Waiting For You Online – Chapter 91 – The Same Voice

He Jin followed Qin Yang upstairs, while the two kids followed them like puppies, yet kept a distance of about two to three meters. When He Jin turned back, one of them turned back, and another one was kneeling to play with his fingers…He Jin couldn’t help but burst into waves of laughter. When Qin Yang saw it, he ordered them, “play with yourselves! Don’t follow us!”


The younger brother made a naughty face to Qin Yang, “who’s following you!”


His sister pouted and said with a soft voice, “I’m not following you, I’m checking out my fingers…”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang took He Jin to the guestroom. It was spotless and tidy. There were a bed, a desk, a TV set, a separate bathroom, just like a 5-star hotel.


He Jin put down his suitcase and asked, “where’s your Dad?”


“I guess he’s busy in his room.” Qin Yang dropped the curtains, switched on the heating, and took out a new bedding, quilt cover and bath towel from the closet.


He Jin asked, “do we need to tell your Dad?”


Qin Yang, “we can wait ’til tomorrow. Just stay here at ease; he never asks me about me bringing my friends over.”


He Jin nodded and sat down on his bed. Qin Yang also sat down on the chair opposite him, “by the way, didn’t you say that your mother smashed your game helmet?”


He Jin remembered that scene and was once again miserable.


“Take it out and let me see.” Qin Yang made a gesture.


“Hmm?” He Jin thought, since Qin Yang wasn’t on the game, he felt a bit confused about why he’d want to check the helmet. Anyway, he took it, handed it to Qin Yang and asked, “what about it?”


Qin Yang turned it over and said, “I know a professional who knows how to repair bracelets, and he’s an expert in computers. I’m going to bring it to him tomorrow.”


He Jin was surprised, “really?”


“Yeah.” Qin Yang didn’t know anyone like that, since this kind of game helmets are all made from a leading technology in China, and no one has ever successfully made one similar, let alone repair. He did the same as He Jin, he checked online and knew that all stores would open the next day, and he was going to bring the helmet to get a new one with a discounted price. However, he didn’t want to let He Jin know his plan since he might reject him again, and he had to look for an excuse.


Qin Yang felt quite sad, but he had no other ways. He couldn’t help but fall in love with a straight guy, and he had to think of smart ways to treat him well. Otherwise, He Jin would only perceive him as a lunatic.


As they were talking, someone gently knocked on the door. It was a gentle female’s voice, “Yang Yang, are you inside?”


Qin Yang opened the door, and the woman handed the tray to him. She also greeted He Jin and smiled at him, “go on and eat something. Call me if you need anything.”


There were two small heads behind the woman, and they looked curious.


Qin Yang shut the door, took the wooden tray and placed it on the white bed. There were two light green milkshakes on it, a stack of delicate biscuits and pastries, and a plate of fresh oranges.


He Jin said, “your brother and sister are also adorable…”


Qin Yang, “two stalkers.”


He Jin, “but they don’t look like you.”


Qin Yang raised his eyebrows and asked, “do I look more handsome?”


He Jin tried not to laugh. In fact, they all looked pretty good, especially his sister, whose facial features are very outstanding. Undoubtedly, she’d become a beautiful lady in the future. God knows how come Qin Yang had this kind of confidence to say that he’s more handsome…anyway, he’s really envious of this family, in all aspects.


After eating something, they talked some more, and Qin Yang started to help He Jin with his quilt cover.


The bedding and quilt cover had all been washed and dried, but they were all separately stored. In fact, Qin Yang wasn’t good at it, but he didn’t want Auntie Jiang to get in between them, so he tried to struggle with them but had eventually made a mess.


“What is this? Let me.” He Jin took the quilt and tried to re-do it. However, he had only used single-person quilts before, and with such a large duvet at Qin Yang’s, it wasn’t easy to make them well at all.


