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Chapter 135 – Your Dad Is Here

He Jin now had nowhere to hide, and when his boss looked a bit surprised and confused, he raised his hand awkwardly and said goodbye. Then, he opened the door of the back seat.

Qin Yang, “…”

After Qin Yang drove away from the parking lot, He Jin still couldn’t relax. He was very worried about what Manager Qu would think. After a while, he could sense that the environment in the car was getting weird – Qin Yang was offended by the way He Jin had acted.


The guy who’s driving was pissed off and he was silent. He felt extremely hopeless…after preparing so much, he had planned to surprise his lover with the flowers, yet He Jin’s reaction was totally out of his expectation.


“That was my boss just now.” He Jin hurriedly explained.

“So what?” Qin Yang glanced angrily at He Jin through the rearview mirror, he actually knew what he was worried about, “isn’t your internship ending soon?” In fact, Qin Yang didn’t want He Jin to work after graduation. He wanted to support He Jin financially and he wanted He Jin to rely on him more.

He Jin touched his nose, “it’s actually hard to say for sure now. If I perform well, I might get to sign the contract earlier. The manager that you saw really takes good care of me, and even though I’m still not sure whether to join this company after graduation, this is still a good opportunity. If he knows, it may not be good for me.”

“Oh please!” When Qin Yang saw the red light, he suddenly stopped the car, “are you planning to hide our relationship forever?”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang didn’t understand, how come their relationship was like “committing crime” in the eyes of He Jin? It’s already in 202x, if there’s still a company which judges its employees by their sexuality, then it’s not worth staying at all!


Qin Yang was very annoyed, and he pushed him, “hurry up and sit next to me. It’s hard to talk to you when I’m in front and you’re at the back!”

He Jin, “but it’s the red light now…”

Qin Yang, “hurry up! There’re still ten seconds. No boss or colleague is around you now.”

He Jin had no choice but to get out of the car and quickly got to the front seat. It was a huge banquet, and He Jin had to hold it in his arms.

“Do you like it?” Qin Yang wasn’t that angry anymore. He tilted his head, his tone was somewhat nonchalant, yet he couldn’t hide the sincerity in his eyes.


“Yeah…thank you, but you don’t have to do this anymore. I’m not a girl.”


After getting happier for one second, Qin Yang was pissed off by the response of He Jin again. How could someone be so unromantic? He wanted to give him flowers, and it’s totally because he wanted to make He Jin happy. It had nothing to do with his gender.


At this time, his bracelet rang, and the two stopped discussing around this topic.


“Hey! Brother Qin, are you driving?” Qin Yang switched on the camera and the person on the other side could see what he’s doing.


He Jin heard a familiar voice. After thinking carefully, he realized that it’s Great Wings in the game. He looked at the screen and saw a slightly fat face, messy hair and long beard. He looked kind of filthy.


“Yeah, I’m enjoying the Valentine’s Day with Ah Jin, what’s up?” Qin Yang had nothing to hide when it came to his relationship with He Jin.


“Haha, how romantic!” That guy laughed, then said, “I’m here to tell you some good news. There’s been good reception for the promotional video and the advertisement of Demon God. Many entertainment companies want to sign a contract with you. Are you interested to know more?”


…Entertainment companies? Sign a contract? He Jin looked at Qin Yang with surprise!


Qin Yang, “why not? Why don’t you check out the info for me first? And send it to me later.”


The guy jokingly said, “hey, brother, I’m not a real agent! How could you think of bossing me around?”


Qin Yang laughed, “Peng Yuhao, I think that it’s a waste of talent to have you work as an assistant in the live room.”


He Jin now reacted. It turned out to be the main partner of Qin Yang when they were working as hosts in the live show. He’s also the two-dimensional assistant of Qin Yang. That’s why he sounded so familiar.

They hung up after talking some more, yet He Jin hadn’t completely understood all this. If Qin Yang only worked as a spokesperson of the game, he could still tell himself that nobody really cares who he’s dating with in reality, but if he became a three-dimensional celebrity, what were they going to do?


He Jin suddenly felt pressure from the reality again, and his head began hurting. For the whole night, he couldn’t enjoy himself when having dinner or watching a movie with Qin Yang.


At night, after returning home, Qin Yang urged He Jin for some intimacy. And afterwards, He Jin asked him, with hesitation, whether he really wanted to enter the entertainment field. Qin Yang responded without too much attention, “it’s good to experience it when I’m young. I’ve heard that one can learn a lot of things in life there quickly. And it’s a fast way to earn money. I don’t want to depend on my dad financially, and I have to save some capital to start a business too.”


Qin Yang was right. He had his own considerations. However, He Jin suddenly thought of Qin Yang’s father reminding him to “watch his son”, then he couldn’t help but say, “but…have you ever thought that, once you choose that path, many people will know you, and our lives won’t be peaceful anymore.”



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