He has now been rejected twice, he dared not continue to be that one-sided.




Fire, “but I have, I have fantasized about you, I even saw you in my dreams…”


His head felt hot, he was half drunk and half conscious.


Fire, “he’s a handsome guy. He’s about 170cm tall, with soft hair…”


Qin Yang took his time to send the messages. Each time, he took more than ten minutes before sending the next one.




Fire, “and his hands and feet seem smaller than average, but they look cute…”


One word, and one sip of wine. Qin Yang could no longer tell whether he’s in his dream or in reality.




Fire, “sometimes, he’s a little proud, at times he feels a little inferior of himself.”


When he went on, he realized that his dream had gone too far. Qin Yang squinted and clicked “retrieve”, and the message that he had just typed disappeared. Then, he twitched his mouth and continued.


Fire, “he’s a serious person and his handwriting is nice.”


He Jin always organizes his notes neatly, and when he does a presentation, he’s always clear and precise. In Qin Yang’s eyes, that’s very attractive.


Sent, retrieved.


Fire, “he looks gentle, and he gives in easily. But actually, he’s got a strong will.”


No matter how much you’re tortured in the game, you do stand up again and continue to fight with me.


You’ve got such a fragile façade, but such a strong personality, sometimes I want to crush you inside and out, so that you can give in to me…


Sent, retrieved.


Fire, “he still has many shortcomings. For example, he’s not brave enough in front of his family…but I still like him, whether his strength or his vulnerability…”


Sent and retrieved as usual.




Fire, “do you think that I only like you because I like what I’ve imagined?”


Qin Yang had no idea how many messages he’d sent and retrieved, since he’s so drunk. All the messages were retrieved after being sent, including those words about He Jin’s appearance…Qin Yang had decided that those were redundant, and left only a message in the end, “Ah Jin, I guess you’re asleep now…”


Well, it was already 4 in the morning. He would see nothing when he woke up.


Just like eight years ago, when Ah Jin left the game, he would never see all the messages that he’d left.


Qin Yang got up while being dizzy, and went back to his bedroom. When he threw himself onto his bed, he finally fell asleep…


In another bedroom, a bracelet was flashing continuously.


He Jin opened his dry eyes and looked at the messaging interface of “me”, it was pretty empty, and there was only one message, “Ah Jin, I guess you’re asleep now…” The delivery time of the message is 03:54, 8 minutes ago.


If he didn’t lose sleep, and if he didn’t try to stop himself from replying to Fire’s previous messages, he would never find out that Fire had sent so many messages to him…


Even now, when looking at the empty messaging interface, He Jin started to doubt whether all this has only been a dream.


When he saw the third message from Fire, he was completely awakened…


Then, when he read the fourth one, he was no longer shocked, but terrified – small hands and feet, surely these can’t be features that Fire could dream of?!


For a moment, He Jin was almost sure that Fire might not only know his name, but he might also have seen him in real person too!


Then the fifth and sixth messages…Fire has even seen his handwriting before?


Not only has Fire seen him, Fire must be someone around him!


Realizing this, He Jin was so scared that he had goosebumps all over!


Then, when Fire mentioned his personality and shortcomings, He Jin couldn’t help but feel touched.


When Fire began retrieving the messages, He Jin kept staring at the screen, since he didn’t want to miss any of that.




Until now, Fire should have finished sending whatever he wanted to send, He Jin still dared not look away.


There was just so many information revealed from his messages, and He Jin could no longer pretend to not know who Fire actually is…the same voice, and it’s someone near him, there’s not a wide range at all.


He could even hear a slight noise outside his door a few minutes ago…


Fire should be Qin Yang, right?


If they’re the same person, then everything would make perfect sense.


These two people almost appeared near him at the same time. Fire’s kindness and the special attention from Qin Yang…


After the first argument in the game, both Qin Yang and Fire acted more coldly to him, what a coincidence…


When they were in the dormitory of Qin Yang, Zhang Xiao suddenly mentioned that there’s someone in the game whom Qin Yang had liked and waited for years…


And so far, He Jin has only told his family matters to Fire and Qin Yang, that’s why Qin Yang called him immediately after he ran away from home…


However, there were still so many things that He Jin couldn’t figure out. If Qin Yang is Fire, then how could they have dinner together when the live was going on? And how could Qin Yang invite him to run together when he was apparently in the game at the same time? Why did he use a different identity to send different messages?


Is it possible that Qin Yang and Fire are twins? And they are indeed two different people?


No, no, this isn’t possible, He Jin shook his head and tried to think more scientifically. He thought to himself, the live program could be recorded beforehand, so it might be possible for the live to go on while Qin Yang was sending him messages. Fire could even set a time to send them, since the bracelet has this function as well…


All the unexplained details were surrounded to the most basic question – why did Qin Yang lie to him?

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