Waiting For You Online – Chapter 105 – Knowing Too Much


It was also the first time for He Jin to be in PK with Twig Fence. Surely, he didn’t expect to receive the “cutify” skill!


At the moment when the panda began to roll, Ah Jin immediately sensed something wrong. However, due to lack of experience, he was too slow to react. After he received the attack, he wouldn’t be able to move in 3 seconds. And in the next 5 seconds, his attack power would be reduced to half. The situation could change at any moment on the arena, especially among the high-level players. The next second, Twig Fence laughed and jumped up, and rushed to He Jin. His look was completely different from the humble and cute look just a while ago!


The panda’s advantage lied in its attack power. Like a lion or a tiger, it wouldn’t hold back!


Fortunately, He Jin, who’s under the “cutified” state, could not attack and he could only move. He tried to hide and pass by, but the panda suddenly roared. This roaring is a group attack skill, anything that’s within a 5-meter distance would be injured. He Jin couldn’t hide this time, and he had already lost ¼ of his blood level!


He felt extremely anxious, and he’d rather…lie on the ground, hide away his claws and show his tummy!


Everyone, “…”


Since Qin Yang has recorded the video and made it public throughout the whole network, He Jin has rarely used this shameful skill of “cutifying”. He attacked fast, and anyone who got close to him would choose to fight quickly. However, since the panda has used this “cutifying” skill, then why can’t he do the same…let’s lose face together then.


Twig Fence roared, “oh! How dare you copy me!”


Zhao Mingyue covered the chest, and there’s blood again…oh my god…


He Jin was in a better position, once his “debuff” passed, he clawed on Twig Fence, and the panda wasn’t as quick as the ferret, he failed to avoid the attack. However, since the panda’s skin was thick, after being clawed on, his blood level decreased even more slowly than in the group attack!


He Jin was a little surprised. Previously at the fairy pets’ arena, the system didn’t allocate him with opponents more powerful than Twig Fence, and now that he finally had a real fight with someone of a similar level, he felt really excited!


“You’ve become more powerful, haven’t you?” When He Jin said so, the panda was clawing and biting him again. His “cutified” state started to disappear, and with a “moving instantly” skill, he disappeared immediately.


“Don’t run, here’s my trick!” Twig Fence chased him and gave him a big slap!


His speed was too different from that of Fire, and He Jin saw it at once, he rolled himself up in the air, attacking the panda at the back and bit his butt!


Twig Fence screamed and tried to shove the ferret away while shaking his bottom.


Everyone, “… ”


Although the panda’s blood is thick, he’s not as flexible as the ferret. The two were fighting for three or four minutes, and it was becoming easier to see who’s going to win or lose. However, when the panda started to surrender, He Jin had only a little blood left as well.


The two returned to rest, and everyone applauded to them. Leisure Cloud asked, “does Twig Fence have more blood?”


Dead Water, “yes, just like the lions and tigers. With his attributes, it’s decided that he’d have thicker blood than other fairy pets.


Wild Crane, “if you mention this, then I think Ah Jin is better at attacking.”


Dead Water shook his fan and sighed out of the blue, “Ruthless is such a good teacher.”


He Jin, “…”


Nine Hall His Highness looked at ferret Ah Jin who’d just returned and wiped his fists, “fight with me too! “


Dead Water glanced at him, “you are an archer. How can anyone use an arrow to shoot a weasel? It seems that you’ve got some professional shortcomings. If you can’t win, then don’t make yourself shameful.”


He Jin, “ a weasel…”


Wild Crane also laughed at Nine Hall His Highness, “haha, right. Why don’t you fight some fool instead?”


Nine Hall His Highness, “damn, I won’t fight with Ah Jin, I’ll fight with you instead! Come! See if I can shoot you to death!”


Then, Nine Hall His Highness grabbed Wild Crane for PK.


After listening to Ah Jin being complimented by the others, Qin Yang felt particularly proud. At this moment, he wanted the spell “intimate” so that the ferret could be close to him and touch his face, yet He Jin was still in a cold war with him, and he hadn’t talked to him a lot in the game, he’s also standing quite far away from him. Dumpling waved his wings and was flying between Fire and Ah Jin, he seemed to know what’s happening between his fathers…


Hou Dongyan also felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. He quietly rushed to He Jin and asked, “hey, what about you and Fire?”


He Jin looked at him, “what do you think?”


