Waiting for you online – Chapter 102 – The Future Is Long



Qin Yang, “there’re a lot of reasons. Originally, you didn’t want to mix the reality with the game, and I was worried that you would avoid me after knowing that I’m Fire…”

“So, is that what you wanted? Doing one thing and saying another thing?” He Jin shook his head and still sounded angry, “you should have told me from the beginning!”


Qin Yang interrupted him loudly, “if I told you, would you still be my wife in the game? I reckoned that you’d be too embarrassed to even get online!”


He Jin wasn’t someone with guts, and he’s rigid but had a strong ego at the same time. If he found out that his husband in the game was his junior brother, he’d most probably try to avoid him at all costs!


He Jin admitted silently. Indeed, If Fire told him his real identity at that time, he would probably do the same, and they could at most become friends.

He Jin was silent for a while, then asked, “since when did you find out that I’m Ah Jin?”


Qin Yang, “you were having a fever, and I carried you to the hospital.”


He Jin was a bit stunned. No wonder Qin Yang was acting so enthusiastically to him that day, and the contact between the two also became more frequent…but, wasn’t it still too early? How did Qin Yang find out? Did he carry out some investigation in private?


Seeing He Jin’s suspicious face and horrified look, Qin Yang already knew what he was thinking about, he explained with a bitter smile, “do you still remember that the night before, you told me about your game ID and password? And the two letters of your ID are your initials, right? Then, I knew that you’re in Hua University too, and you’re one year higher than me. That time, I started to look around all the people with his initials as HJ, but I didn’t expect myself to be so lucky. Then, the next day, when I sent you to the hospital, I saw Hou Dongyan doing the registration with your name. I went on and tested him with a few questions, and I got to realize that you’re also in the “Demon God” game. My puzzle was then solved and I knew you’re Ah Jin.”

He Jin was speechless. He gritted his teeth and read the name of Hou Dongyan in his mind. So, Hou Dongyan turned out to be the first one to sell him!


“So, you have known that I’m a guy at the beginning?” He Jin frowned.


Qin Yang smiled, “eight years ago, I knew that you’re a guy. Then when you proposed to me, I thought you were a girl. After having misunderstood for several years, I finally realized the truth.”


He Jin went on asking, “does Hou Dongyan know that you’re Fire?”


Qin Yang, “yes, he does. But he only knew yesterday, I told him and I wanted him to keep it secret.”


He Jin, “…” Fortunately, they didn’t “unite” to deceive him, otherwise, he’d probably cut open that damn monkey!


Qin Yang continued, “I was thinking, that once we get closer both in the reality and in the game, then I’d tell you the truth. But you suddenly told me that you’d keep a distance from me in the game…”


He Jin opened his eyes widely, and was speechless. He thought of being forced to kiss in the game, and the same just happened in reality…his feelings of being bullied and deceived became too overwhelming. Those feelings were like waves, one higher than the other!


However, Qin Yang also had his arguments, “you told me that you’re straight, and that you didn’t like me touching you. That really frustrated me. And that’s why I used the tennis match as an excuse to keep a distance from you, also to let myself cool down…I was afraid to tell you the truth, because I was so scared that you’d hate me in reality. That’s why I gave up on the idea of telling you the truth.”


He Jin felt hot in his head and said impulsively, “didn’t you know why I said I wanted to keep a distance from you? Because I…I…” He Jin suddenly paused, his body started to tremble.


Qin Yang suddenly got nervous, “because of what?”


He Jin tried to look away. He was blinking fast and his voice lowered, “because I started to have feelings to you in reality…” He Jin rarely blushed, but right now, his face turned totally red.


Qin Ying stood still for a while, he suddenly widened his eyes and asked, “so, you like me too?”


He Jin was feeling shameful and angry at the same time. He wanted to slap himself, but he also wanted to see Qin Yang’s reactions!


Sure enough, Qin Yang started regretting! How could he possibly know the real thoughts of He Jin, and how well he could hide away all these? Also, he’d never expected He Jin to fall in love with him in both the game and the reality…he was once confused, and now, he totally understood how much mental struggle He Jin had gone through himself!


This evening, the mood of Qin Yang was like a roller coaster. He was in such an ecstasy that he wanted to scream out loud. But once he recalled those misunderstandings, he couldn’t help twisting his face either. This is so torturing!


But he’s unlike He Jin, he would never regret endlessly for those misunderstandings. What’s the use anyway? He cares the most about what’s happening at this moment!


Qin Yang grabbed He Jin’s shoulders tightly and confirmed further, “so, not only that you’re in love with me in the game, but in reality too?”


He Jin felt a bit painful, and pushed away Qin Yang out of anger, “I don’t like you now, the person I like is Fire in the game.”


Qin Yang hurriedly said, “but I am Fire!”


He Jin turned to another side, “Fire is someone in the game, and I don’t start a relationship with him in reality.”


Qin Yang almost burst into laughter, “don’t talk nonsense…”


“I’m not talking nonsense with you!” He Jin admitted that he was doing it on purpose to make Qin Yang angry, but he wasn’t talking nonsense at all. Before knowing that Qin Yang and Fire are the same person, that was exactly what his plan was.


Qin Yang was suddenly acting bad, he went forward and grabbed He Jin’s hand. When He Jin thought of being forced to kiss, he shoved it away instantly, “let go of me!”


Qin Yang hesitated for a while, “are you angry with me?”


He Jin shouted, “you have lied to me for so long, how can I not be angry?”


Qin Yang knew already that his confession would make He Jin angry. And he’d already mentally prepared for this day. Anyway, knowing that He Jin has feelings toward him in reality is already a big surprise. As for He Jin’s anger, Qin Yang could only take the time to soothe him step by step.


Being thick-skinned, Qin Yang even got closer to He Jin, “yes, it’s my fault. I apologize to you. Actually, I was so scared that you’d hate me, that’s why I didn’t tell you anything. Now that I’ve explained everything to you, and that you also like me, can you forgive me then…”


–Damn, so he still has his reasons! He Jin wanted to curse out loud, it’s his first time to know how thick-skinned Qin Yang is!


“Go out! I have to go to bed!” He Jin pointed at the door, paused, and said again, “I will move out tomorrow.” He went to switch on his bracelet and transferred the 20,000 Yuan back to Fire’s account. “How much is it for the repair of the helmet? Stop hiding it away from me.”


“Do you really want to calculate it so clearly with me?” When seeing the way He Jin looked, as if he was saying “no honesty, no more contact”, Qin Yang felt so anxious that felt like an ant on a frying pan.


“Yes!” If they were to start a relationship, that’s what He Jin wanted to do. He’s a guy too, and he didn’t want to mix money with love.


Qin Yang felt hopeless, “1500 Yuan.”


He Jin, “stop lying to me, or we will stop contacting each other.”


Qin Yang, “…”


Qin Yang, “okay, it’s actually 3000 Yuan.”


He Jin, “…”


“I really didn’t lie to you this time.” He Jin raised his right hand to swear, and he pointed at his bracelet, “I still have the number of the guy who repaired it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him.” Qin Yang thought, He Jin mustn’t find out that he’d bought the helmet at the first place as well!


He Jin lowered his head, “ok. When I have money, I’ll pay you back. I’m tired and I have to sleep.”


Qin Yang walked two steps to the door and he still hadn’t given up, “then…when will you…forgive me?”


He Jin frowned, “I still feel messed up and I don’t want to discuss this with you now!”


Qin Yang, “then when can we…”


He Jin felt annoyed, he raised his head and his veins started to show on his neck. Qin Yang immediately raised both his hands to show surrender, then he walked out of the room.

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