Waiting For You Online – Chapter 99 – Order And I’ll Sing

He Jin got into the car and handed over the hot beverage to He Jin, “here you are.”


Qin Yang, “what?”


When He Jin saw him, he suddenly remembered K mentioning that Qin Yang was ‘good at that aspect’, he suddenly felt hot all over his body, he immediately lowered his head and whispered, “it’s for you”, then he fastened his seat belt.


…damn it, He Jin, don’t think about it!


Qin Yang opened the lid of the cup, there was a strong smell of chocolate, and he smelled it with pleasure. Because of this small gesture, Qin Yang did not feel that sad anymore.


Qin Yang secretly scolded himself, that he could not pretend for even one second in front of He Jin. He held the cup and tasted the coffee, “hmmm!”


…the hell, how hot!


He Jin heard Qin Yang, and when he saw him, Qin Yang was sticking out his tongue, then retracted it. He pretended to be calm and put the cup aside, but his facial expression was a little hilarious at that time.


Qin Yang started the car and asked, “why did you get me a hot chocolate?”


He Jin touched his nose, “there’s a special offer in the shop. All the hot chocolates have a 20% discount, staff can get it for free…”


Qin Yang twitched his mouth and jokingly said, “I thought you meant something else.”


He took the newly bought rose from the crack in the door of the left-hand side and handed it over, “a little gift back. A random girl gave it to me. It’s for you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


He Jin moved his mouth a bit…a random girl gave it to you?


He even dared to give a rose, how brave!


He Jin thought to himself, if he still hadn’t realized that he’s Fire, he would get anxious and uneasy out of this action of Qin Yang…


He Jin couldn’t help but feel a bit angry again. When he thought of the guy who forced him to call “husband” is exactly the one in front of him, and he’s playing as this enthusiastic junior brother in reality…what kind of image has he had in front of Qin Yang all along? How shameful…


By the way, He Jin suddenly remembered when the two ran together, Qin Yang even asked him curiously what “Demon God” means…those awesome acting skills could even win him an Oscar award, but He Jin still explained to him in a serious manner, like a fool…


When thinking about all these, He Jin wanted to give the flower back to Qin Yang. And he started to regret buying him the hot chocolate. In fact, the staff could only enjoy free coffee inside the shop. They still needed to pay if they wanted to take the coffee outside.


At this time, there was a familiar ringtone —


“I am not a perfect dream, dream with me, the imperfect bravery, you made me braver…”


It was the bracelet of Qin Yang. He Jin was stunned, he was going to give the rose back to Qin Yang, and now he stopped.


Qin Yang received the video call, there were a few young and sexy ladies on the screen, it looked like a KTV room. There were wine bottles and electric candles.


“Qin Yang!”


“We got him! He picked up!”


“Handsome, are you driving?”


“Where are you?” It was Zhang Xiao who talked. He yelled in front of the camera, “Room 34b, Qian Gui in Anmen East Road. Come now!”


Qin Yang, “for what? It’s late already!”


Zhang Xiao, “it’s for gathering! Look, Xia Xiongxi and She Yan’er are here too!”


Qin Yang, “Xiongxi is back?”


Zhang Xiao, “yeah, he will fly back to the US tomorrow. Aren’t you driving now? I see that your location isn’t far, and you’ll be here in a few minutes. Hurry!” Bracelets show the location of the person you’re talking with.


Qin Yang, “I’m not coming, I’m with my friend now. Sorry, I’ll treat you all dinner next time.”


“Oh~~~friend~~~” There was suddenly a burst of buzzing and laughter, and someone asked, “what friend? The handsome guy has a girlfriend now?”


Qin Yang looked at He Jin and he had an evil smile, “yeah.”


He Jin’s heart almost jumped out, “…!”


Qin Yang squinted at him, meaning that he’s looking for an excuse to turn them down. But He Jin knew clearly that this wasn’t an excuse…but then, he couldn’t tell what’s real or fake anymore.


When the people at the other end heard Qin Yang, they became even noisier, and they wanted Qin Yang to bring his girlfriend over and let them see her, there were even people who said that they were “heartbroken” or “they lost their love”, etc.


He Jin whispered to him, “maybe it’s better if you go? Are they your high school friends? All of them want you to go, and it’s not good if you don’t. Drop me somewhere near the train station and I’ll go to your place. I know the way.”


Qin Yang raised his eyebrows, “how can I let you go back alone?”


On the other hand of the bracelet, people were still shouting and yelling Qin Yang’s name, Zhang Xiao got closer and smiled, “so? Are you coming or not? We’re waiting for you, is your girlfriend shy?”


“Not my girlfriend, I was kidding.” Qin Yang turned the camera toward He Jin, who covered his face with his hand. “See? It’s a guy, he’s from the same University.”


The people were still making a lot of noises, and they continued to invite them enthusiastically, “it’s okay, bring your friend if he doesn’t mind. You haven’t seen us for so long.”


He Jin was stuck between two sides. He really didn’t want Qin Yang to not go because of him.


“Maybe…I’ll go with you, and I can wait for you inside the car.” He Jin suggested, since he’s so tired now, he might as well sleep for a while in the car.


……what did he mean? Qin Yang frowned and replied to his classmates who were urging him, “yeah ok, I’m coming.”


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