Waiting For You Online – Chapter 108 – The Dragon Team

He Jin originally had no hostility to Haagen-Dazs and Flower Yiyi, not to mention that the latter was once a disciple of Fire, but the inexplicably targeted air raids in the past made him feel a bit guilty. Later, Fire suddenly told him that he’s in love with Ah Jin, making Ah Jin completely forget about the raid. He didn’t know what had happened next, but since that time, he’d had a bad impression of those people.


Therefore, when seeing the people naming the team of Haagen-Daaz with such a funny name, He Jin couldn’t help but laugh too. He felt better after being teased and looked down by those people who replied to the thread, saying that he was only relying on Fire for everything.


He Jin continued reading the thread, and after reading a few pages, he finally found out that their first opponent would be the Dragon Team. The host of the thread explained that the team was from the third old district, and its leader “The Dragon Warrior” was a 95-level demon player. The team members had an average level of 90 or above as well. Their power was just a little lower than that of the “Ghosts and Squadrons” team.


Indeed, it looks quite powerful…


He Jin was going to study about his teammates more seriously, then over the earphone, he heard voice Nine Hall His Highness sigh, “oh, it’s them!”


Zhao Mingyue, “even the Ghosts and Squadrons team failed to beat us, let alone this so-called Dragon team, we’ll win easily tomorrow.”


Fire, “yep.”



A drop of cold sweat dripped from He Jin’s forehead…as the captain of the team, Fire merely said “yep” as his response? Shouldn’t he have at least reminded his teammates not to underestimate their enemy? This kind of arrogance…would it be really fine at the end?


However, everyone still seemed quite relaxed, there were people who went for PK, He Jin seemed to be the only one who’s nervous.


Qin Yang asked him privately, “what’s your ranking on the leaderboard of fairy pets?”


He Jin checked it out and said, “118.” Since he started the competitive games, he had never lost. Basically, he could be upgraded with ten places above after winning a game. He had already been upgraded from lower than a few thousandths to the 118th. In just half a month, he had already met almost one hundred fairy pets as competitors.


Qin Yang, “rest up these few days.”


“Why?” He Jin had originally wanted to practice some more that night.


Qin Yang, “fairy pets positioned over the 100th would be publicized on the official leaderboard, and every competition will be recorded by the official website.”


He Jin, “are you worried that my power will be exposed?”


Qin Yang, “yeah, I’ve seen the fairy pet of the leader of the Dragon team before, it’s a palm civet, the same category as you. It ranks the 9th on the fairy pets leaderboard, the name is Zhi Zhi.”


He Jin, “!!!” The 9th! How high!


Qin Yang, “I will send you the video. Check out how Zhi Zhi fights.”


“Oh…” He Jin took a serious learning attitude and watched a few video games of the battle. No wonder it scored within the top ten of the fairy pets leaderboard. It’s so much more powerful than the fairy pets that he encountered in the past. Even with the “cute-ifying” skill, it’s so good at it…


After a while, Qin Yang asked again, “so, what do you think?”


He Jin, “how powerful.”


Qin Yang, “Oh, don’t worry, tomorrow you will play 2v2 with me in the second game. I guess you won’t meet Zhi Zhi yet.”


He Jin, “…”Then how come you let me see this?


Qin Yang, “Dead Water just told me that the Dragon Team would probably let Zhi Zhi get into the first 1v1. For the games that come later, we will have a higher chance to win. For the first game, let’s ask Twig Fence to try.”


He Jin, “OK…”


Although He Jin still felt some resistance to Qin Yang, he felt more secure being with Qin Yang in the game.


Friday, February 25, at 6 pm.


He Jin had dinner early, he returned to the dormitory and put on his helmet.


“Demon God” opened three viewing channels for players who’re not going to compete. The first one enabled players to view the game with the helmet. When they put them on, they could then enter the viewing area through a specific NPC, and watch the battle closely using a “God’s vision”. They could also participate in voice interaction.


The second is client mode. The audience could watch on their computer screen, also via the “God’s vision”. They can also discuss the battle on the chat platform. Of course, the visual effects would not be as good as the first channel.