He Jin asked Qin Yang to grab the two corners of the quilt lightly. He grabbed one too and found the last one. Once they both grabbed the four corners of the quilt, it could be flattened pretty easily.


Qin Yang looked at him, as if he had foreseen the scene of their cohabitation in the future. When they can finally make their bed together and sleep together…he felt very sweet.


Seeing that He Jin grabbed the corner with difficulties, and he looked a bit clumsy while slipping the other corner, he couldn’t help but tease him, “I thought you were good at it, you’re also a newbie.”


“Much better than you!” He Jin was embarrassed. He tried to grab the corners and shake the quilt. It made Qin Yang sneeze, and He Jin burst into laughter.


Qin Yang grabbed the quilt and did the same, and they both shook it, like kids competing for their strength, and He Jin made Qin Yang sneeze again, and he laughed again.


“Here you go again!” Initially, Qin Yang didn’t use his full strength, seeing that He Jin was having fun; he wanted to tease him even more. He used his arms to shake the quilt hard. He Jin, who didn’t let go of the corners, was dragged on the bed. Without waiting for He Jin to react, Qin Yang removed his slippers and jumped on the bed immediately, using the quilt to cover He Jin totally!


He Jin’s head was covered and couldn’t help but scream. He failed to let go of the quilt despite his struggle. Qin Yang had also fixed the edges of the quilt, making it impossible for He Jin to escape.


He Jin instinctively climbed a few times and revealed his head from one corner. Right at this moment, Qin Yang pulled the quilt on both sides, and He Jin was like a spring roll tightly wrapped in it. Qin Yang even rolled him twice and wrapped him even more tightly, only letting his head out. His face was facing upward, worrying that he’d struggle again, Qin Yang held him tightly together with the quilt.


“Let, let go…Haha…” He Jin kept moving inside the quilt, and he still hadn’t stopped from laughing since Qin Yang sneezed, after laughing for a while, he felt something was going wrong.


Although there was a layer of the quilt, he could feel Qin Yang gasping behind his neck, and the breath ran across his ears, he whispered, “show me how you can still move now.”


His voice was so near, He Jin felt numb, and his whole body became soft.


“You aren’t moving anymore, right?” Qin Yang moved even closer, so close that He Jin felt like he’d almost kiss his neck…he suddenly started to struggle hard.


Qin Yang initially thought that He Jin wanted to struggle, he wrapped He Jin even harder with his arms, making it impossible to move, but then, He Jin started to gasp, and he screamed out of fear “let go”, Qin Yang immediately noticed that something’s wrong, and quickly let go. He pulled He Jin over, worrying that he might have stuffed him and made it difficult to breathe for him.


He Jin got out from the quilt, and he avoided to look at Qin Yang.


The two were just having fun, and the atmosphere suddenly changed. Qin Yang didn’t know what was happening with He Jin, is it because of his actions which had been too intimate? Did He Jin get angry? Or what?


“It’s getting late. I still have to work tomorrow. Rest early.” He Jin lowered his head and pulled the quilt. The quilt had now become a mess.


Qin Yang moved his lips, but he didn’t say anything further. He took the fruit plate, the broken helmet, and got out of his bedroom.


When Qin Yang left, He Jin felt so helpless on the bed. Although he had tried his best to suppress his inner feelings, such a close contact had made his body react honestly…and He Jin felt incredibly shameful.


It was because of the voice – He Jin seemed to have found the source, he closed his eyes and tried very hard to recall.


The two people almost had the same voice and way of talking. When Qin Yang whispered to him behind his ears, he was utterly lost. He couldn’t tell whether it was in the game or the reality, whether the person holding him was Fire or Qin Yang.


This is what He Jin feared the most, he was worried that he’d transfer his feelings of Fire to Qin Yang, and he’s also trying to resist the joy that he’d got from Qin Yang…


As he’s in love with the voice, he actually has feelings to two people at the same time. It’s driving He Jin insane.



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