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Chapter 152 – One problem solved

He Jin hasn’t been on the game for three years, and he hadn’t seen Dumpling for that long as well. Indeed, He Jin missed Dumpling a lot. Although it’s just a virtual baby in the game, every time he thought of how Dumpling called him “daddy” before he left the game, He Jin felt pretty sad.


“Are you still on the game now?” He Jin asked Qin Yang.


Qin Yang remembered that He Jin didn’t even take away his helmet after leaving the game, so he complained a bit, “since you didn’t, what’s the point of still logging in? To guard an empty house?” In fact, Qin Yang was also too busy to go online, and even if he did, he would just look at Dumpling with each other, which would only make it sadder.


He Jin stuttered, “…wasn’t Dumpling there for you?”


Qin Yang got angry when he thought of this, “do you think that saying all those words to Dumpling before leaving means that you could leave all your responsibilities behind as well? This is called ending something that you shouldn’t have started!”


He Jin, “!!!” Did Qin Yang already knew what he’d told Dumpling? Orz…


He seemed to know what He Jin was thinking, and he snorted lightly, “didn’t you know that Dumpling has a recording function?”


“I, I didn”t know…” He Jin couldn’t help feeling guilty. After thinking about it, he decided to apologize again, “I’m sorry.”


Qin Yang sighed, “forget it, I don’t care anymore about the past, remember to make it up for me in the future.”


He Jin responded, “I’ll join your company. Send me the concrete info and situation and I’ll have a further look these days.”


Qin Yang finally sounded happier, “there’s no rush. You should take the opportunity to rest up these few days. Spend more time with your parents, as you’ll be very busy.”


He Jin also asked Qin Yang about the friends that they’d made in the game. He knew that everyone was still in it, but ever since the hologram of “Demon God”, new players kept joining, and as what Qin Yang had expected, there was a group of professional players specialized in team games, Qin Yang had been busy with work for the past three years, and his ranking had long been replaced by someone else. “Fire Ruthless” and “Dead Water” had long become the “legendary” characters.


“Everyone has become a life player, they plant, download copies, brush some achievements. Not long ago, ‘Demon God’ was upgraded again and it started allowing same sex marriages. It also became more flexible regarding having babies. Now, you just need to be married for 3 years to lay an egg. Wild Crane is pregnant…Dead Water and Nine Hall His Highness got married.”

“Oh!” He Jin almost spit out some blood, “are they together?”


Qin Yang laughed, “how is it possible? I guess it’s only because after seeing Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane showing affection publicly, they got jealous too. They’re also curious about the same sex marriage, and I think they’re only trying it for fun.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang, “when you’re online, you could ask them the actual situation. They all miss you and often ask me when you’ll be back.”


After hanging up, He Jin suddenly felt emotional. When he chose to escape from this world, the world never stopped changing.


When he returned home with the box, mother He was very surprised, “how come you’re home so early today?”


He Jin was ready to be lectured, “I quit my job.”


Mother He’s face turned pale, then green, after a few seconds, there was a very loud screaming sound in the He family, “He!”


A few days later, He Jin was standing in the kitchen to help his mother peel garlic, and the two still weren’t talking. His mother was holding a kitchen knife and chopping the pork on the cutting board. When He Jin was listening to the thrilling sound of the meat being chopped, he couldn’t help but get a little scared.


The third day after he resigned, He Jin had been staying at home. He got up early and went to bed early. He even helped his mother to do housework. His mother didn’t scold him nor beat him, yet she still looked very angry all the time. He Jin was sure that his mother was treating the pork on the chopping board as He Jin’s… (= _ =)


“Go and buy a bag of cooking wine!” Mother He looked at He Jin fiercely, who seemed to have nothing to do after peeling the garlic.


“Okay!” He Jin hurriedly stood up, wiped his hands, took his wallet and keys and went downstairs.

As soon as he went out, He Jin felt more relieved. The atmosphere at home was too depressing. He ran downstairs and looked at his bracelet. He was about to take this opportunity to call Qin Yang, and suddenly, a sudden blast of air hit him, he was hugged by someone the next second!


He Jin screamed and his eyes were wide open, “Qin Yang?”


Qin Yang was wearing a pair of sunglasses, the corners of his mouth raised and he was having an evil smile. He held He Jin to turn a circle, held his head and kissed him immediately. He Jin passively hugged him back, their tongues and lips were entangled.

After kissing for a few seconds, He Jin finally reacted and he was eager to break free. He nervously looked around, it’s exactly downstairs and the people who lived in this neighborhood were all people at the same age as his parents, and they were all very traditional people. If any of his neighbors saw them kissing, his parents might not be able to live there anymore!


“How come you’re here!” He Jin couldn’t move his eyes away from Qin Yang, and there’s an inexplicable happiness in them, “why didn’t you tell me before?”


“I wanted to give you a surprise,” Qin Yang was holding him without letting go. He stretched his neck like a bird and touched He Jin’s face, “I missed you, did you miss me?”


While watching the surrounding environment, He Jin’s eyes were flashing and he said honestly, “I missed you.” Of course he did, every day, every hour and every moment. There’s no longer any need to restrain or hide. He could miss Qin Yang as much as he wanted.


Qin Yang buried his face in He Jin’s neck and couldn’t stop kissing him. He hadn’t seen He Jin for three weeks, and it’s like three years already. “How come you smell of garlic?” Qin Yang slightly frowned, although he didn’t smell good, he still didn’t let He Jin go.

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