Waiting For You Online – Chapter 120 – A Disaster Is Impending

They didn’t expect to be this lucky. When the team match just began, his enemy’s wife and son appeared right in front of them!


“Following Shadow” is a three-second reading skill. And when He Jin opened his mouth, his opponent understood his trick at once. With only one trick, Haagen-Daaz interrupted his action – how could they let go of someone who was there to be killed?


Especially for Inuyasha, the PK that he’d lost after 40 minutes really tortured him to death. He had to take this revenge or else he couldn’t be a wolf anymore!


The violent storm-like attack came right in front of them, and the pupil of Dumpling instantly became a vertical thin line. He made a strange “gu wa” noise out of his throat, threatening Inuyasha. And he also started flapping his wings and started attacking directly!


Inuyasha, “ah ha, this system baby is quite strong in attacking!”


They also saw the Dumpling before the air raids, but at that time, Dumpling was frozen by the Ice Ball of Flower Yiyi, and he flew down with the falling Ah Jin, so now, it’s their real first time to fight with this demon baby in the legacy!


Haagen-Daaz said, “you fight with Ruthless’ wife and I deal with this little shit!”


Inuyasha, “no prob.”


Dumpling was originally similar to a flying pet. Inuyasha would not be good at dealing with him. But when the two worked together, they successfully blocked Ah Jin and Dumpling in the cave!


Ah Jin, who had not yet turned into his original form, was in a dilemma. If he became a ferret, he can no longer find opportunities to flee by “following shadow” trick, but if he didn’t do it, he’d die even sooner!


In such a small space, He Jin’s space to dodge was also very limited, and his blood level was drastically dropping!


Seeing that he and Dumping were going to be killed by their enemy, He Jin wanted to send an SOS on the public channel, but when he had this thought, Fire appeared in front of him and said, “here I am.”


It seemed like their hearts were connected…


Seeing that the blood level of He Jin was dropping, Qin Yang quickly realized that he’s being attacked!


But when Ah Jin was attacked, the audience saw that Fire, at the top of the cliff, was not idle. He was entangled by the three men of the Haagen-Dazs team – Flower Yiyi, I Am God Erlang, and his spiritual pet – Spell!


Fire couldn’t let go of them and fly to Ah Jin immediately.


The couple who was dominating the situation when fighting with My Emperor team, had now encountered a sudden loss of their luck!


The audience did not dare to remove their gaze from the screen. If Fire and Ah Jin were killed by the Haagen-Daaz team at the beginning, then they might as well skip the whole match!


The host also explained with fear, “after the game has started, the situation is very unfavorable for the Sentimental team. We’ve seen that in addition to Fire and Ah Jin being attacked, Wild Crane and Leisure Cloud from the Sentimental team were refreshed in another cave, while Dead Water and Twig Fence were on the pumice stone at the bottom of the cliff. None of them knew the situation clearly and they were discussing the terrain on the public channel…”


[Arena] “Wild Crane”, “where are all of you? I am in a cave with Leisure Cloud, and there is a cliff on the side.”


[Arena] “Dead Water”: “I seem to be at the bottom of the cliff with Twig Fence. It is all rivers on all sides. It is so foggy everywhere and I can’t see clearly!”


[Arena] “Wild Crane”, “what if we jump down?”


[Arena] “Dead Water”, “I’m not sure whether it is the same cliff like the one outside the city of Linyuan. And I’m not sure whether you’ll die if you jump, why don’t you try by flying down first?”


At this moment, a more shocking scene took place – “Men Are Not Bad” and “Elizabeth” from the Haagen-Daaz team met Dead Water, whose position was exposed, and Twig Fence. Right now, it’s one player plus one pet versus two players plus two pets, and Elizabeth was even a God-level wet nurse!


Bullet screen—


“Damn, this is the end for the Sentimental team!”


“The refreshing points of the two teams are too uneven, it depends on the character…”

“Yeah, the strength has been dispersed, and Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane are still blindly searching!”




Fortunately, just at the most critical moment, Fire successfully got rid of Flower Yiyi and I Am God Erlang, and used his husband and wife skill to approach near Ah Jin!


With a simple sentence “here I am”, not only he’d saved Ah Jin, but he had given new hope to the audience as well!


He Jin had never expected to see this person this much, his heart was beating crazily, and he couldn’t help but yell his name, “Fire…”


“Yeah.” Qin Yang’s tall figure was in front of him, blocking the crit of Inuyasha, followed by a “Thunderstorm”, the white wolf was slammed out three meters away, and the next second, Fire used oxygen in exchange of blood, refreshed the “Husband and Wife” skill to make He Jin’s blood level increase dramatically, from 12% to 37%, then to 62%!


Bullet screen—


“Ah, ah, ah, so excited, I am almost crying!”


“Fire appeared too timely, if he’s a bit slower, Ah Jin and Dumpling would have died!”


“The hero saved his beauty! Ruthless is so handsome!”




Seeing Fire appeared, followed by the red flame Suzaku, the original two-on-two situation with advantages had now become a two-on-four, Haagen-Daaz screamed in the public channel, “Yiyi!”


Dumpling had less than 10% of the blood left. Haagen-Daaz realized that they couldn’t waste all the advantages that they’d gained in the first 20 seconds, there must be something to do to destroy this family!


After the speech of Haagen-Dazs, Flower Yiyi with long hair quickly appeared beside him.

As a professional demon-level wet nurse, she’s definitely stronger than the “Husband and Wife” skill when it comes to blood return, not to mention that she was once an apprentice of Ruthless. Aside from returning blood, she also learnt spell attack, and her ice nature would cause fatal danger to players with fire nature. It seems that the Fire couple had to find a way out quickly!


On the other hand, Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane finally figured out how to get down from the cliff. Just like the cliffs outside the city of Linyuan, there was only one way and that is to jump! However, due to the fog on the river, they were pretty slow in descending, so slow that Wild Crane couldn’t help but start complaining on the public channel –


[Arena] “Wild Crane”, “oh my god, it’s so slow. It’s like we’re in a lift. Maybe it could help if I hang a big stone on my neck?”


[Arena] “Leisure Cloud”, “can you still hold it?”


[Arena] “Dead Water”, “your speed!”


It seems that the situation became critical…the hearts of Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane got tightened at the same time!


[Arena] “Wild Crane”, “where is Fire? Why are they losing blood?”


[Arena] “Dead Water”, “I don’t know, there is no one at the bottom of the cliff.”


[Arena] “Wild Crane”, “could they be on the top of the cliff?”


“I Am God Erlang” was speechless when he saw the dialogue on the public channel. He’d just seen the couple on top of the cliff, but that guy must be fled using the Husband and Wife skill, and Flower Yiyi must have been called by Haagen-Daaz too. And now, only he and his pet Spell were left there. After trying several failed attempts to fly, he took the courage to jump down with Spell, who’d returned to the human form…


While descending slowly, I Am God Erlang said that it’s so unfair to be able to flee with the Husband and Wife skill!


Host, “the God-level wet nurse from the Sentimental team, Leisure Cloud is still descending, but his landing position is not in the same place where Dead Water, Men Are Not Bad and Elizabeth are. Now, the fight at the bottom of the cliff has turned very fierce, if Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane couldn’t be there on time, the Sentimental team might be crushed to death!

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