Haagen-Daaz was stunned and asked, “about 10,000. Why?”


He had been on the game for five years. And starting from four years ago, he’d fallen in love with PVP on Demon God. He spent a large sum of money on his equipment for PK. Sometimes, he’d be in dozens of matches per day. When his grade became higher, he had fewer and fewer opponents as well. And defeating Fire became his only purpose in the game!


Fire smiled, “I’ve been in the PK for 100,000 times.”


Haagen-Daaz was extremely shocked…100,000? How could this be?!


From “Fairy Immortals” to “Demon God”, during those eight years, and when Fire gave his utmost best, he and Dead Water were in PK for a few dozens’ times every day. As he won over Dead Water in the God-level war, he then participated in the demon-level war. During that period, everyone called him crazy.


Even during important periods, such as when everyone was preparing for the entrance exam to the University, Qin Yang still went online every other day for a few PK matches to relax. For him, being in the game has become a naturally formed habit like having dinner or sleeping.


He hasn’t been winning all the time. He had to accumulate over tens of thousands of times of failure to become this successful.


And so, when he’s in a PK with someone, he only had to use 70% of speed and strength. To a certain extent, Haagen-Daaz was also not to be underestimated, as he’d made Qin Yang use his full strength.


Qin Yang reached out his palm in front of Haagen-Daaz. He mercilessly cast a 100-level demon-like killing trick – the Soul Eater!


“Let’s enjoy the feeling of having an opponent.” At the moment he fell, Haagen-Daaz heard Fire.


For a long time after the game ended, the audience had not “waken up” from the wonderful match just now. In just six minutes, God knows how many people had become brainless fans of Ruthless!


In the waiting area, Flower Yiyi clenched her fist. In the previous game, she didn’t even look at Haagen-Daaz, as she stared at Ruthless the whole time.


She felt so uncomfortable, no matter how she tried to deceive herself, she couldn’t resist being attracted to Ruthless…yet she can’t conquer his heart! She had been waiting there for so long, and she’s so into him……however, all she could do was to let that person expose in front of everyone and receiving all their attention, she just couldn’t accept it!


Haagen-Daaz looked depressed and he went back to Flower Yiyi, “Yiyi, I’m so sorry…”


Flower Yiyi wore a bright smile toward Haagen-Daaz and encouraged him, “it’s alright. We still have the team match. Kudos to us!”


…but this person ranked only the 2nd after all.


To get enough rest for the players who’d be in the third game, the team delayed the team match until 20 minutes later.


Qin Yang returned to the waiting area and was surrounded by many people!


“No wonder you’re Ruthless!” Wild Crane said.


“Ruthless the invincible!” Dead Water gently shook his fan, and he had quite complicated emotions toward the last sentence that Fire told Haagen-Daaz, “it’s lonely to be the best.”


Qin Yang turned to He Jin, tilted his mouth and opened his arms, “so, can we hug now?”


He Jin blushed and amid the strange waves of laughter of the crowd, Fire held him at once and the two had a private chat at one corner.


“Also hug me in reality, will you?” Qin Yang whispered to He Jin’s ears.


He Jin pushed him, “now you’re asking for more.”


Since he couldn’t get it in reality, he could just enjoy it more in the game. Qin Yang wouldn’t let go of him.


He Jin suddenly of the “100,000 times” that Qin Yang had mentioned, and he became curious. “You really had to be in a PK that much?” He just did his math roughly, according to Qin Yang’s age in the game. He’s been there for eight years, and that’s around three thousand days. Even if he’s on the game every day, he’d need to be in a PK for about 30 times per day to reach that target…could it be possible?


Unexpectedly, Qin Yang said, “it’s not true.”


He Jin, “ah?”


Qin Yang, “I lied to ice-cream, of course, it’s not that many…I guess it’s 20,000 to 30,000 for me, but still more than him.”


He Jin was surprised, “then why did you say that? This is a live show, what if they find out that you were lying?”


Qin Yang pointed to his head, “there were also about 80,000 times of rehearsal in my head.”


He Jin, “……”


Qin Yang, “so how was it? I was handsome, wasn’t I?”


He Jin didn’t know how to react at all, “are you sick?”


Qin Yang, “if I am, then do you have the medicine?”


He Jin, “childish.”


Qin Yang, “only in front of you.”


He Jin was speechless, he wondered what Fire’s fans would think when they hear this conversation……


The twenty-minute break was already over.


“It’s now 15:40 in Beijing time. Welcome everyone to return to the live finals of Demon God. I am the host, Xiao Lan. The last match of this final is about to begin. As of this time, the score of the Sentimental team and the Haagen-Daaz team is 2:1, and the final team match also determines whether it’s possible for the Haagen-Daaz team to turn the situation around.


Then, on the screen of the live broadcast, the members of the team competition were being announced.


“Sentimental team”: Fire, Ah Jin, Dead Water, Leisure Cloud, Wild Crane.


“Haagen-Daaz team”: Copenhagen-Daaz, Flower Yiyi, I Am God Erlang, Men Are Not Bad, Elizabeth.


The audience was amazed. The Sentimental team actually let Ah Jin play as a player! Although Fire and Ah Jin played very well in the previous PK, wouldn’t it still be a little difficult to fight with Haagen-Daaz? Or is it true that the Sentimental team has confidence toward Ah Jin being as good as a God-level and Demon-level player?


Xiao Lan, “the players from both sides have already entered the arena. Let’s take a look. What would be the map of this final match…”


Huang Huang shouted, “it’s a cliff!”


They saw a magnificent cliff in the arena, which looked very similar to the cliff leading to the treasure hunt outside the city, but there were still a few caves on the cliff in the scene, but a great river was underneath!


The audience with God’s perspective saw that the ten players of the two teams were refreshed on the top of the cliff, the cliff cave, and the river pumice.


He Jin opened his eyes and found himself in a cliff cave. He turned his head and suddenly shivered to the sight in front of him.


The players who were refreshed with Ah Jin at the same location happened to be Copenhaagen-Daaz and his fairy pet, Inuyasha!


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