Waiting For You Online – Chapter 90 – Am I Good?


Translator’s notes: Before I started translating this novel, I followed the names of characters from the previous site and the MC’s name “秦煬 was translated as “Qin Yu”, it wasn’t until recently that I found out its correct spelling in Pinyin should be “Qin Yang”. This spelling will be adapted from now on. My apologies!

Indeed, the accommodation fee was a big issue. He Jin had no idea where Qin Yang lived, but even if he lived a bit far away, and also if he had to travel on the train daily, he could still save a lot of money. He Jin started to struggle with his inner feelings between rationality and sensibility. And he tried to deny his good feelings to Qin Yang deep in his heart.


Qin Yang said again, “there’s a guest room in my place.”


So, that means He Jin didn’t have to be in the same room of Qin Yang, that sounded more convenient, yet he still hesitated, “wouldn’t I cause too much trouble to you?” All in all, it was still the Chinese New Year; it didn’t seem nice to bother his friend’s family during this period. He Jin really worried about bringing troubles to the others, since he wasn’t especially proud of his background.


Qin Yang frowned again. He wasn’t happy with the way He Jin tried to keep a distance with him. He Jin’s feelings were also affected by Qin Yang’s emotions. Finally, he gave in, “okay…”


Qin Yang suddenly smiled happily; he was in such a good mood that he immediately took a bite of his sandwiches. Seeing him like that, He Jin thought of the way K whispering to him, “he likes you, and he wants to be with you…”


He Jin hurriedly pulled his chair and got up, after telling Qin Yang, “I’ve got to go back to work,” he ran away.


In a blink of an eye, it was 9 pm already, time for He Jin to get off work, and Qin Yang was ready to leave with him. After changing his outfit, He Jin said bye to his co-workers and followed Qin Yang out.


He Jin thought that they were going to take the train, he took out an electronic remote-control key from his pocket. With his control, something suddenly flashed in front of him – a jade blue Jaguar was parked opposite the cafe. Because of the flashing and the reflection of the warm light of the cafe, it shone in the dark.


“You drove here?” He Jin was stunned.


Qin Yang replied with a simple “hmm”, he led He Jin to cross the road, took the suitcase in his hand, and pointed to the position of the co-driver, “I will help you with it. Get in the car first.”


He Jin clumsily got up, he touched the inside of the car, and looked curious. Although private cars are very common, and it’s prevalent for better-off families to have one, He Jin’s family has never owned a car. With the increase in the oil price, it might not be expensive to buy a car, yet keeping one definitely is. He Jin’s mother thought that using petrol is not good to the environment, and with the annual insurance fees and the miscellaneous fees, his mother would instead use the money on daily expenses than to afford a car, and that’s why they still haven’t owned a vehicle up to this day. Also, according to his mother, when a couple gets married, usually it’s the groom who’d buy the apartment, and the bride who’d get the car, so He Jin didn’t have to bother with this part.


Such a ridiculous theory used to make He Jin speechless. For him, a car is used to make commuting more comfortable, and it’s more than usual for a guy like him to be interested in cars, electronic, mechanical stuff. It’s undoubtedly sad that such things have been perceived as tools to bargain for a person, and to upgrade him.


After Qin Yang put the suitcase in the rear compartment, he also came back and sat in the car. Seeing He Jin’s eyes, he couldn’t help but laugh. He reminded He Jin to fasten the seat belt. After loosening the brakes, the car started slowly.


He Jin asked, “how much is this car?”


Qin Yang, “about seven hundred thousand including the license and the tax.”

He Jin, “does it belong to your family?”


Qin Yang, “it’s mine.”


He Jin did not understand the meaning of Qin Yang, he thought the way he answered “it’s mine” meant that his family got it for him, he was envious, “your family got you a car already when you’re still in University, how rich they are!”


Qin Yang, “no, I bought it.”


He Jin, “what do you mean?”


