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Chapter 153 – Wholehearted dedication

The apartment of He family was only about 80m² big, there was a door between the kitchen and the living room. Also, the sliding door was very old and it had been stuck in the middle of the wall for a long time.


Therefore, as soon as Qin Yang looked up, he could see the back of He Jin and mother He in the kitchen. And he didn’t have to worry about He Jin being scolded by his mother.

Qin Yang sat down on the sofa. Father He seemed a little uncomfortable, yet he still couldn’t help but ask the handsome young guy next to him, “young guy, what’s your name?”


Qin Yang told father He his name. He also asked Qin Yang how old he was and where he’s from, Qin Yang answered accordingly.


“Oh, so you’re one year younger than He Jin.” Father He looked at Qin Yang somewhat thoughtfully, and he seemed to be thinking also the status of He Jin in their relationship, as well as how proactive he was.


Mother He was in the kitchen steaming meat and eggs without any facial expression, yet she was still paying attention to their conversation in the living room. He Jin was also listening to them carefully. He was still shocked by the way Qin Yang called his parents “Dad” and “Mom”, and he felt so embarrassed about it. Who’d call someone’s parents “Dad” and “Mom” when they meet for the first time? He’s really abnormal!

Qin Yang answered, “well, I’m one year younger than him, but usually people can’t tell. Whenever I’m with him, I always feel like he’s younger.”


The He family, “…”


Mother He glanced at her son, her way of looking was so complex, it almost looked like she could burn two holes on He Jin’s body.


He Jin complained in his heart, “what younger? Who’s more childish actually? He’s too shameless!”


Father He also struggled in his heart. Judging from their appearances, it’s quite obvious that his son was the one being protected. All in all, Qin Yang was tall and strong and his son was weaker and gentler…however, as a father who’s straight himself, it’s something that’s really hard to accept.


Father He asked again, “what are you working as?”


After hearing this, He Jin suddenly felt very nervous, he’s really worried that Qin Yang would answer something like “I’m a celebrity”. His parents didn’t really watch entertainment shows, and they knew nothing about celebrities either. That’s why they hadn’t recognized Qin Yang.  Although it might sound interesting, for a pair of traditional parents like He Jin’s, it could be a bomb…

“This is a bit complicated,” Qin Yang paused and explained to his father patiently, “I started a few companies myself, some in the catering service industry, while some in the game and entertainment industry, but the one with the largest amount of investment is about the production of ‘intelligent products’. This will be a popular trend in the electronic technology field in the future, and it is also an emerging industry. You may not understand what I say. Let me give you an example. We are now developing a robotic baby that looks like a child. This robotic baby will be with wings and it can fly. Its existence is like a pet, yet it’ll much smarter than cats and dogs. It knows what human beings are thinking about, it can even talk and interact with you, help you to take pictures, pick up calls for you, remind you to do exercises, help you to check your sleep quality…”


Father He was stunned, “is it really that powerful?”


Qin Yang smiled, “I invested tens of millions of dollars here, but I have too many things to manage, I can’t take care of this company alone. That’s why I invited He Jin to help me with it.”


Father He finally understood why He Jin resigned. However, he’s still a little worried, “but it seems that it has nothing to do with what He Jin’s used to doing.”


Qin Yang, “how come? He Jin studied human resources before. Everyone company needs HR management. Also, since He Jin is so smart, I’m sure he’ll learn fast even without my help.”

He Jin, “…” Qin Yang’s really good at exaggerating!

Father He moved his lips. After hearing what Qin Yang had said, he’d finally realized that he’d become old. Young people have their own thoughts, and even though he wanted to help, he couldn’t anymore.


Mother He was silently listening to their conversation in the kitchen. She took out some garlic seedlings and bacon from the fridge and she asked He Jin to wash the garlic seedlings. He Jin took them without a word. He was actually quite happy – his mother seemed to be willing to cook more dishes!


Mother He started heating the wok, and the smell was quickly dispersed from the kitchen to the living room. Seeing that he couldn’t help much, He Jin was going to walk out of the kitchen. Then, his mother immediately scolded him, “what are you doing? Stay here!”


He Jin, “…”


When mother He started to serve the dishes, He Jin was handing the plates to his mother, then took them to the dining room. Every time he walked out, Qin Yang would look at He Jin affectionately. Father He saw it and he felt a bit sour in his heart. He’s almost 70 years old and apparently, there were still new life values for him to learn.

After all the five dishes and one soup were done, father He was still chatting with Qin Yang. Mother He angrily put the soup on the table and started scolding father He, “He Liguo! Can’t you chat a little less? After he called you ‘Dad’ once and see what you’re doing! Are you in a hurry to send you son away? Come and have dinner!”


Father He, “…”


The father and son were silent. There’s only Qin Yang who kept his smiling face. He actively invited father He to the table and he said while staring at the dishes, “mom, they smell so nice! Such hard work!”


Mother He reacted like she hadn’t heard it, she went back to the kitchen and started washing the plates and pots. He Jin handed Qin Yang a pair of chopsticks and glared at him, he told Qin Yang not to call his mother “Mom” again. Qin Yang still looked at him affectionately, making He Jin feel numb all over his body.


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