Waiting For You Online – Chapter 107 – Introduction Of The Team

Fire, “almost two years have passed, and I was still alone all the time. People didn’t like me at all. It changed after I was in the game “immortals”, and met you in the game…”


He Jin was surprised to hear this. It’s just like that night, when he received those messages from Fire, he was looking forward to the next one.


Fire, “you’re the first friend that I made in the game.”


In fact, even Qin Yang hadn’t figured out that feeling. It’s like Xiao Xian Ah Jin was a beam of light for him, who appeared during his darkest times.


It could be that Qin Yang found it easier to open up himself on the Internet than in reality. They knew each other more through the game. Ah Jin’s excellence and wisdom influenced him positively, and his tolerance and softness also gave him warmth…


Fire, “one time, we were discussing about studying. You told me that studying is the only way to change your fate. Only through studying, we can live a life that we want, and be a true man…do you still remember that?” Anyone else could tell the same thing, but these words said by He Jin struck Qin Yang’s heart.


He Jin had already forgotten that he had said such a thing, and he felt so childish that he’d said so…In fact, he now understood that even after being admitted into University, it didn’t necessarily mean that one can have the life he wanted. After all, there are too many painful moments and sufferings that come along with growth, and too many worries and helpless moments in reality.


Fire, “after that, I’ve changed, and I wanted to become as good as you. Just for myself, not for anyone else.”


Unfortunately, He Jin did not say goodbye before leaving, after playing with him for a few months.


He did not dare to let himself relax. He wanted Ah Jin to see how well he’d become. He was waiting for the day when they could finally become friends, or even…a couple.


Fire, “when I was in the second grade, I started to perform better, and I didn’t find studying so hard anymore. It’s only that I never put any effort into it. Since the third grade, I started to become the first place in class, and I started to have admirers. The girls said that I’m cool. :P”


Ah Jin, “then it’s not because of me, it’s because you’re clever. Many people wouldn’t perform as well as you did even if they wanted to.”


Fire, “I think it’s because of you, no matter how you think.”


Ah Jin, “…”


Fire, “you didn’t expect that I’d chase you all the way to the Hua University, did you?”


Did Qin Yang choose Hua University because of He Jin? This heavy emotion gave He Jin a lot of pressure, yet his heart was beating crazily. He had never so deeply in love, and so spoiled before.


Ah Jin, “you’ve become so excellent now, why would you want to wait for an online relationship that had ended for no reason?”


Fire, “I’m used to it. I didn’t wait on purpose, but I couldn’t think of a reason to give you up.”


What’s more, there were more and more people pursuing him after he got into the third grade. If there are or two pursuers, it would make a man feel a sense of vanity, but when there are too many, it’d only become trouble. Sometimes, Qin Yang wasn’t sure what these girls liked him for. They were blind like bees, and there was not even time for him to observe these girls closely. In this case, Qin Yang would rather choose to ignore them all. He didn’t care to be totally ignorant of them.


A boy who wants to make himself better doesn’t need to show his sense of existence through love, and he doesn’t have time to waste. Therefore, in eight years, He Jin had become even more precious and rare to Qin Yang, since he’d still think of He Jin from time to time.

Reading Qin Yang’s words, He Jin couldn’t respond for a long while, and he couldn’t really accept the high merits of “changing the path of another person’s life”.


Qin Yang felt that He Jin was retreating, but he did not dare to force him.


Fire, “can you forgive me?”


Ah Jin, “…”


Ah Jin: [Photo]


Qin Yang suddenly regretted taking this picture and showing it to He Jin…He stretched his hand and pinched the beaver doll on the side of his pillow. Someone gave a smirk, “fool.”


Within a few days, the students who had been on vacation began to return to school.


He Jin took out the money locked in the dormitory cabinet, and together with the money earned by working in the cafe these days, there’s a total of 2900 Yuan, still not enough for the money that Qin Yang spent for his helmet…


He reopened his bank account and electronic account, deposited the money, left only some cash for himself, and checked his academic results online. As he spent too much time on the game in the last semester, he did not study as much as the past two years. Fortunately, he had previously established a good studying habit and a solid foundation, he still got the first place in the whole grade. He’d have to however wait for another two months for the scholarship.


He Jin did some calculation. If he didn’t consider the three thousand Yuan that he had to return to Qin Yang, he could just barely have enough money to spend for the coming semester if he tried his best to spend the minimum. It’s far less than enough…it seems that he still had to look for another job.


At the end of February, the competition of “Demon God” team also kicked off. Starting from 25 February, it’s going to take place from 7 to 10 pm for 10 days. And on Sunday, January 6 at 2 pm, there would be the finals. It caused no conflict in time with his classes.