Qin Yang tilted his head and looked at He Jin, “I earned money and bought it myself.”


He Jin was completely confused. What did he mean by earning money? Isn’t Qin Yang still studying? How the hell did he find the time to work and gain so much money?


When Qin Yang saw how shocked and confused He Jin looked, he found him very cute, and he smiled, “I’m good, isn’t it?” Although such a question sounded a bit stupid, Qin Yang couldn’t help but show off in front of someone he’s fond of, just like a peacock flaunting. He wanted He Jin to adore him, to want him, or to need him desperately.


He Jin frowned and thought, is he just teasing me? It’d better not be anything that usually happens in a lame story, where a teenager suddenly gets rich because he’s inherited the family’s wealth, etc.…


Qin Yang asked, “why do you look like that? Don’t you believe it?”


He Jin, “how could you earn money?”


Qin Yang raised his eyebrow, “it’s a secret.”


He Jin showed a look that says “so that’s it.”


Qin Yang didn’t go on.


Qin Yang drove quite fast, but it was also very stable. He rarely stepped on his brakes urgently. On the way, He Jin asked him some questions about the performance of the car. Qin Yang asked, “do you remember the lake tour half a year ago? At that time, Zhao Xibai also asked me about cars. We discussed a lot.”


He Jin nodded, as he sort of remembered, but they were not familiar at the time, and he was thinking about other things, he didn’t join their discussion.


“At that time, I thought that you were…” Qin Yang wanted to say something, yet stopped again.


He Jin, “hmmm?”


Qin Yang glanced at him, “that you have a low sense of existence.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang smiled, “I felt like if I didn’t watch you, you’d disappear.”


“Is it?” He Jin remembered that he secretly sneaked at the end of the team to learn how Jiang Baijian used his racket. Suddenly, Qin Yang appeared to correct his posture, and asked He Jin to look at the way he did it. Thinking about all these, He Jin felt a bit embarrassed, he looked outside the window and let his thoughts run wild…is it possible that Qin Yang started to pay attention to him at that time…if yes, why?


Qin Yang didn’t speak anymore and went on driving quietly. The atmosphere became a bit weird.


There was no traffic jam, and it was easy to get out of the city. He Jin was a bit worried, “your home is quite far, how long does it take to go to school by train?”


Qin Yang, “you mean to work? I’ll drive you then, if there’s no traffic jam, we’ll be there in 30 or 40 minutes.”


He Jin, “…”


After another ten minutes, the car slowed down. The security guard of the community saw the car, and Qin Yang turned left and drove into the quiet villa area. They arrived after Qin Yang made another turn.


He Jin got out of the car, took his suitcase and looked a bit uneasy. After Qin Yang parked the car, he approached to He Jin and led his way to his place. He Jin asked, “are your parents here?”


Qin Yang, “yes, my siblings are here too. Don’t worry, just let them be. I will bring you to your bedroom.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang opened the door. He Jin heard the sound of a TV program in the living room. The two passed by the entrance, and a person quickly rushed over, “brother, brother, look at me!”


A little boy suddenly ran to them and hugged Qin Yang, and greeted him with his fists.


Qin Yang, “…”


“Oh, hey, is this your friend?” A beautiful woman warmly greeted them, she smiled and looked at He Jin while saying “welcome,” and then she pulled the naughty child while commanding, “Qin Mu! Be quiet. There’s a guest!”


Behind the woman, he found a cute, little girl standing behind her.  She looked at He Jin with curiosity.


These should be the brother and sister of Qin Yang…and his stepmother?


“Hello,” He Jin greeted them, “my name is He Jin.”


The woman nodded her head, and she seemed to have thought of something. She hurriedly said, “oh, sit down. I will make some avocado milkshake for you.”


“I will take my friend to his room to put down his suitcase first,” Qin Yang took He Jin upstairs, when he reached the staircase, he yelled at the woman again, “Auntie Jiang, can you bring us the milkshake when it’s ready?”

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