Waiting For You Online – Chapter 92 – The Ones Inside Usually Have No Idea

The next morning, Qin Yang really drove He Jin to work, but because of what had happened the previous night, he didn’t look too good.

Obviously, he had already pulled He Jin closer, but there’s still a wall between them, and Qin Yang felt even farther away from He Jin. The worst thing is, there’s nothing he could do, if he tried to get closer, he might even be disliked by He Jin…such complicated feelings were driving Qin Yang desperate and insane.

He Jin also felt very uneasy, and he was cautiously keeping a distance with Qin Yang. He couldn’t have a clear mind, and he was also worried that Qin Yang would later find out how he thought.

Qin Yang left after dropping him off at his workplace. And he told He Jin emotionlessly that he’d pick him up at night.

K arrived early, and when he saw Qin Yang sending He Jin to work, he teased He Jin again, “look, he even drove you here, and you still told me that you two are classmates. How is it possible to have such considerate classmates?”


He Jin was made to have all sorts of wild thoughts, and he was wondering whether Qin Yang had really fallen in love with him. But, what about the “admirer” that Zhang Xiao had mentioned earlier? And even if Qin Yang had given up that person for He Jin, what was he going to do with Fire then? Although he knew that the reality is reality, and game is game, Fire would certainly go mad if He Jin had a real boyfriend, no? (=_=)

Then again, He Jin was wondering if his feelings toward Qin Yang were romantic or sexual? He Jin really wanted to talk with K since he’s “the same kind”, but it was such a leap of faith for him. Overall, he barely knew what kind of a person K was, it also would mean that he started to face his sexuality straightly if he raised the issue. But it’s still something that He Jin didn’t want to do yet.  And he’s hiding from it.


The inner struggles and entanglements drove He Jin crazy and he felt his head exploding. He could only force himself to concentrate on his work.

In the morning, after Qin Yang sent He Jin to work, he took the helmet to the store. Unexpectedly, the staff of the store said that this is the collector’s edition. The depreciation required the holder to carry his ID card for verification in order to do the exchange. The owner also needed to try the helmet at the store for the transfer of data to avoid error.

The staff of the store didn’t know that it was originally controlled by Qin Yang to let He Jin win this helmet, and he even owned a bunch of purchase information. The only thing he could do was to call Peng Yuhao and asked him what to do for such a situation.

Peng Yuhao helped him with the contact all morning, and finally, he told Qin Yang to go to the headquarters of game company on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, there would be specialized staff helping him to fix it free of charge, and it would take about fifteen days.


Qin Yang frowned, “seventh day? And it’ll take fifteen days? No way, it takes too long.”

Peng Yuhao, “big brother, you think fifteen days is slow? Try somewhere else and it will take at least three months!”

Qin Yang, “it’s ten days before the competition. You think I can wait?”

Peng Yuhao, “I almost forgot…let me ask for you again.”

Qin Yang waited another afternoon. At four o’clock, Peng Yuhao gave him a reply, “hey my brother, in order to help you, my mouth is now exhausted…”

Qin Yang, “just tell me whether you can help me.”

Peng Yuhao, “yes, brother…”

It turned out that Peng Yuhao successfully contacted a technician in the helmet R&D department of the city, and he mentioned the identity of Qin Yang. Fortunately, that guy happened to be a fan of Fire, and he accepted the request immediately. He reported his own address and let Qin Yang go to his place.


When Qin Yang hung up, he went straight to the technician’s place and crossed almost half of the city. He arrived at about 7:00 in the evening. When the technician saw Qin Yang, he was stunned, “MY GOD, you’re so handsome…wait, no…comparing to your looks, your PK skills are even more handsome! Can you please give me an autograph?”

Qin Yang handed him the helmet and smiled, “will do after you fix this.”

The technician’s eyes were shining and he invited Qin Yang for a seat, “let me have a look first.”

Although he was invited for a seat, Qin Yang saw that there’s actually no extra space in his place, there were all kinds of books, equipment, tools, and changed clothes…looks like this guy is a real technical one!

Qin Yang saw that the technician had finally found a corner in the mess, he switched on a spotlight and started testing the power button. When he saw that it didn’t work, he took out a bunch of screwdrivers and removed the helmet’s titanium shell immediately, showing all the electronic components inside.

It was also Qin Yang’s first time to see the components inside. He couldn’t help but to have a closer look. The technician guy, very handily, put the disassembled things on top of a bunch of “garbage”, and took out two wires from nowhere to connect the helmet, and the light was on again.

The guy opened the detector on the computer screen, input the command, the progress bar flew forward, there was a green light all the way. He kept staring at the screen, until it began flashing red when it was at about 70%, and it flashed for a few times.

Technician, “the cortical sensing element is damaged.”

Qin Yang, “can you fix it?”

“Yes, the sensor board can be replaced with a new one.” The technician leaned back and rummaged on the shelf, he found an unopened paper box and said, “it’s the original one, it’ll take me an hour to change this…oh, I still have to change the power supply, it seems that it isn’t working either, all will take me about an hour and a half.”

“It’s okay, take your time.” If it could be fixed that day, it’d be great. When Qin Yang imagined the way He Jin would look when he saw his fixed helmet, he couldn’t help but smile.

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