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Chapter 148 – Say it again

“What the hell?” He Jin felt weird and a bit worried. He shouldn’t have offended anyone lately, right? Or could it be Director Xu?

When he was thinking about it, Director Xu came over, “Xiao He, are you eating alone?” An almost forty-year-old man, who had a big belly, sat down in front of He Jin, and asked with a doubt on his face, “why did you reject my application?”

Looking at the man with a smile on his face, He Jin really couldn’t connect him with the person who sent him an aggressive message.

He Jin answered politely, “Director Xu, it’s not that I rejected it, I was just doing it by following the instructions.”

Director Xu, “I read it, and you said that I didn’t fulfill the conditions. Tell me what it’s about, then I’ll change it and re-submit it.”


He Jin frowned, “regarding the computer that you mentioned about, I’ve already let Xiao Li to check it by a company, and they’ve told me that all is still functioning well.”


Director Xu looked a bit embarrassed, and he was looking around sneakily, he lowered his voice, “Xiao He, since you’ve already received such a big red packet, I think what you’re doing is not so appropriate. Also, what I’m asking for is not that much. Why don’t you just let it pass? We’ll be working in the same department and I’ll also help you when you need it.”

He Jin was stunned, “what red packet?”

Director Xu’s pupils became bigger, “didn’t I put it in your file?”

He Jin was startled, “Xiao Li gave me your file, and when I got it, there’s only the file and nothing else. Even if there was, I wouldn’t have accepted it.”

Director Xu’s face became paler, and his lips moved slightly, “Xiao He, have you ever heard that you can’t be too observant or pure, or you’d have no allies or friends? You…and your personality…I’d suggest you think it through.” After finishing this sentence, he left with an angry look on his face.


He Jin didn’t understand what he was saying. If that “threatening” text message was sent just now, he could understand why Director Xu was so angry, but it was clearly sent before that. Then what was it all about?

After returning to the office, He Jin asked Xiao Li a little insecurely. Xiaoli waved his hand and said, “what are you talking about? I didn’t see anything!”

He Jin had a bunch of documents and reports to check. He didn’t plan to dig into it any further. All in all, he was doing the right thing, and he wasn’t worried about anyone looking for troubles.


For small companies like his, any young person with bad intentions would have been bribed easily, but He Jin wouldn’t. If he started the trouble, there was no way to stop it completely, as the other party would naturally have something to control him. Also, if anything went wrong, He Jin would have to take his responsibilities too. Director Xu’s method was also not the smartest, even if he wanted to take advantages, he could think of a better way. It wouldn’t take too long for any sane person to find out what his tricks were all about.


After work, He Jin went to the restaurant chosen by Duan Shurong. It wasn’t far away and he could get there on foot in 15 minutes. It was a Sichuanese restaurant.

Duan Shurong was already there. When she saw He Jin carrying two gift boxes, she asked strangely, “what is this? Is this from your company?”


He Jin shook his head and answered with embarrassment, “my mom told me to bring this over. She wanted to apologize for what had happened in middle school.” He Jin came up with this reason the very last minute, and it sounded pretty reasonable as well. There was no way he could say anything like “I intended to give this to you when you invite me to your place”.


Duan Shurong blushed and she wasn’t sure whether she should be happy or embarrassed, “have you told her?”

“Yes.” After He Jin sat down, he took a closer look at Duan Shurong. She had a new hairstyle, there’s a cute Korean headband, she was wearing a pair of delicate and small pearl earrings, she also had candy-colored nails. Compared with her previous OL style, this time, she looked sweeter and more beautiful.

Unfortunately, He Jin was in no mood for this, and he didn’t feel anything to Duan Shurong’s beauty, “have you waited for a long time? Let’s order first.” It wouldn’t be a good idea to reject her now, or he’d appear too impolite.


“I’ve just arrived as well.” Duan Shurong was flipping through the menu and asked, “I didn’t even ask if you’re fond of Sichuanese cuisine, my colleague told me that they have pretty nice pickled fish here.”


“Okay, let’s order pickled fish then.” He Jin slightly frowned. He suddenly recalled the first time going out for dinner with Qin Yang – when the two won the championship on Demon God, and they also ate Sichuanese food at the restaurant near to the motel. They also drank a lot of beer, and He Jin was then brought to bed by Qin Yang…He Jin felt that his ears were getting hot, and he quickly wiped the memory away.


When the dishes were served, the two chatted and ate for a while, and He Jin decided to dive into a more serious matter.

“Duan Shurong,” he put down his chopsticks and he sat straightly, “in fact, the reason why I invited you for dinner is because I wanted to tell you…”

Before Duan Shurong heard the full sentence, she suddenly froze. There was a strange look on her face, yet she wasn’t looking at He Jin at that time. Instead, she was looking at someone behind He Jin.


He Jin found it weird. When he was about to turn back, he felt a sharp pain on his arm, and his whole body was violently dragged behind.


After a “dong” sound, his chair fell, and Duan Shurong screamed with her hand covering her mouth. He Jin didn’t even have the time to see who’s pulling him, he was just being dragged all the way out of the restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant was looking at them, someone even stood up and took pictures of him.




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