Waiting For You Online – Chapter 117 – Battle With Inuyasha

As this was the final match, every part of it would be more formal than the previous ones.


There were still 40 minutes before the match started, leaders from both sides suggested the list of players to the organization. From that moment onward, the lists would stay unchanged.


At 1:30 pm, the two teams were transferred into the waiting area in advance, but they were separated in different areas and couldn’t be seen by each other.


The members of the Sentimental team entering the finals were Fire, Ah Jin, Dead Water, Twig Fence, Leisure Cloud, Wild Crane, there were only 6 players in total.


At 1:40 pm, the hosts connected the waiting area and communicated with players from both sides directly. They let the leaders make a speech before the match, not only to motivate and encourage their teammates, but to increase the number of votes for their teams as well.


When the team members in the Haagen-Daaz team realized that this announcement was meant for all the audience, they felt a bit uncomfortable. They all started to discuss among themselves for a while. At last, Haagen-Daaz stepped out and held his fist tightly, “we have to let Fire understand that his peak era has come to an end!”


Although this announcement was full of momentum, if we judge from the announcement itself, it didn’t seem to be the Sentimental team that Haagen-Daaz was aiming at, it’s more toward Fire himself. Such an announcement which wasn’t targeted at the main subject had bored the audience, but some of the “anti-Fire” audience applauded with Haagen-Daaz!


On the other hand, at the waiting area of the Sentimental team, the host was asking them a question, “so far, the votes on the platform of the official organization showed that the number of votes for the Sentimental team is double than that of Haagen-Daaz. Fire, as its leader, what do you want to say?”


Fire’s facial expression didn’t change at all, “thanks, everyone. We will win.”


It’s just a simple response, unlike the overwhelming momentum that Haagen-Daaz showed from his announcement. However, his tone sounded even stronger as he’s stating a fact.


When the fans of Fire heard his voice in the bullet screen area, the number of votes for the Sentimental team raised rapidly again!


At 1:50 pm, the official organization informed the players in the first game to prepare to enter the arena.


The host once again moved the camera to the waiting area of both sides and broadcasted the players entering the arena.


The first player of the Haagen-Daaz team that would fight was undoubtedly “Inuyasha” who ranked the first among the fairy pets, and now, they would have to see whether it would be Ah Jin or Twig Fence from the Sentimental team.


In the waiting area, the teammates of the Sentimental team were surrounding Ah Jin, talking about something. The hearts of the audience tightened – was it going to send Ah Jin again?


Although Twig Fence and Ah Jin couldn’t beat Inuyasha, Twig Fence seemed more like the player who’d win. What could a flute-playing ferret do? Haven’t they already heard that dogs are the enemy of weasels?


In the waiting area, Ah Jin, who had received the blessings and encouragement from his mates, became really nervous that his hands started to sweat. They couldn’t sweat in the game, so that’s a feeling coming from reality.


After so many years, after going through all the exams, speeches, interviews…He Jin hadn’t ever felt so nervous.


Fire gently pulled him, holding the little guy, who has seemed to grow a bit taller, into his arms. The friends around him instantly laughed and turned over.


“Just try your best.” Fire kissed his forehead, “no matter if you’re going to win, remember, you have us, and we won’t lose.”


Right, even if Ah Jin lost, there’d still be Dead Water, Fire, Leisure Cloud…they’re a team, and they’re the strongest backup of Ah Jin!


This sentence had calmed He Jin enormously. Seeing him so obedient and willing to be held, he grabbed Ah Jin’s little hand and kissed it, then turned him into a ferret and stroked him in his arms…he had no idea that such intimate actions with Ah Jin were all witnessed by the audience!


Bullet screen —


“Oh-oh, how gentle Fire! I can’t take it!”


“I was so damn shocked!”


“Look at their appearances. Am I the only one who thinks that Fire and Ah Jin aren’t like a couple, but more like brothers?”


“Are brothers intimate like them? Don’t you exaggerate!”


“Don’t you think it’s more like BL? I have already made over 100 screenshots!”


“I just want to see the match, can those Fujoshi shut up?”


