Vol 1 Chapter 1 Jadeon

Mount Jadeon is the highest mountain located in the Central Plain. To the west of the mountain is the river Hong Chuan; to the east lay Sunstream City; its geographic location is significant.

Mount Jadeon stretches for hundreds of miles and has seven peaks. Each peak reaches from into the clouds. Forest, rare ores, animals, waterfalls, and many of its other features are known world-wide.

However, the most famous aspect of Mount Jadeon is the faction which resides there — Jadeon

Jadeon had a long history, having been established more than two thousand years ago. Now, the faction is the leader of the Good. It was said that the founder of Jadeon was a wandering fortune teller, traveling throughout the world. At the age of forty-nine, he pa.s.sed by Mount Jadeon; he could see the great spiritual power of it. Immediately he proceeded to transcend the mountain. Within a secret cave located there he unearthed an ancient tome. The tome contained a number of different types of magic; all of them were very powerful.

So, for twenty years, he inhabited the cave and studied the tome; doing so he achieved a little of its attainment. After he left Jadeon, although he could not be the single strongest individual in the world, he was among the highest in strength. Subsequently, he returned to Mount Jadeon and founded a faction by the same name: Jadeon. The tome was comprised of Taoist ideas and, as such, he also dressed in appropriately Taoist clothing. He began to refer to himself as “Mister Jadeon.” Later people referred to him as Master Jadeon.

Master Jadeon died at the age of three hundred and sixty-seven years and left behind ten adopted disciples. Before his death he told them: “According to my knowledge, Mount Jadeon is a rare spiritual location. We Jadeon maintain control over this mountain. We will burgeon into the largest of all factions; never relinquish this mountain. You must remember! Must remember!”

All ten of the disciples nodded and believed the words of Master Jadeon. After a hundred years, as the G.o.ds love to play tricks on people; or, that Master Jadeon’s prediction was somehow incorrect, Jadeon did not become the largest faction. Instead, its strength was diminishing.

Out of the ten disciples many met unfortunate ends; two died early, four more were killed during duels, one was permanently disable, another disappeared. Only two disciples remained and, after another fifty years, the occurrence of an earthquake took the life of another, leaving only one of the initial ten alive. Because of the tome that Master Jadeon had located, many conflicts arose; if Master Jadeon had not left some powerful defense seals, Jadeon would already be gone.

As such events continued over four hundred years Jadeon still showed no signs of rising. All six of the peaks had been ransacked and taken control of except for the lone Peak of Widows. Bandits had now inhabited the other six peaks as their base. Many people thought Jadeon was behind all this; however, no matter how hard Jadeon tried to explain and to drive the bandits away, they could not establish the strength to complete the task.

Until thirteen hundred years ago, situations begun to shift.

Perhaps, Master Jadeon’s predictions began to take hold, or the G.o.ds were growing weary and no longer fooling humans. At that time, in the eleventh generation, a disciple arose who is gift; and who, in the future, will be leader of all—-Master Jade Leaf.

After he entered into Jadeon, he took only a year to learn everything that Wu Feng Zi, Jade Leaf’s master, had to teach him. After a second year he could almost defeat Wu Feng Zi in cultivation. Wu Feng Zi is so happy and surprised by the outcome that he pa.s.sed the tome to Jade Leaf. Jade Leaf went to the Moontop Hollow where he remained for thirteen years without leaving.

The night he emerged from Moontop Hollow was full moon and that night the entire Peak of Widows was lit as though it were morning. Strong wind arose, the roar of dragons filled the Mount Jadeon, a violet light struck at the sky, then Moontop Hollow opened, Maser Jadeon Leaf came out with white hair and light surrounding him; everyone thought he had become an immortal.

He then smiled to Wu Feng Zi, “Master please wait, disciple (note1) need to finish something. I will return tomorrow.”

No one understood what he meant; the next day, Master Jade Leaf returned having slain the bandits on the other six peaks. Master Jade Leaf suddenly became the most famous person.

After one year had pa.s.sed, Wu Feng Zi pa.s.sed the Head of Jadeon to Master Jade Leaf. In fifty years, Jadeon became one of the main factions, and after two hundred years, Jadeon became the leader of the Good.

Master Jade Leaf died at the age of seven hundred and fifty, but only had seven disciples. Seven peaks were given to seven disciples. The main peak is Peak of Widows, where the Head of Jadeon live.

Now, Jadeon maintained nearly a thousand disciples. It was the main faction alongside Skysong and Incense; and, the Head of Jadeon, Master Doyel Shen, was the strongest person in the world.


At the foot of Jadeon, fifty miles North West from Sunstream City, there was a village by the name of “Gra.s.stemple Village.” The village consisted of around forty houses of families. They traded firewood with Jadeon to earn money. People from the village saw Jadeon were flying around everyday and, because of such, they saw Jadeon as G.o.ds; Jadeon always take care of the villagers.

That day, dark clouds were coming.

The Mount Jadeon with dark cloud above it appeared to be a little frightening.

The villagers, however, have seen such phenomena thousands of times. No one even bothers to pay heed to it and the children, of course, don’t care.

“Brat, where are you going?” a shout, with a little laughter, came from a large child, around ten years old leading four to five other children all chasing one more. The boy running away was about two years younger than the large child. With a smile on his face he continued running and turned his face back sometime to make a grimace.

“Shaw Danon, I dare you to keep running!” the big kid shouted again.

Shaw Danon responded, “you think I am idiot!” then he ran even faster.

As they ran, they got closer to the broken temple at the east of the village.

Shaw Danon rushed into the temple, and got tripped by the bottom of the door. The child from behind jumped and sat on him, and the big kid laughed, “I caught you.”

Shaw Danon rolled his eyes, “that doesn’t count. You cheated, how does that count?”

The boy blinked and said, “when did I cheat?”

Shaw Danon said, “Baye, you dare to say you didn’t put the door down there?”

Baye shouted, “no way!”

Shaw Danon turned his head, and not gave in. Baye became furious. He grabbed Shaw Danon’s neck, said angrily, “if I catch you, you lose. You give up?”

Shaw Danon didn’t listen.

Baye tightened his grip, “you give up?”

Shaw Danon’s face began to turn red, but still not saying a word.

The more angry Baye became, the more strength he used, and was repeating the same word over and over again.

Other kids began to step back, leaving two ignorant children.

Suddenly a Buddhist phrase came out from the temple, “Amitabha, stop it.”

A bony hand appeared, a flick on Baye’s hand. Baye felt like he was being shocked by lighting, his hands let go.

Shaw Danon took a deep breath. They looked at each other and reflected on what just happened.

Baye said, “Xiao Fan, sorry, I didn’t know…”

Shaw Danon shook his head, “I am alright. Huh, who are you?”

They looked at the temple and saw an old monk standing there, wearing an old ca.s.sock, dirty from top to bottom. His hand held a string of jade prayer beads with green glow. There was a dark purple orb mixed between the jade beads.

Note 1: not using “I” is a respect way to say to others.

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