Chapter 170 – The Beautiful NPC (Part 2)


It was a pain, absolutely a burden! Although the name sounded awesome, the attributes were terrifyingly low. If a Level 52 fighter used the equipment, their attacks would be average, especially at that stage. Generally, players who rushed to Level 50 early had a better blue-colored or even a purple-colored weapon. That weapon, at best, was just a PK of fear for exploding. If the price could be sold at a price of more than two hundred thousand Yuan, I would laugh…

The beauty, Murong was also disappointed. She said, “A blue cloth armor with a defense of 34. This is the lowest defense of high-level blue cloth armor I have ever seen. It is estimated that the blue equipment of level 40 is also better than this blue armor and the defense is much higher.”

I smiled and continued, “It is okay. You’re not the only one who would be depressed with this kind of thing. We haven’t encountered this kind of situation before. You can ask other players if they have encountered this kind of thing before. Although “Moon Monochrome” had some equipment here that are high in grade, the attributes are not within players’ satisfactory, otherwise the auction equipment will not be sold at such a high price.”

mm in uniform also smiled and said, “Yes, these two pieces of equipment were randomly selected by the system. It could have produced the best purple equipment, or even the orange equipment. Maybe your luck is not very good.”

I asked in surprise, “This beauty, can you reveal the probability of orange-grade equipment in this kind of mission?”

mm smiled faintly and answered, “It doesn’t matter if I tell you. The mission you just completed is a Level 60 purple mission, which means that you have a chance to get purple equipment. However, due to having 10 levels lower than the mission’s default level, the orange equipment will have a chance of appearing. Generally speaking, compared to your current situation, the appearance rate of blue equipment is 85%, that of purple equipment is 12%, and that of orange equipment is 2%!”

I counted, and asked: “Then, what will I get for that 1% chance? Could it be a legendary spiritual weapon?”

mm laughed softly, “There is a 1% chance that there is no equipment! Don’t be too greedy. 2 of the 4 orange equipment currently appearing in the world are in your hands. It’s time to be satisfied. Right, and according to our statistics, the other two pieces of orange equipment were also made by you, right?”

“This…you know about this too?” I was surprised inexplicably.

mm proudly said, “That’s natural. We have statistics on high-level equipment explosions here, and I am the person who specializes in statistics. Although we can’t modify the game data, we still have the right to know.”

Murong Shanshan looked at me in surprise, “There are another two pieces of orange equipment?”

“Well, one is a Level 52 armor. I put it in the warehouse until my level is enough to use it. The other is a Level 48 mage’s clothing, which has been given to Xu Lin…”

Murong Shanshan did not motion anything, and just said, “Well, let’s continue to complete the task, and hope that the luck of this incidental task will not be so bad.”

We greeted the NPC uniformed mm again, and went directly out of Silvermoon City and headed for the Valley of the Dead.

The Valley of the Dead seemed to always be so dark and damp. Rats and vipers occasionally rushed out of the forest and scared Murong Shanshan till her face lost its color. What was not disappointing was that she had no habit of throwing herself into men’s arms. I was full of expectations every time, but the result was always disappointing.

Among more than a dozen forests, we finally found the forest where the element controller was located. Only the leaves of that forest remained green, unlike other forests with leaves that were already blackened.

The element controller was much better than a few days ago (four days in the game is equivalent to one day in reality), the original vines entangled on the hands were much lesser, revealing the green skin underneath. The skin had signs of gradual improvement.

The element controller was very happy to see our arrival, and there was a ray of light in the soulless eyes.

Almost at the same time, Murong Shanshan and I took out the recipe diaries we had collected, and the element controller was instantly overjoyed, “With this diary, I can study the detoxification formula. You should see the toxins on my body. It has been slowly eliminated. With this diary, I believe I will fully recover in half a year!”

I smiled and said, “After the toxins have been removed, are you going to return to the Silvermoon Kingdom to continue working for the king?”

“Probably, I am already very old, so I hope the old king won’t dislike me…”

The element controller sighed twice, then suddenly patted its head and said, “I almost forgot, you guys helped me so much, I haven’t thanked you yet~”


System reminder: You have completed the task—- Collect diaries. You have gained 20 million experience, get 500 gold coins, reputation +1200, and got the task reward: Battle Boots of the Wind!


System reminder: Congratulations, you are now Level 51!

Oh, thanks to the rich experience rewards from the two missions, I finally passed level 51!

Looking through the rankings, 8 people in Silvermoon City had reached Level 51. Among them, Murong Shanshan was still far ahead, and I was ranked seventh!


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