The delivery guy read from the order, “this is a lunch set ordered by Mr. Qin. I’ve called you several times but no one picked up. Can you please show me your bracelet for confirmation?”


He Jin, “…”


After the delivery guy left, He Jin took the delivery to a nearby desk at the staff area, and took out the items one by one. It was a Hong Kong-style Cha Siu, making all the staff jealous, and they’d already gotten tired of the sandwiches that they were having all the time!


However, there were pork roast with honey sauce, roasted goose, vegetables with garlic, and three boxes of rice…sure this was only for one person?


Everyone in the coffee shop went silent. They all looked at He Jin – he should be the Prince!


Only K knew what it was all about. He looked envious and said softly beside He Jin, “how sweet your boyfriend is!”


He Jin’s eyes twitched, “there’s too much food. Let’s eat together.”


After lunch, He Jin sent a message to Qin Yang, “why did you buy me so much stuff?”


Qin Yang, “finally, you’re talking to me.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang, “is it delicious? I ordered it in Gong Fook Kei.”


Qin Yang, “since you eat sandwiches every day, I thought you’d get tired of it.”


He Jin, “don’t do this anymore. People are looking at me strangely.”


Qin Yang, “oh…”


He Jin frowned slightly, and he took away his bracelet. It’s the second day only, and his heart already softened. He liked Qin Yang indeed, but if he continued to be treated this way, he’d forgive him very soon…


In fact, He Jin wasn’t so mad of Qin Yang anymore. He was only mad with himself, since he failed to continue living with his anger. After one lunch, he was already touched.


It’s an irresistible thing to be liked and cared by someone you’re into.


He Jin put on the bracelet. And he received another photo from Qin Yang that day. It was a stuffed animal, greyish and long, it also had a long tail.


It took a few seconds for He Jin to receive Qin Yang’s message, “it’s a beaver doll that I saw from a shop on the roadside. Does it look like you?”


He Jin, “…” Is he really like that?


Qin Yang grabbed the beaver’s head with his hand and took a close-up of his face. The beaver’s face looked fierce. Qin Yang put a note with the photo, “this is how you look when you’re angry.”


He Jin, “…” (=_=)


Qin Yang, “will you go online tonight?”


He Jin, “I’ll see.”


Qin Yang, “get online. Didn’t you say that you like me in the game? How come you don’t even say yes with that?”


He Jin sullenly sent back the 2nd photo with the beaver to Qin Yang.


In the doll shop, Qin Yang, who’s settling the bill, burst into laughter.


…this guy seemed to be a little better now, as he started joking.


The girl at the counter blushed and looked at Qin Yang, he put the doll inside the bag and screamed in her heart, “wow, this guy is buying a doll to his girlfriend, how handsome that is!”


At night, He Jin got online.


Although he was having an argument with Qin Yang in reality, what’s happening in the game involved other team members also. Since he made a promise earlier, he didn’t want to affect the other members because of his feelings.


Everyone was online. Dead Water suggested continuing with the spiritual pets’ PK that was mentioned the other day. And all of them gathered in the arena.


But this time, before it was started, He Jin mentioned the name of the Great Leftover first, “monkey, fight with me first.”


Hou Dongyan couldn’t help but tremble. How come Ah Jin’s tone was so cold, and he seemed to want to kill somebody…


A few days ago, after deceiving He Jin with Qin Yang, Hou Dongyan had been panicking ever since. He had an innocent personality, and he felt guilty about having deceived He Jin. He had been hesitating over the past few days whether he should tell He Jin the truth.


As he was feeling guilty, Hou Dongyan already lost 3 points to He Jin when they first started.


There was no surprise with the ending. He’s a great player, he’s with the most advanced weapons and he’s powerful, yet he was defeated by a seemingly weak and stupid ferret. He was also beaten up by Ah Jin during the whole fight!


Hou Dongyan, “why is it always me who dies first, it’s so pathetic…”


Seeing that He Jin only used 30 seconds to KO a demon-level player, the other players all felt excited!


Wild Crane, “it’s my first time seeing He Jin PK with another. He’s awesome!”


The Great Wings, “of course, he’s taught by Ruthless!”


The only lady in the team, Zhao Mingyue smiled, “hehe, Fire really trained this cute little guy into a weapon for PK. It’s so lovely!”


He Jin, “…”


Dead Water patted on the shoulders of Twig Fence, “it’s your turn. Go.”


Twig Fence had been waiting for a long time. The little guy turned into a chubby panda in a second, and yelled at He Jin, “Ah Jin, here I am!”


Seeing that something ten times the size of Ah Jin flying over, the other players felt nervous. From the angle of He Jin, he must have felt a high pressure?


Unexpectedly, when Twig Fence was about 3 meters away from He Jin, he suddenly stopped and got on the ground, and started rolling slowly.


Everyone, “……”


Then, there was a “debuff” icon which appeared in front of He Jin – “you’ve already been attacked by the ‘cutify” skill by the other party!”


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