Waiting For You Online – Chapter 101 – I Am Fire

It was necessary to say something to break away the awkward silence. But He Jin was just staring at him, and it hurt even more than asking him loudly. Qin Yang felt like his heart was twisted, he was so nervous that he didn’t know what to say.


He already told Ah Jin in the game that he liked him, so what if he said that in reality too? He reckoned if he did so, their friendship would come to an end. However, he couldn’t control himself, and he felt like he didn’t own his voice anymore, he told He Jin directly, “He Jin, I like you.”


But this statement was like a hammer striking He Jin’s heart, not only did it fail to calm him down, but it made him even angrier!


–    Yes, you like me, as Fire, or as Qin Yang, you can tell me whatever you like, but have you ever considered my feelings, have you ever thought that I’ve been facing two different people? What if I didn’t lose sleep last night, and what if I hadn’t read all those messages? Then, I would still perceive you as two different people. And what you’ve just said would not be a surprise to me, but a mental torture!


He Jin’s shoulders were shivering as he felt too emotional. He looked at Qin Yang and said in revenge, “I am already into someone else!”


Qin Yang’s whole body was shaking. He was ready to be “hated” and “avoided” by He Jin, he also anticipated a reply such as “I’m not gay”, but he’d never expected such an answer!


He’s already into someone else…how come He Jin never mentioned about it…


Wasn’t he single? And didn’t he just break up with that girl?


When they were at school, He Jin was either in the game or attending classes, even if he had extra time left, it was all occupied by Qin Yang, how come he still had time to be into someone else? Could this guy be randomly looking for an excuse?


Also, when a guy told him that he liked him, shouldn’t he first put the focus on gender issues? He shouldn’t have given such an answer even if he was looking for an excuse!


“You don’t despise homo, do you?” Qin Yang anxiously asked, “then who are you into?”


He Jin took a step back and shouted in his mind – are you stupid?! Don’t you know already??!!


But if He Jin told him, Qin Yang would soon realize that He Jin had known everything earlier…


He Jin trembled and said, “the one in the game…” he wanted to treat Qin Yang the way he was treated. He didn’t intend to force Qin Yang to make up his mind, he just wanted to know what his reaction would be, when he found out that his enemy is himself!


Qin Yang’s face instantly became weird, the one in the game…could it be himself then?


Qin Yang seemed to have been dragged out from the dark mist, he was no longer confused, and he was more than thrilled to know this answer!


–    As a result, He Jin rejected his real self because of his game self?!


Right! Qin Yang now finally understood!


As he had been hiding his real identity all along, He Jin had completely perceived him and Fire as two different people, and that’s why he was acting so close to Fire, yet so distant to his real self. Since whom he liked was Fire, and he hadn’t realized that Fire is him, hence he had two different attitudes!


But wait, no, didn’t He Jin reject his game self the previous night too?


And what’s the reason for this rejection?! Qin Yang tried his best to think, “this fantasy is good, and I have the same fantasy toward you, I don’t want to break it.”


…So, whom He Jin liked was the “Fire” in his own fantasy?


He hadn’t imagined Fire as Qin Yang, but another guy entirely?


The corners of Qin Yang’s eyes twitched, he felt being trapped in the biggest joke ever, how fun…


“He Jin, I…” Was Qin Yang going to tell him honestly that he’s Fire? Would it be the end of everything?


Anything could turn bad, but could it be worse than the situation now?


It was already better than he’d expected. At least, He Jin didn’t tell him that he isn’t gay, and he even admitted that he liked his game self. There is nothing wrong with being brutally honest. What’s the worst that could happen? He Jin might go furious, but Qin Yang could take the time to comfort him afterward…


When seeing how delighted Qin Yang is, and after having told him what he did, He Jin suddenly had a bad feeling – Qin Yang was going to confess now, right?


Correct, Qin Yang has a different personality. He struggles much less than He Jin.


Sure enough, the next second, Qin Yang looked at him and asked, “He Jin, I have something to tell you.”


He Jin’s heart was beating crazily, he turned away and started running, “I don’t want to listen to it!”


…How could Qin Yang be like that? He’s not prepared at all!


Qin Yang was following him tightly, he took out the keys in his pocket and found it a bit funny, “it’s my home. Even if you run faster than me, you still can’t get in.”


……Right, I don’t have a home. And I have to rely on you for everything. I’ve been played by you and I still have to depend on you!


He Jin was so angry that he turned instantly outside Qin Yang’s house. Qin Yang quickly chased him, and He Jin started running!


“Hey!” Qin Yang had to hurry too, “don’t run!”


He Jin ran outside the iron gate, and Qin Yang chased him for a few dozens of meters. Since he’s tall and has long legs, he quickly grabbed He Jin’s arms from behind, “where are you going?!”


He Jin used all his strength to struggle. It was snowing heavily, and the ground was slippery. When they pulled and pushed each other, they couldn’t keep the balance, and both fell to the ground!


“Ah…” When he fell, Qin Yang held He Jin in his arms.


Qin Yang was panting and nervously asked, “are you hurt?”


He Jin suddenly stopped being angry. He tilted his head and he was full of frustration.


After he got up, Qin Yang said nothing and he dragged He Jin toward his home, “don’t be upset. It’s my fault, let’s get inside and we’ll talk.”


He Jin twisted his wrist, but Qin Yang was locking it tightly. Once he started struggling a little bit, he would only get even closer to Qin Yang. He lowered his head and still felt furious.


Everyone in the house was asleep. When He Jin entered the bedroom and was about to close the door, Qin Yang squeezed in. He pushed He Jin inside a bit, closed the door and locked it.


He Jin was a bit desperate, “what are you doing? I’m going to sleep now.”


Qin Yang, “sleep after we talk.”


He Jin started to regret. He shouldn’t have said the last sentence out of impulsiveness. He should have pretended to be stupid!


Qin Yang, “do you hate me?”


He Jin turned his back, he didn’t want to look at Qin Yang any further, and he had no idea how to respond either.


Qin Yang grabbed his arm and forcefully turned him back, “listen…”


He Jin trembled all over and he said with difficulty, “no…” don’t say it, I don’t want to listen!


Qin Yang grabbed his shoulders and called out his name in the game, “Ah Jin.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang looked at He Jin’s eyes, “I’m sorry, I lied to you before…I am Fire, your husband in the game.”


Although he already knew the truth, when he heard this from Qin Yang, He Jin still felt so shocked, the feeling of frustration had surpassed the feeling of surprise. And his self-respect was crushed into pieces too.


Qin Yang asked worriedly, “the person you like in the game, is it Fire? If so, that’s me.”


He Jin shook his head, and he didn’t want to admit it. He saw a slight hint of bitterness in Qin Yang’s eyes, “I like you, whether it’s in the game or the reality.”


He Jin’s face went pale. He felt as if his heart was grabbed by a big hand. Qin Yang was torturing him, and he was torturing Qin Yang too. They were so into each other, and all the emotions have been entangled for a long time. Seeing Qin Yang upset, he felt upset too.


He Jin stopped struggling.

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