Looking at her son in such a weak condition, mother He’s heart was wrenching, and she couldn’t toughen up anymore. Her doubt about “her son might be gay”, her prejudices and all the negative emotions had been temporarily suppressed at this moment.


“Then mom will find you some Panadol. Poor kid…” mother He took a thermometer with her eyes reddened. After checking his temperature and giving him medicine, mother He went to get a hot towel to wipe away the sweat on his body.


Unexpectedly, when mother He was approaching him, He Jin got scared and he hid himself in the quilt. As he’s having a fever, his mind wasn’t clear either. He was panicking, “don’t…don’t touch me!”


Mother He was stunned, she didn’t realize that He Jin was so reluctant to have anyone touch him, and it’s because he didn’t want anyone to see his body. As she didn’t have any knowledge about homosexuality, she thought that He Jin didn’t want to be touched by women in general.


“Mom, I’ll do it myself…” When He Jin reacted, he took the towel from his mother with embarrassment.


This reply had further proved what mother He was thinking, and it broke her heart…that’s right, he’s no longer a child.


“…I’ll cook some porridge for you.” Very rarely, mother He stepped outside and left her son alone. When she did, her eyes became moist again.


He Jin adjusted his pajamas for a bit and tightened it. At noon, he had some porridge, and he couldn’t fall asleep again in the afternoon. He was trying to recall what had happened the previous night, and he had completely lost his memory. He only remembered having talking a little to that person, and his voice was so similar to that of Qin Yang…however, perhaps it’s just his wishful thinking about hoping that person was Qin Yang, and what if he wasn’t?


When thinking about what happened to his brother, He Jin suddenly felt cold all over his body. He didn’t care about the pain anymore and he stood straight up on his bed. The wounds on his body started to bleed…


He Jin took out his bracelet. After that message which says “take a good rest” sent from the new number, there were no more messages.


After typing these three words, “Who are you?”, He Jin hesitated for a full minute before gritting his teeth and sending it out.


Since there hasn’t been a reply for quite a while, He Jin then went upstairs to search for more information about the hotel that he was staying at in Q city, but he failed to find any information. Well, if a celebrity wanted to check in, all the information would be kept confidential, or the hotel would be surrounded by fans!


When He Jin wanted to ask his professional contacts for some more information, his bracelet suddenly vibrated again.


Unfamiliar number, “…what do you think?”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang was so angry that he nearly bit his teeth off. They had done it for so many times that night, and he even gave He Jin some medicine to wake him up, yet this guy had completely no idea what he had slept with! Could he be possibly thinking that it’s another guy? Could he be kidding?!


He Jin was still thinking about the meaning of “what do you think?”, if the other party asked this question, it means that they knew each other…could he really be Qin Yang?


But he dared not ask directly if he’s Qin Yang. If he wasn’t, then that person would know the relationship between He Jin and a celebrity, wouldn’t he?


He Jin thought about it for a while and typed the initials of Qin Yang, “QY?”


After receiving this text message, the muscles on Qin Yang’s face stopped being so tense, but he still looked a bit depressed. He really wanted to call him and ask if He Jin had a pleasant night.


“Mr. Qin! You can enter the studio now. Please get prepared!” Not so far away, the staff was calling Qin Yang. He exited the interface, took off the bracelet and put it in his pocket.


He Jin was waiting for a reply anxiously. He switched off the bracelet, then switched it back on again. And he was extremely anxious the whole afternoon.

In the evening, He Jin’s temperature went down for a bit. He got up from bed and had dinner with his parents in the living room. Suddenly, his bracelet was vibrating. His whole body got stiff. After taking a few bites, he tried to check the message calmly.


Unfamiliar number, “I was busy at work.”


He Jin’s heart got warm. Although the other party still hadn’t confirmed it 100%, he didn’t deny it either, and so He Jin could almost confirm that it’s Qin Yang.


As he had been feeling nervous the whole morning, he miraculously got better after Qin Yang had “told him his routine”. However, after finding out the truth, He Jin worried even more – how did Qin Yang know that he’s in the bar? And he even brought him to a hotel room to do that kind of thing? Hasn’t Qin Yang already forgotten about him?


He Jin’s heart was pounding, he hurriedly had two more bites before getting up and said, “dad, mom, I’m full, I’ll return to my room now.”

“If you’re not feeling well, then rest earlier.” Father He winked at mother He. She wanted to say something, as she had been observing He Jin all the time, and she wanted to talk with him.


He Jin carefully closed the door, leaned on the bed with his still aching waist, and switched on the bracelet again.


When staring at the last message, He Jin was feeling both sad and happy. He had wanted to tell many things to Qin Yang, but he suddenly couldn’t utter a word…


He Jin sighed deeply, as if he had made up his mind about something. He deleted the text message from that unfamiliar number, then dragged that number to the blacklist relentlessly.


Right, now that they’ve broken up, why still linger on things? It would only make both of them suffer more.


For Qin Yang, since he had such a good development of his career now, he shouldn’t be looking for He Jin again…as for sure, there wouldn’t be any results.


As he was being too cruel to himself, He Jin’s heart started wrenching and twisting, he felt like having drunk a bottle of acid, while it was cleansing the “remaining beard” in his body, it also entirely exhausted his organs inside.



After a while, He Jin felt that his vision had become completely dark, and it was suddenly difficult to breathe. His hands were shaking, and he unblocked that number before sending a message to it, “tell me if you’re Qin Yang!”


After a few seconds, the bracelet vibrated again, and he had the reply from the unfamiliar number, “yes.”


Staring at that word, He Jin broke down in tears.

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