Chapter 44 Part 2

She was too cute! Long legs, beautiful face, the flower of the caves and a shy girl! It was difficult to control himself with all this!


Qi Leren felt his whole body fill with strength, to the point where he wasn’t even afraid to fight the dragon again.


Seeing that her hair and clothes were still wet, Qi Leren asked shily, “I can help you dry your hair?”


Shaking her head, Ning Zhou took his hand, writing on his wrist, “Sleep a while.”


Pulling his outer layer around him, Qi Leren nodded. After doing everything his energy was completely depleted. Especially since just an hour ago he had just saved his game over and over again, being able to last this long was honestly him just forcing himself. By the time he lay down on the ground his exhaustion enveloped him, stopping him from even opening his eyes. Wrapping his blanket around him, he lay down.


Even in a dangerous environment, he managed to fall asleep without much care. This time there were no confusing, nerve-wracking dreams to disturb his sleep. He fell into a silent world.


Between waking and dreaming, he curled up from the cold. Someone adjusted the blankets on him and put a coat over him as well.


Waking up, Qi Leren sat up from the ground, looking around blankly.


The blanket covering him and the coat slipped off. Scratching his head, Qi Leren finally remembered where he was.


Ning Zhou’s black bird flapped its wings and arrived by his side, its big black eyes fixed on him.


“Where’s my goddess?” Glancing around, Qi Leren didn’t find her. He was beginning to get nervous, but since her bird was right here she couldn’t have gone far.


“Cleaning, cleaning.” The black bird had understood him. Although its tone was weird, it did answer his question.


“You can understand what people are saying?” Qi Leren was shocked. All this time he’d assumed it was just imitating human speech.


The bird pecked at his leg in anger. Seemed like it really did understand after all.


It was worthy of his goddess after all! A bird that could understand human language!


While the two were glaring at each other, Ning Zhou had returned with Anna’s body. Focusing on Anna’s waist, Qi Leren discovered that her belt had disappeared with her death. When he was still in the Twilight Realm Su He had told him that if a player died, everything they carried would disappear, even their belt. Therefore it was very difficult to gain skill cards by killing other players, unless you force them to hand them over before death. But in that case, the items would become illegal and basically impossible to trade, and would be easily tracked down and judged.


Seeing Qi Leren was awake, she nodded emotionlessly, gesturing for him to follow.


Getting up hurriedly, Qi Leren returned the coat to her and followed close behind.


The cave was deeper than Qi Leren had imagined. They had to walk for quite a while longer before finally arriving before the sealed tower.


A high tower quite similar to the tower of the swamp stood tall in the huge underground cave, surrounded by white bones like the one that had greeted them at the entrance. Qu Leren touched the area below the tower, and a hint similar to the one at the swamp tower greeted him.


Ning Zhou glanced at him, throwing Anna’s body onto the ground and signaled for him to release the seal.


“Me? No, no, you go.” Qi Leren wasn’t about to take advantage of his goddess, shaking his head to say no. Ning Zhou didn’t say anything, gazing at him quietly without moving.


With her staring at him like this, Qi Leren could only lower his head and stare downwards, explaining, “You’ve saved me so many times, after all. You should be the one.”


Ning Zhou grabbed his wrist, writing on his arm, “Do what I say.”


She wanted him to obey! Qi Leren’s mouth hung open, thinking on whether he’d been disobedient or not. Wasn’t he trying to be nice now?


Fine, he would listen…


Qi Leren was already itching to open up the seal on his own anyways, and now he could satisfy that urge. He jumped up, preparing to pull the body toward the tower, almost falling over. Anna was…pretty heavy…


Already familiar with the sensation of his body not being able to give its all, Qi Leren rubbed his hands together and prepared to go again. But his goddess couldn’t watch this go on any longer. Lifting the body, she threw it before the tower, urging him to hurry up with her gaze.


Qi Leren wasn’t about to slack off either. He placed his bandaged hand on the tower, and the totem beneath the bandages glowed. Countless tiny particles flew toward the tower, surrounding the tower like a halo. After a moment, the top of the tower was surrounded by a blue beam of light that penetrated the stone wall on top, shooting into the heavens.


The seal undone, it was time to open the box. Qi Leren’s finger clicked against the floating treasure chest, opening it up.


[Elementary Combat] (Non-binding skill): Per title, equipping will allow elementary close-body combat skills.


Qi Leren was exasperated by the skill card. What a lazy description! Plus, he didn’t have enough card slots right now, meaning he’d have to figure out which card to take out.


Reaching deeper into the box, he found a map that, just like the swamp tower’s map, was only a fragment of a larger picture. For a moment, Qi Leren forgot about his goddess, reading intently. He took out pen and paper, jotting down a sketch of Lu Youxin’s map.


“Goddess, check it out! I’ve seen another map in the swamp tower. The two can be combined, which should be the next place we can go.”


Ning Zhou glanced at it, nodding at him.


The admiration in her eyes must mean I’m capable! Qi Leren was encouraged by his goddess’s gaze, and he thumped his own chest. “I’m very good at leading the way, so don’t worry. When we open up the sacrificial earth palace, I’ll take you there. No problem!”


His goddess’s bird suddenly spoke in an odd tone, “Sir, I will lead the way for you, no problem!”


Glancing at her bird, and then at Qi Leren’s embarrassed, angry expression, Ning Zhou seemed confused.


Qi Leren: When the weather gets cold, let’s just cook this damn bird.



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