Hou Dongyan trembled all over and sent a message to Qin Yang, “my dear classmate, have you exposed your identity?”


Qin Yang, “yes. ^_^”


Hou Dongyan, “…” he even sent a smiley! What was he smiling for? And the other night, Fire even pulled him for the support! God damn!


“Brother Jin, I really didn’t mean it, I was threatened…” Hou Dongyan tried to amend the friendship with He Jin.


He Jin didn’t really want to talk to Hou Dongyan now, it’s not that he’s pissed off, but because Hou Dongyan simply knew too much!


Hou Dongyan went on to explain a bunch of stuff to He Jin. He apologized sincerely and in order to be forgiven by He Jin, he even had to sell Qin Yang, “well, that…Qin Yang is gay, did you know that? He said that he likes you, and that he wants to pursue you…”


He Jin, “I know that, but can we not talk about it now…” He wanted to kill someone so badly!


“Oh, okay, okay, we won’t talk about it then.” Hou Dongyan retrieved to a corner.


Later, when the group dispersed, there were only two people left – He Jin and Fire. Looking at the familiar face of Fire the game, He Jin struggled to connect him with the real Qin Yang. There was no illusion left, and there was nowhere to hide, He Jin felt so embarrassed that he almost couldn’t take it.


Fire asked him, “do you want to PK with me?”


He Jin stared at him, “what for?”


Fire said with a smile, “I will let you beat him, and I won’t beat you back.”


He Jin, “…” ah, when he thought of himself being abused in the past, how humiliating it was! The damn guy!


Fire, “what do you think?”


“Nothing fun about it. I don’t want to.” It’s not like He Jin’s a little girl, there’s no way for him to get pleasure from this kind of stupid game. He refused it directly.


Qin Yang, “…”


After that, He Jin chose to go to the fairy pets’ arena. Instead of playing with the Qin Yang who would give way, it’d be better to upgrade his ranking. It’s said that after accepting a challenge on the leaderboard, there would be a remuneration, and he’d become more self-sufficient in the game.


Fire silently stayed with him. After telling him everything, Qin Yang felt much easier. He had nothing to hold back, and he could show his affection and love to Ah Jin entirely in the game.


After playing for a while, Ah Jin couldn’t stand the way that Fire looked at him anymore, and had to go offline.


After staying for one night at the guesthouse, He Jin packed his things and arrived at the coffee shop. When it’s lunch hour, another delivery guy came, “who’s Mr. He, He Jin?”


All the staff there started to pay attention and looked at the delivery guy closely.


He Jin raised his hand silently, “it’s me…” didn’t he tell Qin Yang not to do it anymore?


Delivery guy, “Hello, an anonymous client has ordered for you a lunch set of curry pork. Can you please acknowledge receipt?”


He Jin ground his teeth and thought – you think I wouldn’t know when you’re “anonymous”?!


K said regrettably, “there’s only one this time?”


He Jin took the meal and put it on the table. He took a photo and sent it to Qin Yang, “did you buy it?”


Qin Yang, “it’s not me.”


He still dared to lie! He Jin found the beaver photo that he “accidentally” saved in his phone, and sent it back.


Qin Yang, “okay, I bought it…” (=_=)


He Jin, “I told you yesterday not to do it again!”


Qin Yang, “I couldn’t help it. Forgive me…I really like you and I can’t help it.”


He Jin was speechless. In reality, he had never been pursued like this by the same sex. Even when Tong Xuan did the same to him back then, she just repeatedly told him, “I like you”, and asked him to be together. And after a few meals, they became a couple.


However, in front of Qin Yang, whether the two bought a pair of rackets together, picking He Jin up after work or sending him to work, or buying lunchboxes, He Jin had always been the “receiving” role. He knew that he’s a guy and he should be proactive in these things, yet he’s now the one being spoilt so inexplicably well.


It almost felt like a teacher giving him tips before an exam, or someone making things easier for an entrance exam of University, or being offered a seat on a bus, He Jin felt so complicated that it almost made him insecure.


However, everyone would enjoy this kind of treatment, right? No matter if it’s a man or woman, someone strong or weak, old or young, they are all indulged in this kind of warmth. And once he’s used to it, he can never be tough again.


He Jin sighed, and he didn’t know what else to do to reject.


After a while, Qin Yang sent him a message again, “see, I’m eating the same thing as you are.” (PHOTO)


The photo showed the curry pork that Qin Yang was having.



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