Chapter 44 Part 1


Qi Leren was so excited at being embraced that he couldn’t even say anything. After quite a while of trying to drum up courage, he finally patted his goddess on the back.


She released him, looking at his face with concern.


Intoxicated by the sight of her pretty blue eyes, he stared into her glass-like eyes, finding his own reflection within: pale, shuddering, like a sad quail who’d almost drowned.


Perhaps because of how sad he looked, his goddess carefully wrapped an extra coat around him, picking him up in her arms and walking deeper into the cave.


Being picked up in a bridal carry, Qi Leren: “…”


This was a little too embarrassing. Maybe he should just cover his face.


The pathway that seemed endless when he was being pursued by the dragon earlier now seemed quite short. Before long, his goddess’s footsteps came to a halt. Qi Leren, who had been embarrassed enough to cover his face and pretend to be asleep glanced out from his hands, only to meet the gaze of his goddess. With a pause, he pressed his fingers together again.


This was even more embarrassing now. How was he going to confront this now when he turned back?


The two went deeper into the cave, and Qi Leren was finally put down. He shuddered, the thick coat on his body still not enough to help him stand up from how cold he was. His goddess quickly grabbed some firewood from her bag, warming the air up, and he could finally sigh a breath of relief, shuffling closer to the fire and extending his hands to warm them above the flames.

His goddess sat beside him, pulling his hands over to put medicine on them.


His hands were still icy cold and covered in wounds from struggling onshore, but his goddess’s hands were extremely warm. With a frown, she carefully used alcohol on his cuts. When it touched his open wounds, he cried out, trying to pull his hands back like he had been electrocuted. But his goddess grabbed his wrists with unusual strength, coldly plucking the stray bits of rock within even as he teared up in pain, trying not to cry in front of his ideal goddess.


Perhaps moved by his expression, his goddess hesitated, reaching out to caress his head stiffly to encourage him. After he glanced at her with an odd look, she withdrew her hand and kept tending to his wounds.


After both hands were dealt with and bandaged, plus his scraped forehead cared for as well, Qi Leren touched the bandage strip on his head and spoke up without reservation. “Goddess, you’ve done such a good job!”


Her cheeks shone slightly red in the firelight, but she still said nothing.


But Qi Leren couldn’t help but keep thinking more and more. The fact that his goddess was so familiar when it came to caring for wounds must mean she got hurt a lot and suffered a lot in the past. The more he thought about it the more it made him sad, and his gaze in her direction became more and more loving.


The big black bird she’d sent out finally returned as well. It seemed to have the ability to hone in on its master’s location, flying through countless complex tunnels to return to her side. Seeing the sad state of Qi Leren, it finally didn’t make fun of him, instead tilting its head to the side and watching him before jumping to his shoulder and nuzzling him on the face.


Being spoiled with a rub on the face was shocking, almost moreso than his goddess embracing him!


Thankfully the bird returned to his goddess’s side before long, letting Qi Leren sigh in relief. He was even less used to it being affectionate than it making fun of him. Perhaps he was used to being tortured at this point…


The warmth of the fire made Qi Leren feel a lot better. Accepting the hot water his goddess passed him, he took a sip to drive away the cold in his stomach and sighed with satisfaction. His goddess took out a towel and sat behind him, drying his wet hair. Water in hands, Qi Leren sat there obediently, thinking to himself that his goddess might be seemingly cold but her personality was actually quite warm, the best kind of girl, really.


Strange thoughts filled his mind as he sat there having his hair dried, like how old his goddess could be now, why she never spoke…and of course her name.


“You said you’d tell me your name!” Qi Leren suddenly blurted out.


She stopped wiping down his hair for a moment, but didn’t say anything. A moment later, she continued to dry his hair again with gentle motions.


Qi Leren didn’t know what to do so instead he just sat there nervously, pretending like he hadn’t said anything in the first place.


His hair was dried carefully, and then combed from top to bottom until it was neat on his shoulders. She took away the towel and comb, sitting down next to him and taking his hands wrapped in bandages. On his wrist she wrote her name: Ning Zhou.


Goddess, even your name is beautiful! Qi Leren was completely satisfied with her whole existence already, to the point that no matter what her name might have been he probably would’ve liked it.


“Ning Zhou…” Qi Leren muttered it, smiling bright. “My name is Qi Leren. I’ve said this before, right?”


Ning Zhou nodded, her pretty yet serious face somehow blossoming into a small smile.


Goddess, goddess has smiled at me! I can die satisfied! Qi Leren was so excited, blinking at her to express his admiration. Seeming to receive his signal, his goddess’s ears turned bright red and she looked down from his gaze.


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