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Waiting for you online – Chapter 97 – Rest well

Obviously, Qin Yang had lied to him, but since when?

He Jin carefully thought about this, all has to be traced back to the first day they met…when they first bumped into each other at the dormitory?

No…at that time, He Jin had indeed heard about Qin Yang, but they didn’t know each other at all. And he believed that Qin Yang mustn’t have been that smart to realize that he’s “Xiaoxian Ah Jin”.

It had to be at least after his first logon to the game? Wait…was it from the helmet, or from the information of the lottery?

He Jin’s pupils instantly got larger, since Fire is a famous player of “Demon God”, he’s also the host of the game, it’s not strange if he had the means to find personal information of anyone if he wanted to. Also, the first time when He Jin went online, Fire especially asked him if he’s admitted into Hua University…

Assuming that Fire already knew about him at that time, then it also means that Qin Yang already knew that he’s Ah Jin when they hung out in the lake?

He Jin frowned. In fact, when he first heard the voice of Qin Yang, He Jin had once doubted since his voice was too similar with that of Fire. He remember when they were in the lake, a girl also mentioned about this, and she even asked if Qin Yang was in the game, and if he knew about Fire. Then, when Qin Yang said no, He Jin stopped doubting.


After that, he had determined to think that Qin Yang and Fire aren’t the same person.


Right now, however, it seems that Qin Yang has been lying all along?


He Jin was dwelled into his thoughts. He closed his eyes and tried to convince himself, that Qin Yang shouldn’t be that evil. Since he’s so famous online, perhaps he wanted to hide this identity in reality to avoid any troubles…


At least, when Fire made an agreement with Ah Jin, that “he won’t get curious about who he is in reality”, he only proved himself later that this promise wasn’t kept.

Is that promise stopping Qin Yang to tell He Jin about his identity in the game?

He Jin was trying to find an excuse for Qin Yang. But once he thought of himself having fallen in love with two people, and how frustrated, anxious he had felt all along, how often he had blamed himself, and how Qin Yang was just doing nothing about his feelings, He Jin couldn’t help but start getting furious…

Even though he knew that Qin Yang didn’t mean to make all these happen, He Jin felt played with this deception and all the lies.

However, when he tried to put this anger aside, He Jin also felt so excited that his whole body felt numb.

As this truth is exactly what he’s been looking for. He sighed in his mind, “ah, so it turned out that Qin Yang is indeed Fire, they’re the same person.” And when he knew that the person he loved is into him as well, he found himself to be the luckiest person on earth. Like being in his dream, all the mixed emotions were filling him – anger, struggle, delight, confused…He Jin had no words to describe his current mental state.

He hadn’t slept the whole night, but he still got up early in the morning the next day for work. When he got downstairs, he saw the stepmother of Qin Yang, and He Jin politely greeted her, “Auntie, good morning.”

“Hey, Xiao He, how come you got up so early?” Auntie Jiang had prepared an exquisite breakfast and she warmly invited He Jin to eat, “where is Yang Yang?”

He Jin looked upstairs and answered, “I don’t know…”

Auntie Jiang slightly frowned, “how come he’s still sleeping when his friend is here? I’m going to wake him.”

Then, He Jin thought about what happened in the game last night, and all the messages that he had received, he stopped her immediately, “there’s no need. Let him sleep.”

Auntie Jiang rarely asked Qin Yang about his private matters. When she heard He Jin saying that, she smiled and stayed, “this kid has been sleeping in every day since holiday started. He only got up early yesterday, since he had to go out with you.”


He Jin felt awkward and he asked in curiosity, “when does he get up every day?”

Auntie Jiang, “11 am or at noon, he only gets up during lunch hours.”

He Jin asked, “don’t you scold him since he gets up so late?”

Auntie Jiang smiled while organizing her dishes, “well, it’s the holiday, I’d let him sleep in if he wants to. I understand that young people like to sleep in. It’s just that sometimes I worry about him getting hungry at night, and since he gets up late, it’s not good for his stomach…his father used to be like that too, he used to stay up for days when he was too busy. And he depended on those supplements and coffee to get through the days. I tried reminding him but he wouldn’t listen…Yang Yang is just like his father, they both have their own thoughts. Maybe in their mind, there’re things that are more important than sleeping early. Or perhaps, they will only understand the importance of health after they get sick. I think it’d be useless to try to convince him.”

Auntie Jiang was wearing a warm smile. He Jin thought, this is a kind of love too. He really wished that his mother could be the same, he wished that she could control less and let him breathe. Maybe she could start from letting him wake up late, and let him realize that he had to learn from the consequences…


Then He Jin asked again, “how come I haven’t seen Qin Yang’s father these two days?”

The woman shook her head helplessly, “he’s also still sleeping. Lately, he’s been dealing with the Americans for his business, and he’s having American hours too…I don’t get it…but yesterday, he told me to treat Yang Yang’s friend nicely. What do you want for lunch? The maid will come later, I’ll ask her to buy some food.”

She didn’t ask Qin Yang too much stuff, and she didn’t know that He Jin was going out for work. She thought that they were hanging out the previous day.

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