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Chapter 134 – Chinese Valentine’s Day (Part 2)


Out of some reasons, He Jin thought of a saying, “all happy families are the same, and the unhappy ones had different sad stories.”


He hasn’t contacted his family for half a year, and he had no idea how his parents were doing. He had already removed his parents’ numbers from the blacklist, he had also wanted to call his dad a few times and ask how they were doing, but he had no courage to, which made him very sad as well. Had they stopped caring about He Jin?

After the dinner, Auntie Jiang served everyone a cup of tea. Qin Yang’s father went to the study room to smoke. Seeing that Qin Yang was being disturbed by his brother, he couldn’t help but start getting curious again, he waved secretly at He Jin and asked him to join him in the study room, “Xiao He, don’t be nervous, I just want to talk to you for a while.”


It’s impossible for He Jin not to be nervous. He didn’t know what Qin Yang’s father was going to tell him, he replied respectfully, “Uncle, please do.”


Qin Yang’s father was smoking slowly and suddenly said, “I was observing both of you for a while, and I think that you’re more mature than Yang Yang.” He Jin was stunned, then he asked again, “are you one year older than him?”


“Yes, I’m one year older.” He Jin said.


Qin Yang’s father smiled, “that kid is rougher than you, and he’s quite impulsive.”


He Jin, “…”


While exhaling the smoke, Qin Yang’s father continued, “he’s been like that since he was little. He’s been spoilt, and he’s never really suffered…his mother already passed away when he was little, and my career had just started at that time, so I wasn’t really paying a lot of attention to him. At that time, he was very rebellious, he always talked back to me and argued with me. And I was so worried that he’d choose the wrong path.” The man sighed and smiled at He Jin, “out of my expectations, he’s quite hard-working. After middle school, he has learnt how to take decisions on his own. I’ve also heard that he’s earning quite a lot in the game, and I don’t need to worry about him anymore.”

He Jin was listening carefully and he tried to capture the key points in his words.


“He once told me that the reason why he had these achievements of today is not because of me, but because of a friend that he’d met in the game. That’s his first love.” Qin Yang’s father smirked, as if he’s recalling Qin Yang’s innocent face when he said this. Then, he looked at He Jin again, “that’s you, right?”


He Jin shyly squinted and gently replied with a “hmm”.


“You don’t have to be embarrassed, Uncle will not oppose you. As a father, I hope for the best and happiness of my children. Except his family, I cannot give Qin Yang the best things. He has been so smooth in his life, and he’s never encountered any big difficulties, including his relationship matters which I was worried about the most…since a long time ago, he’s said that he needed to wait for you, he had to find you and be with you. I always thought that he’s too naïve and I even laughed at him. Now that he’s made it, and he’s so happy, I’m happy for him too…” Up to this point, the man suddenly changed his tone and said, “there is only one thing that I need to ask from you.”


He Jin hurriedly replied, “uncle, please tell me.”


Qin Yang’s dad, “you both are still young, and you will encounter many difficulties in the future. Qin Yang is not as stable and mature as you are, and he can be quite arrogant sometimes. While you’re with him, you need to remind him more, and point him to the right way…”


At this moment, someone knocked on the door twice, it was Qin Yang outside, “dad! What are you doing inside with He Jin!”


Qin Yang’s father was a little stunned and smiled, “see, I’m just having a few words with you, and he’s anxious again…okay then, you may go out now.” Then, he took his business card from his red writing desk and handed it to He Jin, “if you have any difficulties in life, you can call me.”


He Jin thanked him, and when he was about to turn around, Qin Yang’s father called him again, this time he called his full name, “He Jin……” He paused and said, “don’t hurt his heart.” In a while, the seriousness in his eyes made He Jin nod unconsciously.


Qin Yang couldn’t wait anymore. He immediately rushed in the room and he looked very anxious, as if he’s worried that He Jin would be bullied by his father.


“What did my father tell you?” When the two went out, Qin Yang pulled He Jin aside and asked.


“Nothing,” He Jin joked with him casually. “Your dad told me that you are childish and he wants you to listen to me.”


Qin Yang, “…”


He Jin raised an eyebrow and asked. “Hey, what happened when you were 17 years old? You stole a bottle of whiskey?”


When he was doing the math, it was about 5, 6 years ago when Qin Yang was 17 years old. At that time, the two had lost contact for about 2 to 3 years, why did his father say that it’s because of He Jin?”


Qin Yang blushed and coughed, “nothing, it’s a shameful history.”


He Jin, “…”


At the beginning of August, the city was caught in a high temperature. After Qin Yang signed a contract with the game company, in a short time, he started shooting photos for the promotional materials. He didn’t spend a long time on shooting, from shooting, post-production, then to launching, it took only half a month, but almost overnight, the advertisement of the sacred hologram became widely spread throughout the city. His cool look, in a cosplay, even started to appear on the e-advertisement in the subway stations!

He Jin was worried for a few days, but Qin Yang acted like nothing was going on. He was still in the game during daytime, and he’d sometimes play with his mechanical models…at night, he sometimes made dinner for He Jin.


On the Chinese Valentine’s Day, when He Jin was having lunch in the company cafeteria, he saw a few female colleagues at the next table chatting about Demon God.


“Hey, have you seen a game advertisement lately? It’s incredibly popular!”


“Yes, I see it every morning on the way to work. It looks so cool! Makes me want to buy a helmet and try…”


“I am attracted by the young guy on the advertisement. It’s a new face, and he’s really handsome.”


“Is he the best two-dimensional idol in the game?”


“I am out of date, and I don’t know what are the most popular things among youngsters. I have a fifteen-year-old niece, and she’s fascinated by it. The other day, while I was having dinner with them, she was yelling Ruthless while looking at the poster with admiration…”


He Jin was listening with attention. After knowing that they weren’t talking about him, he breathed a big sigh of relief. Maybe he was worrying too much, as they were mostly focused on the game itself.


At this moment, suddenly something blocked him, and a figure appeared in front of him, “He Jin, is this seat free?” It’s a lady from the accounting department, also an intern.


“No one. You may sit here.” He Jin said politely.


The girl sat down with her plate, and she raised a few topics enthusiastically. She even asked him shyly whether he’d be free after work, as she wanted to watch a movie with him.


On such a day, the meaning of the girl was self-explanatory. He Jin refused politely, “I’m sorry, at night I eh…I’ll see my girlfriend.”


He wasn’t lying, as Qin Yang had indeed asked him out for a movie, he had only changed the term “boyfriend” to “girlfriend”.


He Jin smiled bitterly a bit. Seeing the girl a bit sad, he dared not make things too obvious for her, so he had to find an excuse. Sometimes, he thought that if he was a girl, there’s no need to hide the fact he’s seeing Qin Yang as a boyfriend. It would be the best thing ever, wouldn’t it be?


After work, He Jin went to the parking lot which was 500 meters away from the company. In order to avoid the gossip of his colleagues, the two specially decided on the meeting point which was far away from the subway station. However, He Jin actually saw Manager Cui there.

“Xiao He?” Manager Cui was shocked, “are you driving?”


He Jin waved his hand, “no, I’m waiting for somebody!”


As he said so, Qin Yang’s car appeared. The diamond blue car, under the moonlight, arrived in front of He Jin. The streetlight on the parking lot seemed to be remotely controlled. It happened to be lit up in an instant, revealing the face of the handsome man driving in it and a bunch of high-end, exquisite roses next to him.

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