Waiting For You Online – Chapter 104 – The Way You Look When You’re Angry

Qin Yang obediently took the coffee away, He Jin saw him returning to the car, and it took him another ten minutes to drive away.


In just a few days, too many things have happened to He Jin. For the first time in twenty-three years, he got into the biggest fight ever with his mother and left home. For the first time, he worked during the Chinese New Year; his husband in the game suddenly appeared in the reality, and it turned out to be the junior brother with whom he’d tried to keep a distance with. He was foolishly deceived for so long, and he still felt pissed. On top of that, Qin Yang told him that he’s into him, kissed him forcibly and now he had to face his long-feared homosexuality…


He Jin was completely overwhelmed by this series of incidents, they were changes that had turned his world upside down.


When it was finally quiet again, He Jin breathed a sigh of relief.


After being busy for the whole morning, He Jin had chicken sandwiches again for his lunch. He sat alone at the corner of the shop. With a cup of lukewarm water, he was eating the sandwiches slowly – they were so tasteless.


His bracelet hadn’t stopped vibrating the whole morning. There was a new message every few minutes and He Jin was very annoyed. In the afternoon, He Jin took it off and locked it inside the closet.


When he got off work in the evening, He Jin carried his luggage and arrived at the guesthouse that he previously stayed in. He suddenly felt a lot easier, since there’s no need to be with someone who was playing with his emotions all the time.


After taking a shower, He Jin lied on the bed. His bracelet vibrated again, he couldn’t endure it anymore, and finally, he picked up the call.


“What took you so long to answer me? Are you off work? Are you at the guesthouse?” Via Bluetooth, it was a familiar voice on the other end. Sure enough, it was Qin Yang.


“What is it about?” He Jin asked coldly.


Qin Yang, “nothing much. I just want to talk to you.”


He Jin, “you’ve talked to me now. I can hang up then.”


Qin Yang, “hey, wait! Can you switch on the camera, I want to see you.”


He Jin, “…”


After a few seconds, Qin Yang heard a sound of hanging up…


He Jin helplessly swiped the interface of his bracelet and read all the messages that Qin Yang sent him. It turned out that he hadn’t returned home since that morning, and he didn’t go far either. He spent the whole day in a library one block away.


Qin Yang had sent a selfie to He Jin. Originally, he wanted to accompany He Jin, just like last time when he was in the coffee shop. After being sent away by He Jin, he could only end up in the library.


At noon, Qin Yang bought a box of chicken leg rice in the convenience store downstairs, and took a photo of it. He also commented that it’s “yucky”. In the evening, he sent a message again and he wanted to have night snacks with He Jin, but He Jin didn’t see it at all.


It’s a normal day, and it’d just pass if he didn’t pay any attention…


He Jin felt a bit bitter in his heart, and his mind was also confused…


At this moment, his bracelet vibrated again, this time it’s a message from “me” —


Fire: Picture


He Jin looked at the picture, in which Qin Yang frowned and made an apologetic gesture with his palms together. He felt angry but found it funny at the same time.


Suddenly, he thought of the Chinese New Year Eve, when Fire said, “I am worried to shock you if you see me.” If only he really sent him his photo then, He Jin would surely be shocked!


……ah ah, when he realized that the one who’s talking sweet words to him in Qin Yang, He Jin couldn’t help but bury his head in the pillow. How shameful! How frustrating!


Therefore, it’s not that He Jin didn’t know how to face Qin Yang, it’s more like he didn’t know how to face the stupid self that had been deceived so completely – he thought of himself explaining “Demon God” to Qin Yang seriously, having a baby with Fire in the game…now, once he thought of his “husband” turned out to be his junior brother, He Jin felt so shameful that he didn’t know what to do at all!


Qin Yang even said that he was worried about being hated after telling He Jin the truth. In fact, he was also having fun in it, wasn’t he?


Fire, “wifey, are you still angry?”


Ah Jin, “don’t call me wifey!”


Qin Yang was speechless. Sure enough, He Jin was still angry. One day has passed, and didn’t He Jin already say that he liked him as well? Is it really so difficult to forgive him? Sigh, it’s a long way to go to have him!


As he now lived closer, He Jin slept for half an hour more the next morning, and he instantly felt better. When he went to work, he still locked his bracelet in the closet. Unexpectedly, when it was noon, there was a delivery guy in the shop, asking who’s He Jin.


“It’s me!” He Jin raised his hand and walked toward the guy.


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