“Husband…wu wu…I also want to be husband’s little pet!”


“I bet that after 1 minute, this ferret will be bitten to death by Inuyasha.”


“I bet that Ah Jin will die in ten minutes for 10 yuan.”


“If you lose, then you’re gonna surrender 10 votes. Yes or no?”


…It was a boiling atmosphere no matter it’s the bullet screen of the official live or in the forum, at 1:59 pm, Ah Jin disappeared in the waiting area, and there was a change of screen. Information of the players for the first round was announced. At the same time, there was the voice of the host again —


“Everyone, welcome to watch the final match of the “Demon God” holographic team in 202x, I am the host, Xiao Lan. The first match of the fairy pets will start soon. There is Ah Jin from the Sentimental team and Inuyasha from the Haagen-Daaz team!”


After staying in the mist for about thirty seconds, He Jin found himself in a wheat field, surrounded by wheat that’s all as high as his waist. There are even small voles running fast and escaping from the holes.


He Jin quickly turned around once and quickly saw his opponent Inuyasha. The figure of Inuyasha was almost as high as that of Fire. Once He Jin saw him, he’s turned into a white wolf, rushing toward him like an arrow!


It looks like Inuyasha was really confident of his strength. Facing this ferret whose name wasn’t even on the leaderboard, he didn’t even have to use any specific tricks!


But he’d forgotten that in a wheat field, players in their human form probably couldn’t hide in the wheat, but it’s the perfect hiding spot for a ferret!


Inuyasha took ten seconds to reach where Ah Jin was, but found that it was empty, as Ah Jin has disappeared into the wheat field…


The audience with God’s view has seen that Ah Jin, who had become a ferret, had already escaped.


After all, this is just a “holographic” game, even if the original form of a spiritual pet is a wolf, he doesn’t have the sense of a wolf in the real world. And naturally, he can’t look for his enemy through smelling. Inuyasha searched without purpose for a while. After three minutes, he still couldn’t find Ah Jin, and he’s pissed off.


[Arena] “Inuyasha”, “where are you? Where have you hidden? You think hiding can make you win?”


What Inuyasha had just said was also the feeling of the audience, and some of them started yelling already —


“He’s hidden! It’s impossible! What a coward!”


“Stupid jerk. Why are you hiding? You’ve gotta have guts to fight!”


Luckily, He Jin couldn’t see those messages from the bullet screen, he quietly watched the situation in the wheat field.


The ferret was a little taller than the wheat field, once he used his front paws to stand up, he could see the position of Inuyasha easily. And as long as Inuyasha didn’t look at his way, he wouldn’t find him.


He Jin recalled that 15 minutes in a PK is the limit. If no one moved after 15 minutes, it would be a draw.


In this match, he might not win, but he didn’t want it to become a draw either.


After struggling for 10 minutes, Ah Jin finally faced Inuyasha directly. That’s not because Inuyasha found him, but because Ah Jin had taken the initiative to attack from the back!


The ferret had 20 golden paws; its attack power wasn’t necessarily lower than that of a white wolf. Thanks to its petite size, it could dodge more quickly and easily. Inuyasha was a bit shocked, he’d just found out that Ah Jin wasn’t as weak as expected. But even so, he was still confident to win. Within 1 minute, Ah Jin’s blood level had dropped to 78%, while his blood level had dropped to 86%!


Just when the two were so into the fighting, the ferret used its “moving instantly” trick and disappeared in front of Inuyasha again!


The audience was furious, it took them so long to finally see the two fight, they were dying to see the white wolf biting off the ferret’s neck, yet the ferret fled again after only 1 minute!


Bullet screen–


“Damn it! Hiding again! How is it possible?”


“I didn’t expect it, but this Ah Jin can actually fight…”


“Well, obviously, it’s Inuyasha who’s more powerful. Even if he hides, he won’t be able to win! What’s the use of it?”


Inuyasha didn’t think this way. He was hovering nervously in the wheat field, as he was already used to the flow of fighting but it got disrupted all of a sudden. Then, he started to understand one thing – this game seemed to be in the hands of that ferret!

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