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Chapter 146 – Are you Qin Yang?

This secret exploded like a bomb in Mother He’s heart. It was also her first time to hear what He Jin was yelling to his father three years ago. Never would she have thought that her son had such an explosive side, as she recalled how he left home after seeing her game helmet being thrown on the floor. She was suddenly feeling uneasy.

“…I also want to find a good girl to start a relationship, so that I can start a family and make you happy. But why is it so difficult…” This sentence appeared again in Mother He’s head. She suddenly understood why He Jin would go drinking alone, and why he’s in so much pain – it turns out he didn’t like women!


She was so desperate that she stood up immediately and wanted to knock on He Jin’s door.


“Biqin!” Father He pulled her and locked her hand tightly, “what are you doing? Didn’t you promise me to be calm?”

Mother He was very emotional, “I want to pull him up and ask him in detail!”

In fact, father He was as emotional as she was, but he tried not to wake He Jin up and was doing his best to lower his voice, “what are you going to do? Their relationship is in the past, and you’ve also seen how he is. Are you still insisting to talk to him at such a bad moment?”


Mother He was shaking. He’s right – the thing has passed, and He Jin was in no more contact with that person. He’s also back to them and attended blind dates as requested. There couldn’t be any mistakes in what he’d done these three years. What more could she possibly ask for?!


But why are things like that? How come both brothers are the same? Has the He family been cursed or something?


Mother He couldn’t help it anymore. She started crying while covering her face, “what mistake have I made…why are things like this…”


Father He was hugging her tight and sighed deeply. His eyes went red as well.

If He Jin had just found out that he’s into men, she might as well go insane and force him to change. However, it has already been three years, and it’s not like He Jin didn’t want to change. He wanted to, and what he had done these three years was the best proof of it. He just couldn’t, and this is the source of his pain.


Mother He was crying so desperately in her husband’s arms until she was short of breath. He Jin didn’t say “no” to his mother directly. Instead, what he was doing was giving his mother an even greater shock, and it also proved that no one can change the reality. She felt that her heart had gone dead, and it was a devastating blow to her.


“Tell me, is He Jin still thinking about that guy?” Mother He suddenly asked.


Father He lowered his eyes and said worriedly, “I asked him that a few days ago, and it seems that he doesn’t want to talk to me about that person anymore. He only mentioned about him a bit.”


Mother He asked nervously, “and what did he say?”


Father He raised his eyes and said, “he told me that person is very kind to him.”

Mother He choked, and tears again rushed to her eyes. She shook her head in disagreement, “even if he can’t change, I will never let him be with a man, people will talk behind him for his entire life…”


Father He frowned, “even if he is together with a woman, neither will he have happiness for his entire life. Are you sure that you want to force him?”


Mother He, “then what can I do? We are only doing this for his own good!”


Father He, “are you sure that it’s for his own good, or is it only your wishful thinking? I just told you what He Jin had told me three years ago when we argued, he accused us of not knowing him at all, and nobody ever cared what he wanted and what he didn’t. This is actually true. So many years have gone by, have you ever asked what he liked? You know what, since your attitude was so horrible, he had no intention to return home at all, he did so and it’s only because you were seriously ill!”


Mother He’s eyes became all red, she interrupted him and cried out, “then do you agree with him being together with a man?!”

Father He, with his mouth open, just stood there without reacting further. Obviously, he rejected this kind of “anti-humanistic” behavior, and it would be impossible for him to accept it. However, he was unable to even realize it himself that he was already standing on the side of his son, and he’s speaking in favor of him…


After hesitating for a long while, father He whispered, “Biqin, we’ve already stepped one foot into our coffin, and we can’t control He Jin throughout his entire life, and we can’t even be there for the second half of his life either.” Father He wiped his tears and continued, “I just want him to…choose his happiness on his own.”


Mother He’s lips moved for a while, and she seemed to have lost all her strength. In the whole living room, there was only a vague sound of sobbing left.


He Jin had utterly no idea what his parents were talking about outside. He had been sound asleep the whole morning and was still having a terrible hangover. There were wounds with the bottom half of his body, and he had a fever as well. When it’s closer to the afternoon, he seemed to have heard his mother calling him for lunch. Although He Jin wanted to, he couldn’t get up at all. He felt sour all over his body.


After covering her emotions, mother He pushed the door and went to his room. When she was about to criticize him again, she immediately touched his forehead seeing his face, and she panicked, “how come it’s so hot! You’re having a fever!”


Initially, mother He wanted to bring He Jin to the hospital for some antibiotics, but when thinking of his wounds, He Jin was worried that the doctor might find out. He replied with a hoarse voice, “there’s no need. I’ll be fine after taking some medicine.”


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