fifth team has 2,000 people. It was composed of the members whom Liu Yun had taken over, so Liu Yun became the captain. The other squad systems were not perfect yet, so I randomly find someone to be the captain.”

I sighed, “Just like this. Tomorrow, I will hand over the 4000 people of the first team to Never Surrender. I believe he will not let us all down. Unfortunately, the young and frivolous kid was dug away by Murong Shanshan. Otherwise, he would have been the core leader of our guild.”

Xu Lin chuckled, “I remember it wasn’t Murong Shanshan who dug him away, but you deliberately gave the young and frivolous lad to others, right?”

Immediately embarrassed, I touched my nose and said, “It’s all in the past, why do you still mention it?”

Xu Lin, Xin Yu and the others immediately showed hints of despise to me. Only Lu Xuehan looked at me with a smile.

After lunch, it happened to be 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I had to rise to Level 52 quickly. I still could not wear the orange armor, and I still had a Level 36 blue armor for the time being. Its defense was only 110. In additional to having most of the points that were more than a dozen points, it was far from comparable to the tough armor with defense of 264 and additional points of over 70.

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