With much difficulty, He Jin turned his head and saw a very familiar figure — “Qin Yang…!” He screamed in fear.


Qin Yang was dragging He Jin out all the way, there was a burgundy retro mini-suv parked across the street. He pulled the door open and pushed He Jin into the rear seat roughly.

Duan Shurong watched her date being taken away by a handsome young man. After a while, she reacted and decided to chase along, but what was left for her was only the light of the red car driven frantically away.

“Qin…Qin Yang!” He Jin panicked for a while, and he reacted after waiting for a long time behind the seat. He patted the back of the driver’s seat and asked, “how come you’re here?! What were you just doing…”

“Shut up!” Qin Yang interrupted him roughly. And when there’s a red light, he wouldn’t think twice before driving the car fiercely through.

He Jin was nervous and he looked pale. He switched on his bracelet and was going to call Duan Shurong. Qin Yang saw what he’s doing through the rearview, and he threatened He Jin, “if you dare to call her, I’ll rape you right here and right now!”


He Jin, “…”


There was a temporary extra work arrangement for Qin Yang. He started recording programs from 6am to noon. Then, he booked a flight ticket to Q city and he immediately flew there without hesitation. For three consecutive days, he had less than 8 hours of sleep.


When he reached Q city, he immediately got a record from Xiao Zhou. The record stated that He Jin had attended 18 blind dates in three years, and there was even one arranged for that night!


In average, he had one blind date every 6 months, instead of once every two months. Haha, not bad!


Didn’t he say that he loved me? Didn’t he say that he would never leave me? How dare he cheated me!!


When Qin Yang thought of how the two had the most vigorous times ever in the hotel room last Saturday, and how He Jin managed to chat and laugh with this unknown girl in a restaurant, he almost exploded!

Q city is not big, Qin Yang was driving even more fiercely on the main road. Very soon, they were out of the city center.

“Slow down, Qin Yang, drive more slowly…” God knows how many red lights Qin Yang had ignored. The speed was now over 180, He Jin grabbed his fists and tried to remind him.

There weren’t many people in the suburbs. He Jin thought that Qin Yang would continue to drive fast. Unexpectedly, he stepped on the brake suddenly and He Jin almost flew out. He breathed while covering his chest and his heart almost jumped out.

Qin Yang unfastened his seat belt, pulled out the car key and got out of the car. He pressed the door lock and locked He Jin in the car.

He Jin didn’t know where he was going. He was in a hurry to press the window button, but it was locked. He looked at Qin Yang through the car window. Qin Yang didn’t go far, he was just 5 to 6 meters away. He got a pack of cigarettes in his pocket, lit a cigarette and started smoking on a side of the road.

Qin Yang was sure that if he stayed in the same space with He Jin for one more minute, there might be a car accident. He saw a big truck passing by and thought that it might be a good idea to just run the car into it and die with He Jin!

There were several missed calls from Duan Shurong and a few unread messages. She was asking him what’s going on, she was so anxious that she was going to call the police.


After looking at Qin Yang not so far away, he replied her while his hands were shaking, “I’m fine, that person is my ex. When we were having dinner, I was about to tell you that I can’t start with you, I’m sorry…I’ll transfer you the money of the dinner.” He Jin bit his lips and added, “Duan Shurong, let’s not contact each other anymore. You deserve better.”

He Jin clicked send, sent 300 yuan to Duan Shurong, then switched off his bracelet. After doing these, He Jin saw that Qin Yang was walking back with an aggressive look. He felt weak and didn’t know what to do.


Qin Yang unlocked the door, opened the rear seat and shouted, “get out.”

He Jin whispered Qin Yang’s name, looked at his eyebrows in fear, then got out of the car slowly.

Qin Yang grabbed his arm and pulled him out. He Jin’s back hit on the door. Qin Yang then kissed him immediately.


He Jin’s eyes widened. He was sober, and for sure, he couldn’t let Qin Yang do whatever he wanted. He shook his head and wanted to hide.

Qin Yang pressed him against the door of the car and pressed his mouth hard. “Hey!” He Jin snorted painfully, his lips just got healed not long ago and now it got torn open again. He Jin finally knew where the smell of cigarette came from.

“…Qin Yang!” He Jin pushed Qin Yang away and he was panting. His voice was shaking and he was saying something against his will, “we’ve already broken up.”


— there shouldn’t be any more struggles with you. Don’t come to look for me anymore. You know that I have no way to resist you.


Qin Yang stretched his hand and locked him in his arms. He looked fierce and he was much louder than He Jin, “if you have the guts to, say it once more!”


He Jin, “we…we…”


Qin Yang grabbed his chin and said fiercely, “look at me! And say it again! Say that you want to break up with me! Say it !!!”

He Jin was shivering all over. His eyes were wet, but he just couldn’t say it.

Qin Yang grabbed his wrist and started to shake it, he roared, “you broke up with me, and look at how you treated yourself these three years! Look at yourself! Are you abusing yourself or abusing me? Huh?!”


He Jin felt very emotional and his tears kept running out, he broke down and roared back, “you…why did you have to do this to me?! I told you already that we’re not possible. What are you even doing…don’t make me suffer anymore, please!”


“Make you suffer? I’m making you suffer?!” Qin Yang grabbed his wrist and knocked on the door, he was so angry that there was a layer of moist in his eyes as well, but he was forcing his tears back. He continued yelling, “when you were with me the other day and begging me not to leave you, and when you told me to save you, what was it about then? When you were begging me, how come you didn’t say that I was making you suffer, huh?!”

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