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Waiting For You Online – Chapter 98 – Not My Boyfriend

When K said, “you are not going to be happy”, it went right straight into He Jin’s mind. He’s right, living under other people’s expectations is not something that he wants. For the last twenty years, he wasn’t happy at all.


“However, among us, there are still some exceptionally lucky people. They are not necessarily homosexuals, they can have feelings towards the opposite sex too, and such is called bisexuality. When these people cannot bear the pressure from the society, most of them will give way to the reality…but I’m not, I’m purely homosexual.” K shrugged his shoulders and looked at He Jin, “what about you?”


He Jin was shocked for a while. When he thought of his relationship with Tongxuan, about the “peaceful” times that he had,  they were surely not comparable to his feelings toward Qin Yang. It’s quite easy to determine which person has triggered his real emotions inside.


“I don’t know…” This late awakening made He Jin not so sure of himself anymore. He once imagined himself having found a girl that he liked, and that’s to comfort himself. However, when facing both Qin Yang and Fire, the mask that he’d been wearing, the self-hypnosis that he’d been doing to himself were crushed to pieces a long time ago.


K, “if you’ve never felt sexually aroused by a woman, then you can be sure that you’re homo.”


He Jin thought to himself, the conclusion that has never been accepted, should be accepted now.


K observed his expression and smiled, “so, you’ve never had it, right?”


He Jin, “right…”


Indeed, not only to Tongxuan, He Jin hadn’t thought much about those things since he was raised under very strict supervision. He had been taught to suppress all the instincts that an adolescent should have. Even though in University, when He Jin heard of his neighbors talked about porn and female celebrities, he didn’t feel interested at all. No wonder Monkey always told him that he’s living like a monk.


Therefore, when he reached 23 years old, the only person who could arouse his sexual interests is Qin Yang.


K almost knew the whole picture now, he guessed, “hey, is it the handsome guy that came the other day?”


He Jin lowered his head, his neck almost formed a 90° angle, “yeah…”


K laughed instantly, “haha, see! I told you that he wants to pursue you!”


He Jin was so embarrassed that his hands kept sweating, “I only knew…last night.”


He only knew last night that Qin Yang is Fire, and realized that the person he likes is waiting for him as well.


K answered with an “ah”, and he seemed to understand what was happening, “did he tell you the truth? Oh…he even picked a day before the Valentine’s Day, how romantic…wait,  are you in a bad shape because of this? Is that why you didn’t sleep well last night?”


He Jin sighed, “yeah, I guess…”


K finally got it, but…isn’t it a good thing? Then why was He Jin looking so sad? “Don’t you like him too?” K asked.


He Jin shook his head. Although he had already guessed that Qin Yang and Fire are the same person, then all his worries that he had while he rejected Fire shouldn’t exist anymore. However, He Jin still didn’t feel like taking his rejection back.


First of all, it’s all because of the earlier deception. Once He Jin thought of being fooled around by those “two people”, he really wanted to beat Qin Yang up!


Again, and also because of the reality, the family background of He Jin is too different, and given how serious Qin Yang to this relationship is…this is no longer a casual relationship, there’re too many things for He Jin to consider.


K, “then why do you look sad? If you like him, then be with him already!”


He Jin moved his lips. He was indeed overthinking. He always liked to look for problems. For some other people, these things aren’t even worth the discussion.


He Jin changed the topic and asked, “K, then do you have a girl…eh…boyfriend?”


K burst into laughter and shrugged his shoulders, “I have a few sex partners but not a boyfriend.”


He Jin, “…sex…partner?”


K, “yeah, it’s quite a mess in our circle. Since we’re the minority, and we aren’t accepted by a lot of people, we don’t have a lot of choices. You know, men think with their bottom half, and not a lot of people want to spend time on real relationships…when time goes by, you’ll know how small this circle is, maybe the one you’ve slept with yesterday will be with another guy the next day.”


He Jin, “…”


When K thought of the way Qin Yang stepped into the café, he couldn’t help but start mouthwatering again, “by the way, I haven’t seen such a handsome face for so long! His face and body alone will attract lots of fans in the gay circle, he can even be listed in the auction!”


He Jin’s mouth twitched, “what’s the auction?”


K smiled, and started to introduce some specific terms in the gay circle of A city. When one mentions “the auction”, it doesn’t really mean that they’re going to sell somebody, it means letting everyone know that there’s a high-quality choice on the list, and for a lot of people, it would be an extreme honor to flirt, or even to have a short, casual relationship with these single people.


“I don’t think your friend is in our circle, if he is, he wouldn’t still be single. He Jin, listen to me, he’s a gem and you shouldn’t hesitate anymore. Be with him already.” K said.


He Jin squinted, let alone guys, Qin Yang is also very popular among girls. For someone like Qin Yang, anyone would think that it’s a pity if he’s single…


“by the way, “ K got close to him and he suddenly looked very experienced, he whispered, “to my observation, I’m sure your friend is good at that aspect. It’ll feel awesome to do it with him.”


He Jin, “…”


How the hell could he tell?” He Jin was confused, is K actually Qin Yang’s spy? Why is he mentioning only his good things?


In the end, He Jin didn’t take a day off, he rested for half an hour in the staff lounge before continuing to work.


Qin Yang arrived at around 7 pm. Without entering, he intended to look at He Jin being busy in his car. He wanted to see him yawn, drink his espresso, greet every customer with a smile, or chat with his manager…


On Valentine’s Day, A city was full of red roses everywhere.


Not far from the corner of the street, there’s a trolley selling roses, Qin Yang was hesitating whether he should buy a rose for He Jin.


He has received the flower that He Jin sent him in the game. The heart that had been stumbled relentlessly the other day was finally cured a little, but he’s still in a bad mood, just like after having a serious illness, he still felt depressed and tired.


After sitting for half an hour, and seeing that the florist was leaving, Qin Yang jumped out of the car and rushed over to buy one.


The rose was about ten yuan, and the thorn on the flower stem was removed, it’s no longer stinging on hands. Qin Yang brought the flower back to his warm seat, and started hesitating as to what excuse he could use to give this flower to He Jin.


At 8:30 pm, K used his elbow to touch He Jin, “hey, that’s your boyfriend’s car, right?”


He Jin now discovered that Qin Yang in his car outside the café. He was stunned and instantly blushed, “not my boyfriend!”


K, “haha…”


He Jin was obviously caught off-guard and he started to act unnatural, how come Qin Yang arrived so early without coming in?


K, “don’t think anymore, we’re gonna close anyway. You leave, I’ll pay your wages.”


Ten minutes later, He Jin changed his clothes and hurried out with his backpack.



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