Waiting For You Online – Chapter 119 – Know The Reason Even If I Lose


Fire’s presence made the number of votes for the Sentimental team increase dramatically. Even through the screen, the audience could feel the scream of Fire’s fans. And on this final match, the audience who were just passers-by felt the popularity of Fire on “Demon God”.


Or, “Fire Ruthless” could already become the idol, representing the game of “Demon God”.


—For the fourth consecutive year, Fire had ranked the first place on the game’s comprehensive leaderboard. And he’s also ranked the third place in the game’s PK. Until today, he’s still found on the six most important leaderboards of Demon God.


With Fire, such a strong player, everyone had ignored “Copenhaagen-Daaz”, the newly risen player who’s ranked the second. But when they appeared at the same time in the arena, the audience started to realize that – aside from all those rumors that haven’t been proven true, perhaps Haagen-Daaz isn’t weaker than Fire!


When the first player in the game fights with the second one, will the history be rewritten today?


At this moment, Fire and Haagen-Daaz were standing opposite to each other on the deserted Gobi Desert, with an unobstructed land of and gravel, without any coverage. However, this battle, long expected by the audience, didn’t happen that quickly.


Haagen-Dazs, wearing a black gold armor, looked at the man wearing a black robe not far away. He seemed to be smiling, “Fire, finally we’re with each other.”


Fire had just moved the sword on his hand a bit, and he replied with an “um” expressionlessly.


Haagen-Daaz, “you know what? Defeating you has always been my goal.”


…Is this douchebag trying to talk about feelings with Fire?


Fire let his hand down and said, “ok.”


Haagen-Daaz, “but I feel like you’ve been avoiding me. No matter if it’s the PK live of the Intranet or when I got married with Yiyi.”


Fire, “you’re overthinking.”


Haagen-Daaz, “I especially looked at the official PK record list before the match and found that there are 30 points of difference between you and me. You know what it implies?”


Fire, “you…are still the second?”


Haagen-Daaz, “…”


Bullet screen — “hahaha, I feel like Ruthless is naturally evil!” “What naturally evil, he’s indeed evil!”


Haagen-Daaz tried not to roar, and he said while biting his lips, “it means that after this match, I’ll surpass you!”


When players in Demon God are engaged in a PK match with another player within 5 grades of difference, they will win 50 points after winning. These scores determine the ranking of the players on the PK leaderboard, just like the singles PK organized by the official organization, and this is naturally within the field of PK.


When Fire heard that, he nodded, “I really haven’t been in PK that much lately.”


Haagen-Daaz, “…”


Bullet screen — “I really feel pitiful for the ice-cream, haha!” “It’d be a shame to be the second one even after this match!”


Haagen-Daaz became speechless, and the arrogant attitude of Fire really drove him crazy. He couldn’t wait to step on Fire with his feet. However, after having considered that this would be a live match, he had to control his anger, and he said with a sarcastic smile, “don’t try to find an excuse for your upcoming failure. I don’t care whether you’re making progress or regressing, I, Haagen-Daaz, will surpass you for sure!”


Fire, “then good luck to you.”


Haagen-Daaz, “……”


Again, Fire put his hand on his sword, “ok, no more bullshit. Let’s finish this quickly. I’m gonna be intimate with my wife later.” When he was speaking, Fire took out his Purple Cloud Sword and rushed toward Haagen-Daaz!


Bullet screen — “Fire had just finished a long sentence!” “Every time, I’m so lucky to see how much he loves his wife! I am single and I feel a bit hurt…”


In the waiting area of the Sentimental team, He Jin felt as if he could no longer bear his teammates laughing at him…


The gorgeous fire snake was released from the sword of Fire, and swept away toward Haagen-Dazs. The two men almost fluttered in an instant, and Haagen-Daaz also took out his bronze sword. When the purple and red swords met, one could hear a clear sound of the clashing. This PK match is going to be unveiled!


Never hesitating, never retreating, always fighting directly – such are the fighting styles of Fire. This is also the way the audience loved watching the most – a direct and vigorous fight!


When the two fought, the audience couldn’t see clearly how many details and steps they’d already finished, but such an intensive fight made everyone extremely excited!


On the PK arena, the two were like fighting as top-level martial arts players. Each trick was deadly…both of their excellent skills and the gorgeous moves made it such a pleasant viewing experience!


The blood level of the two people was gradually decreasing at the same speed, but the hosts had no time to explain which one was stronger or weaker, and they could only explain the situation to the audience through the comparison of data – it seemed that Fire’s blood level dropped more quickly than Haagen-Daaz!


The audience was shocked. What’s happening now? Is Haagen-Daaz more powerful than Fire now? Is history going to be rewritten?


Even Haagen-Daaz noticed it, and he’s so pleased that his eyebrows raised…but when Fire’s blood level dropped to only 1/3, the situation was turned around. Fire seemed to have gone crazy and suddenly increased his attack speed!


The messy and crazy moves made Haagen-Daaz overwhelmed, he hurriedly sneaked away. And instead of being able to control the situation like before, he started to be defeated!


When the two’s blood level became 3% to 10%, and Haagen-Daaz knew that he was going to lose soon, and he suddenly screamed, “stop!”


Fire, “…”


Haagen-Daaz was so mad that his whole face turned dark, he stared at Fire and asked, “how did you do it?”


Fire still maintained his movement, and he stared at every move of Haagen-Daaz sharply.


Haagen-Dazs shouted reluctantly, “why do you always win? Why can’t you lose even once?”


Fire, “…”


It seems that this guy wants to know the reason even if he’d lose…


Fire took back the sword and slowly flapped his wings in the air, “Ice-cream, do you recall your number of PK in the game?”


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