After the call, Qin Yang turned at the traffic lights in front and headed for the direction of Anmen East Road. When they arrived, he pulled He Jin out of the car, “we will just say hello to them and leave.”


He Jin couldn’t reject it, he could only follow Qin Yang along.


Inside the KTV room, the music was deafening. When the group of people saw Qin Yang, they rushed toward and immediately persuaded him to drink, saying that it’s to punish him. All of them looked glamorous in their outfit from famous brands.


In the beginning, people went to talk to He Jin for a bit, but very soon, he was forgotten and ignored by these strangers.


Seeing Qin Yang being surrounded by the group of people, He Jin was impressed by how popular he has always been…He Jin suddenly thought that it’s very surreal to be adored by such a popular person.


After being “punished” to drink two glasses of wine, Qin Yang’s started to get dizzy. He sat down at once in the middle of the sofa and suddenly thought of He Jin. He stretched his neck and look for that familiar figure.


He Jin was squeezed to the far side, and he was looking at Qin Yang with ecstasy. When he suddenly found out that he’s being looked at by Qin Yang as well, the two people’s gazes seemed to have triggered a spark in the dark.


“He Jin,” Qin Yang shouted his name in the noisy environment, he stretched his hand to push away the people around him and make some space for He Jin, “come here!”


As Qin Yang said before, if no one ever noticed him, He Jin indeed had a low sense of existence.


Even being next to him, he felt that He Jin was just like a dark shadow beside a light.


Qin Yang handed to He Jin the tablet, “here, order a song.”


He Jin, “I can’t sing.”


Qin Yang tilted his head, “you order, and I’ll sing for you.”


He Jin, “…”


Inside the noisy KTV room, everyone had to shout into each other’s ears. Qin Yang’s action just now made He Jin felt that Qin Yang was flirting with him…he felt as if his whole body was electrified, and he shook a bit.


He Jin thought of the ringtone of Qin Yang’s bracelet and ordered “The Imperfect Child”.


This is a song that He Jin has liked since eight years ago. And it’s an old song. He wasn’t sure whether Qin Yang chose this song as his ringtone because he had mentioned about it before, and that he’s been using it until now…maybe he’s just overthinking. In any case, he really wanted to listen to this song now.


The quiet piano prelude sounded, Qin Yang held his microphone and concentrated on the screen, “when my smile is shiny like the sun…”


He Jin was stunned soon after he heard the first line, he had such a nice voice. People around them soon started clapping. Qin Yang kept looking at the screen and sang gently, “the world wants me to fly higher, but you care about my wings…”


He Jin dared not look at him, like Qin Yang, he just kept looking at the screen and reading the lyrics with concentration.


Qin Yang, “when I had to be the perfect child and do what they want me to, there’s you and you admire my foolish side…”


Every sentence represented what He Jin was thinking, and how he felt back then. However, the “you” in the song didn’t exist, it was just an imagined person…a shadow that’s the opposite of his mother, and that’s the kind of love that he’s been yearning for…


Qin Yang, “my imperfect dream, you dream with me, my imperfect bravery, you make me braver…”


But, at this moment, the missing space in He Jin’s heart seemed to have filled little by little with Qin Yang’s singing voice.


When the song was over, He Jin’s eyes felt a bit bitter. He blinked for a while and he thought that he must be too exhausted. He didn’t want to admit that Qin Yang’s singing had touched his heart.


The crowd applauded and yelled with joy, they wanted Qin Yang to continue singing, but he waved his hand and stood up, “no, my friend still has an errand. We’ve got to go.” When he said this, he pulled He Jin up and used him as an excuse to leave.


“Oh, it’s so disappointing…”


“It’s only ten, still early!”


“What does your friend need to do? I can ask my driver to send him!”


He Jin was embarrassed and had to endure the unsatisfaction from these people…


“No, there’s really something else that we should do. We’ll leave now. Let me know earlier next time and I’ll treat you all for dinner.” Qin Yang pushed He Jin outside, in such a narrow space, this action – almost like hugging – made He Jin really enjoy it.


When he was about to push open the door, a beautiful girl in curly hair suddenly appeared and blocked them, “wait!”


Everyone was shocked. And someone started whistling, then it became noisy again, “oh~~~”


He Jin suddenly had a bad feeling. He broke away from Qin Yang’s hand and got to the other side. Sure enough, the beautiful girl looked at Qin Yang and told him without hesitation, “Qin Yang, I like you!”


“Well done, She Yan’er!”


“You’ve finally said it, haha!”


“Oh oh! Together, together!”


“Together together…”


The girl called She Yu’er blinked her eyes and shouted loudly, “if you’re still single, date me!”


He Jin looked at this scene and tightened his fist nervously. He looked at Qin Yang, who twitched his mouth and said, “are you guys playing truth or dare?”


The girl’s facial expression went stiff. He Jin assumed that it’s a genuine expression. Qin Yang answered it in a smart way. He didn’t reject her directly, but he expressed it jokingly. If the girl was smart enough, she would back down for sure.


She Yu’er uttered a bitter smile, “it’s no fun at all, I hope that you will stay single forever!”


Qin Yang went forward and pat on her shoulders, “if I need a girlfriend in the future, you’ll be the first one.”


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