After they made the decision, Qin Yang switched on the computer and logged on his account via the client interface, showing him some footages where He Jin couldn’t hide easily when the two were on PK.


After about ten days of calmness, He Jin still found it a bit embarrassing and weird when seeing Qin Yang and Fire appearing in front of him at the same time. After all, he had been thinking for a long time that they were different persons. He thought of Fire, with whom he had all kinds of flirtatious actions; and Qin Yang, who had made him lose sleep and have all kinds of mood swings, and he’s right there, in the same dormitory building…whenever he reminded himself again that they are the exact same person, He Jin would beat himself up again with this painful experience of being trapped and lied to.


However, he’s not so angry anymore.


When looking at Qin Yang’s exposed wrist outside his shirt, his slender fingers typing quickly on the keyboard, and the character in the game made a series of actions coherently along with Qin Yang’s instructions……such a smooth, impressive operation, such a low and deep voice, such a patient way to explain things…He Jin’s mind seemed to wander back to half a year ago, the night when he first met “Fire Ruthless” in the game.


After waiting for eight years, and after being forgotten, this guy had been so full of hatred and resentment that Ah Jin was killed in seconds.


“If Haagen-Daaz wins tonight, then the fairy pet that we’ll encounter tomorrow is Inuyasha, who’s the no.1. Twig Fence couldn’t beat him, but you still stand a chance…do you hear me…Ah Jin?”


—Do you hear me, Ah Jin?


At that time, Fire suggested a voice call, and when it’s connected, that’s the first sentence uttered from his mouth.


At this moment, He Jin could finally connect the arrogant, nonchalant Fire in the game, and the enthusiastic, a bit childish Qin Yang in reality.


There seemed to be a voice in his heart that said, “forgive him, He Jin…”


Without waiting for He Jin to respond, Qin Yang turned his head unconsciously and caught that very moment when He Jin was looking at himself. Their gazes met and the air seemed to be condensed immediately. After pausing for a short while, Qin Yang suddenly got closer and placed his mouth on He Jin’s.


It was all out of intuition and infatuation. He couldn’t help it.


He Jin’s nose was full of Qin Yang’s smell, it was a slight hint of men’s perfume, so fascinating and hard to resist.


He Jin could only react after three seconds. His face was all flushed, he covered his mouth, pulled his chair away and ran off while stumbling…


Qin Yang opened his mouth, he was a bit shocked, yet he didn’t chase He Jin. He was immersed at that moment, which was like a dream, and he consciously licked his lips, smiling like a fool in front of his computer.


…just now, it seemed that He Jin blushed.


Before the final match, Qin Yang dared not stimulate He Jin any further, so he pretended as nothing had happened. He Jin also hid in his dorm for the whole afternoon and let this incident pass itself.


Sure enough, Haagen-Daaz won over My Emperor team.


When the match of that night ended, Qin Yang asked He Jin using his ferret form to fight with Zhao Mingyue with Dumpling – that’s right, Fire was the only demon-level player in the whole team. If the power of Ah Jin and Dumpling surpassed that of Zhao Mingyue, it wouldn’t mean a lot for her to be on the arena as a demon wet nurse.


Then, Ah Jin won, and the team decided upon the players for the final match in advance. Aside from the third singles PK in which Fire was going to play, instead of Nine Hall His Highness, the rest of the setting remained the same, like when they fought with My Emperor team.


Fire reminded those who were selected for the final match to log on the game using the DND mode, then they said goodnight among themselves before getting offline.


On Sunday, at noon, Qin Yang and He Jin called a taxi to reach Jingshan Motel, and Qin Yang rented a room on the 7th floor with an hourly rate of 68 Yuan. The room was nice, and it was a quiet floor. Both of them quietly prepared some water, went to the bathroom and got ready. He Jin chose the seat near to the window, and Qin Yang chose the sofa in the guestroom.


When it was 1 pm, they put on their helmets and logged on.


Before the game even started, the number of audience in the live area had almost reached 5 million! The audience found out that there was an extra voting channel below the live area!


These are the credits set by the official organization of “Demon God” for the final match, but the voting coupons need to be purchased in RMB and it’s 10 Yuan for each coupon. There was no upper limit for voting, and the audience’s vote represented his support to that team. No matter which team won, the organization would give the final amount of the coupon to the team, after deducting the cost for technical and maintenance fees.


Obviously, this is a money-oriented gimmick. But the fans are more than willing to do so for their idols!


Starting from noon, when the voting channel was opened…(Translator’s note: it’s not clear why this sentence wasn’t finished in the raw…)


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