“I was just helping my mother to peel garlic.” He Jin suddenly thought of the task that he’s ought to do, “oh! I need to buy some cooking wine! You’re here…what…what to do…”


“What else can I do? I just came to see you. I was thinking to call you to come downstairs and now that you’re here…since you wouldn’t let me enter your place, I’ll just stay in my car and sleep.” Qin Yang seemed to be complaining.


He Jin looked at him and he struggled for a moment before saying, “come upstairs with me.”


Qin Yang’s eyes flashed suddenly, “really? Is it really okay?”


He Jin tilted his head, “but I’m not sure whether my mom will kick you out.”


Qin Yang was so excited that he seemed to glow, he hugged He Jin and the two went up, “the brave soldier is not afraid for battles. We’ll see what to do when I’m kicked out!”


He Jin dragged him, “wait up! I still have to get cooking wine!”


Qin Yang, “okay, it’s good idea. We’ll get something. It doesn’t look good empty-handed.”


The two arrived at a supermarket nearby. Qin Yang was wearing a hat, a pair of sunglasses and a scarf, but he still caught a lot of attention. After three years of living like a celebrity, his whole temperament became really different from ordinary people.

In crowded places, He Jin dared not get too close to him. He went to the area with the seasonings and picked several bottles of wine. Qin Yang was choosing wines in the gift area, and he didn’t really have a preference. When seeing He Jin approaching, he asked, “what does your mother like?”


He Jin thought that even if Qin Yang gave his mother gold or jewelry, his mother might not like it either. However, he didn’t want to say it so bluntly. Instead, he jokingly said, “just get anything you find. We’re just going to have dinner, not proposing marriage.”


Qin Yang pouted and took a box of the most expensive bird’s nest. Then, he grabbed He Jin’s bottle of cooking wine and went to check out together.


He Jin followed him and his heart was beating faster and faster. At this moment, he suddenly had a feeling that he was going to “bring his boyfriend home”.


When they walked out of the supermarket, He Jin asked, “aren’t you going to get something for my dad?”


“Didn’t you tell me that your dad likes smoking?” Qin Yang pointed to the mini-suv that he’d parked outside He Jin’s home, “I have two packs of good cigarettes in the car, someone gave them to me in the last event.”

He Jin looked at the car and asked, “did you buy this car recently?” When he was in the car last time, he found that it smelled all new.


Qin Yang glanced at him and laughed, “I initially thought that I had to play hide-and-seek with you in Q city for some time, then I decided to buy a car, so that I could catch you and xxx with you in the car.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang, “I didn’t expect you to leave with me so soon. And I still don’t know what to do with this car. Do your parents drive? Perhaps I could just put it in your place, and you could drive it when you’re back.”


“My parents don’t drive.” He Jin had obtained his driving license the previous year, and since mother He had insisted that it should be the wife who got a car, he hadn’t had a chance to practice at all. When hearing Qin Yang say that, He Jin felt a little complicated. When he thought deeper, it could be counted as a “wedding gift” from Qin Yang.


“What are you laughing at?” Qin Yang saw that He Jin was trying not to laugh, and he couldn’t kiss him so openly since they were on the streets, he pinched his face instead.


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang took the two pack of cigarettes in the car, one was from Zhongnanhai and one was from Malboro. There were also several packages of iron panda. He took the bird’s nest as well and headed to He Jin’s home.

He Jin had to spend half an hour to buy a bottle of cooking wine, mother He was already very anxious. When she heard the door open, she immediately walked out of the kitchen with an angry face. She wanted to catch He Jin and scold him immediately. Unexpectedly, he saw He Jin with a strange young man who’s half a head taller.


“Mom…” He Jin called his mom weakly, he took the lead to lead Qin Yang into the apartment. After taking the things from his hands, he put them on the table. Father He also stood up from his sofa with a stunned look, “…this is?”


Qin Yang took off his sunglasses and hat, revealing his exquisite and handsome features, his deep eyes didn’t avoid the look of He Jin’s parents at all. He said respectfully, “Dad, Mom.”


The He family, “…”


He Jin twisted him and scolded him with embarrassment, “who are you calling!”


God knows that these words – “Dad, Mom” were fatal to his parents who once lost their son!


Mother He was quite shaky and she couldn’t concentrate. She almost passed out. He Jin was sure that his mother was incredibly overwhelmed…

Father He also stiffened, and the wrinkles on his face loosened and tightened simultaneously.


Qin Yang looked at father He, who should be easier to approach, then pointed to the cigarettes on the table, “Dad, I’ve heard from He Jin that you like smoking. Since I was in a hurry, I am not so well prepared. Here is a little gift for you, I hope you’ll like it. Next time, I’ll surely prepare something better.”


Father He looked at the cigarettes on the table as if he’d seen a table of glowing gold. His cheeks soon became red and he started smiling as well. He nodded slightly and patted the sofa, “come and sit.”


He Jin and mother He, “…”


Qin Yang clenched his fist and screamed “yes” in his heart. Yay! One is taken!


He Jin looked at his father who’d been bought for two packs of cigarettes and he was speechless.


Qin Yang looked at mother He again, who stepped back subconsciously. She was still looking at this handsome young man who looked like someone coming out of the TV. When Qin Yang took a step forward, she’d take a step back. It’s like she’s been scared and didn’t know how to react.


“Mom ~” Qin Yang filled his face with a wide smile and called affectionately. Since he could conquer the hearts of all women in the world, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t do so for He Jin’s mother.


The brave one will always win no matter how difficult the path is!


Seeing that Qin Yang was approaching nearer and nearer, mother He was totally defenseless.

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