He Jin resigned from his full-time job in the cafe, and planned to find a part-time job after finishing the competition with Qin Yang.


As of the week before, the official registration of “Demon God” received a total of 18 applications of qualified teams. The first match on the evening of February 25 has been arranged, the 18 teams would be divided into two to fight, and the 9 teams that won could be upgraded.


The first opponent of the “Sentimental Team” is the “Dragon Team”. The name sounds really cool, but according to the official list, the strange names that were on the list of the “Dragon Team” confused everyone– where did this weird team come from?


Perhaps some people weren’t aware, but some others had already published the detailed info of each team in the official forum.


One night before the competition, He Jin was invited into a temporary chat group initiated by Qin Yang. Everyone inside had joined the competition, and they were reading a thread introducing the most popular teams.


The “Sentimental Team” was, of course, the focus of attention. It was also the first one to be introduced. It seems that the people who published the thread was also a fan of Ruthless Fire, and when this person introduced the team leader, he/she used only complimentary words.


Most of the members of the team were the top five players on the list. The “Water Fire” team had attracted the girls’ attention, and the thread’s host said openly that he/she would probably be the champion.


However, when introducing other members, the host didn’t spend a lot of effort, especially when it came to the introduction of Ah Jin. Anyone who read it would be pissed off – “A recent character for gossip is the wife of Ruthless, Xiao Xian Ah Jin (now renamed as Ah Jin). This player’s career has never been publicized, and no one has ever seen her strength, but every time people see her, she’s next to Ruthless. According to what I guess, this person is just an amateur, she’s taking advantage of the fame of Ruthless to join the team, nothing to be afraid of. With the top five players in the team and Zhao Mingyue, who’s a rising star, the team will be able to win easily.”


There were also a bunch of people who left messages below the thread, who agreed with the host. They all commented that Ah Jin was just taking advantage of Ruthless, they were jealous and looked down on Ah Jin.


Nine Hall His Highness found it unfair to Ah Jin, “how ignorant these people are. They need to see how powerful Ah Jin is!”


Dead Water found it strange, “by the way, Ruthless, didn’t you publish previously a video about you teasing Ah Jin? Don’t these people know that Ah Jin is a spiritual pet?”


Fire, “yes. I deleted all the messages related to the video back then.”


Nine Hall His Highness, “yes. Who would have thought that Ruthless would treat his wife like this?! Haha!”


Leisure Cloud, “I suppose only Haagen-Daaz had seen the profession of Ah Jin. Also, after Flower Yiyi joined them, I guess she’d reveal at least a little.”


Dead Water sighed, “what a secret weapon!”


After a while, Twig Fence yelled, full of resentment, “damn, the host called me a small potato!”


Everyone had a look, seeing that Twig Fence’s description was even worse than that of Ah Jin —


Twig Fence: Profession unknown, could be a small potato of some leader.


The so-called “small potato” means someone invited by a player to act as a puppet. Some experienced players had already analyzed that there’s only 500,000 Yuan as a bonus. If all players in a team participated in the competition, the bonus would be divided among all the teammates.


It is the first time for them to participate in an official competition, while they still hadn’t figured out the rules, it would take only one or two “God-level” players in a team to increase the chance of winning. In order to let an individual win more money, many teams invited “small potatoes” in the team. If the team won, these “small potatoes” wouldn’t be allocated with a  large sum of money, they could at most gain a few pennies as “comfort money”.


Therefore, after Twig Fence read this thread, he was so pissed off that he could explode. He was ready to fight back with Ah Jin…


The second team that was introduced was naturally the “Haagen-Daaz” team. They directly used the name Haagen-Daaz as the team’s name. As a team that could compete with the “Sentimental Team”, the host also put an effort to describe it. He specifically wrote about Flower Yiyi’s betrayal, how she joined the enemy and heightened the hostility between the two teams, which has become the biggest highlight of the competition.


Nine Hall His Highness suddenly asked, “hey, aren’t they called the Haagen-Daaz team? How come those who left messages below called them ‘Lu Binghua’ team?”


Dead Water, “Lu Binghua?”


He Jin had a look of the messages. For real, the audience who left a message all called them the Lu Binghua team. Can it be a combination of three different players?


Nine Hall His Highness, “ah, I know why.”


Twig Fence, “why?”


Nine Hall His Highness, “there’s an explanation on the 187th reply. But it seems to be something 18+…”


18+? It only made everyone even more curious…


Everyone quietly read the 187th reply.


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