The last one is the live mode on the official website, controlled by the official host. The audience can also give comments on the screen. Although they could view the battle directly, the whole thing is more passive.


Before He Jin entered the game, he specially asked Hou Dongyan to help him pay attention to the door.


Hou Dongyan, who had been feeling guilty of his betrayal of a good roommate, was naturally obedient to He Jin’s order. In order to keep an eye on the movement inside and outside the dormitory and to ensure that He Jin was not disturbed, Hou Dongyan chose to go to the official website to watch the live broadcast.


At 6:50 pm, all the team members were transferred to the waiting area. The official website had opened nine live rooms, and the nine games of the eighteen teams were synchronized that night.


In just 10 minutes, the audience chose the team they wanted to watch in groups. Hou Dongyan went for a toilet break. And when he came back, he found that the nine live broadcast rooms of the official website had been in accordance with the number of audiences, from high to low.


The long-awaited competition between the “Sentimental Team” against the “Dragon Team” was going to be broadcasted in the third live room, and has now ranked first in terms of popularity. Currently, there was 3.6 million audience and the number was still increasing. It had far exceeded the 2nd one with 2.2 million audiences!


Hou Dongyan glanced at the last “Joyful Handicapped Children” team vs “Family In Tow” team, the number of audiences was only a few hundred…what a huge difference!


Seeing that the time on the computer screen was now 6.55pm, Hou Dongyan quickly chose to enter the first live room.


The bullet screen almost covered the entire window, and even Hou Dongyan, who was a dynamic and active guy, found it a bit unbearable. He closed the bullet screen and finally saw it more clearly – the live video was split into two, left and right, and the Dragon team on the left, the right side is the image of all members of the Sentimental team.


Hou Dongyan saw the best assistant next to Fire, in a white ferret costume, and with “Ah Jin” clearly written on his head.


When he realized that this “Ah Jin” was He Jin sitting behind him, Hou Dongyan felt incredibly excited, so excited that he couldn’t express it well…for him, it’s really unexpected that his brother Jin, who’d never been engaged in games, would appear on the official game of “Demon God”!


The voice of the host came through the headphones, “welcome to the broadcast of the third live room, welcome to the broadcast of the third live room. The game is about to begin, let’s count down to one minute. Every leader, please send your first fairy pet for the 1v1 to fight your opponent…we’re counting down from 50 seconds…every leader, please send…”


Hou Dongyan stared at Ah Jin intently. At this moment, the picture on the right suddenly flashed, and a little savage dressed in animal skin clothes appeared, he had a little loli in pink dress painted on the face…


The first game: Fairy Pets 1v1 battle


The member from the Dragon Team: Zhi Zhi


The member from the Sentimental Team: Twig Fence


Counting down from 10 seconds: 10, 9, 8…


Hou Dongyan, “god damn, why is the damn panda the first one to fight?!”


Hou Dongyan helplessly read the bullet screen. Sure enough, the audience was full of doubt toward Twig Fence —


“Twig Fence? On the leaderboard, there’s no such name, a new guy?”


“Wasn’t it mentioned on the forum that this guy is a small potato from the Sentimental team?”


“The first member sent by the Sentimental team is a small potato? How could this be? I was coming to see Ruthless and his team win, not seeing them lose!”


“If it is a spiritual pet, then it shouldn’t be a small potato….” This person was right. Each team has only two spiritual pets. The first two games need to be played by the spiritual pets, and the rules have stated that one spiritual pet cannot play two games repetitively. That’s why spiritual pets aren’t used for replacements normally.


“I remember that Ruthless was training a ferret on live, right? Could that be Twig Fence at that time?”


“No, it’s a panda… (=_=)”


At this moment, the screen has already shown the original form of the two, with a small palm civet on the left and a large panda on the right.


The host immediately introduced, “the Dragon team sent a palm civet, Zhi Zhi this time, and the Sentimental team sent…um, it’s actually a huge panda. But the two opponents still can’t see each other’s form right now, let us expect them on the arena…”


“Oh! Such an animal exists on Demon God?”


“It’s my first time seeing it…”


“Oh, oh, how cute!”


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