Vol 1 Chapter 2 Confuse

The old monk did not respond. He peered down at the boys, looked at Baye a few more moments then thought “very good potential, but why such a bad temper?”

Shaw Danon stepped forward and said “hey, who are you? Why have I never seen you before?”

Gra.s.stemple Village was near Jadeon. The inhabitants were mainly Taoist (Dagos); so, Buddhists (Fuwa) were rare near here which was why Shaw Danon was curious.

The old monk looked at him with a smile on his face and responded, “Young donor, your life was at stake. All you needed to do is give up. Had this old monk not helped you, you might have died already!”

Shaw Danon stood there a moment and thought about what the old monk had just said; however, he could not find an answer for him. All he could do was stand there.

Baye glared at the old monk and pulled on Shaw Danon’s hand saying, “Xiao Fan, this old monk is weird, don’t bother with him.” Then Baye pulled Shaw Danon out of the temple; the other children followed behind them.

Shaw Danon looked back at the temple. The sky was getting dark, but he was still able to see the old monk in the standing in the temple lonely, but the face was getting fuzzy.



Thunder roared. The night wind blew. The dark clouds were coming.

A storm was coming, with a thirst for blood.

The old monk still in the temple, meditating, looked up, Mount Jadeon is getting hazy, with no sound of people, only the sounds of wind and thunder.

A great storm!

As lightning flashed, it lit up the temple for a second, the old monk was already standing at the door. Looking at the sky, he frowned.

At the west-end of the village, a black gas appeared. The old monk, standing in the temple, stared at the gas.

Suddenly, the black gas spiraled, like a tornado, moving toward to the temple. Traveling at great speed; the monk could see Baye was within the black gas.

The old monk did not hesitate, his skinny body leaped into the black gas.

From an unknown place in the dark, a sound of surprise came, “huh?”

After a few moments, the black gas stopped and circled above the temple. The old monk carried Baye down, a part of his ca.s.sock had been torn off.

Under the weak light, Baye’s eyes were closed; breathing steadily, difficult to tell if he was sleeping or fainted.

The old monk didn’t put Baye down. Looking up at the black gas, he said, “Mister’s skill is deeply profound; why are you attacking a little child? What a shame.”

A voice responded from within the darkness; “and who are you? How you dare to interrupt my plan?”

The old monk did not answer, but said, “this is near Mount Jadeon, if Jadeon knew that you, sir, are killing people here, I am fear for you, sir, will have a really difficult time.”

The man in the darkness responded, with disdain, “What is Jadeon? They only have a large number of people. You old bald-headed monk, give me that boy now.”

The old monk clasped his hands together responding, “Amitabha, monks are mercy. This old monk must not give the child to you.”

The man in the darkness responded, “stupid bald head, you want to die.”

As he spoke, a red light began flashing; Yin energy and ghostly spirits instantly flooded the temple.

“Poison Blood Banner!” the old monks face turned angry. “Animal! You practice that type of evil item, against nature and harm the people. I must not let you go!”

The voice did not respond, except for a cold laugh; suddenly, the sky turned red, the scent of blood permeated the air, a two yard banner appeared, ghostly wails grew louder, and the sound of bones crushing filled the air.

“Bald head, die!” the man in the black smoke shouted, and a ghostly face appeared on the banner bearing three horns, four eyes, pointed teeth, long fangs, the eyes on the ghost’s face opened, “Roar!” it became solid, arising out of the banner, attacking towards to the old monk.

The old monk grew even more angry; the more powerful the Poison Blood Banner is, the more people need to be killed to power it. With the power of the banner the man is using, it must be fueled by at least three hundreds people’s blood.

That person is heartless!

The ghost is getting closer, old monk still didn’t put Baye down, using the left hand which is holding the Jade Prayer Beads, he drew a circle in mid air, forming Lion Mark, gold light flash on the fingertips, a golden wheel appeared, blocking the ghost.

“All you have is just a little…” he not finish the word “trick”, when he felt his right arm got bitten by something, the body become numb with paralysis, eyes grew black, the wheel is about to fall.

The ghost’s face forehead separated in half, a large eye appeared, destroyed the wheel and hit hard against the monk’s chest.

The old monk fell back, Baye dropped to the ground, the old monk’s ribs broke, he fell onto the wall with so much force that the wall collapsed.

“HAHAHAHA…” the man laughed wildly.

The old monk stood up, blood spouted out from his mouth, dying the ca.s.sock crimson. The poison is getting closer to his heart.

He looked at Baye; he saw a colorful centipede coming out from his clothes. Size of a palm with 7 tails, each tail has its own individual color; very beautiful, but containing horror within.

“Seven Tails Centipede!” the monk’s voice let out as a low groan.

The black smoke growing heavier on his face, blood kept on flowing out from the mouth, seemed like he was going to fall, but not willing to. He look up at the black gas, “you hid that rare poison in that boy and waited, hiding your strength, finding the right time to attack me, you are after my life are you?”

The man in the gas gave a cold laugh “hehehe; right, I am after you Puzhi bald head. Had I not done this, it’s not easy to face your Skysong skills. Now hurry and give me Sinister Orb; in return, I will give you the antidote for Seven Tails Centipede, so you can live!”

Puzhi smiled, “shame that my name has ‘zhi’ (note1), and cannot stand the thought of you practicing Poison Blood Banner; as such, there is no way that I could want to give you Sinister Orb.” His face growing more serious, “If you want me to give you the evilest thing in this world, never think about it!”

The man in the dark got mad, “then go see your Buddha!” The ghost appeared again, it turned, and flew toward to Puzhi.

Puzhi roared, the ca.s.sock flapped wildly despite the lack of wind, his body looked bigger than before, left hand filled with strength, the string of Jade Prayer Bead broke, jade light flashed, the beads flew in front of Puzhi, only the purple orb fell straight toward to the ground.

Puzhi’s hand turns, and catches the falling orb, both hands forming Vase Mark, the whole body shone with gold light, and his mouth shouted, “Yan, Ma, Ne, Ba, Mi, Mou!”

“Six Words Incantation!”

When Puzhi said “Mou”, all of the Jade Beads lit up, the ghost came near, but couldn’t advance anymore. It froze in mid air.

Although he blocked it, his body still shook and fell back a little, the Seven Tails Centipede is the most powerful poison, even with a hundred years of Fuwa practice, its still hard to defend against it. But on his face, a smile appeared.


Puzhi made a Lion Roar, a Bead broke into pieces, forming the word “Buddha”, striking at the ghost.

The ghost screamed, the red light began to retreat. The man in the dark said, “You bald head!”

He tried to do something, seven, eight Jade bead turn into the word Buddha and hit against the ghost. When the ninth bead hit, five eyes smacked and the ghost fell on the ground, turning into blood.

At the same time, Puzhi coughed out blood, again, the blood had already turned black.

“Ah!” a scream came from the entrance of the the temple.

Puzhi and the man looked at the door, they saw Shaw Danon; Shaw Danon stared, horrified, at the scene.

The Seven Tails Centipede flew, as fast as lighting, toward to Shaw Danon.

Puzhi pointed, a Bead flew between Shaw Danon and the centipede; the centipede, knowing the power of the Bead, flew upward, into the black smoke.

The man in the smoke said, “Hehe, you are deserving to be known as Skysong’s Four Divine Monk, you can defend against my ‘King of Poison Blood’ while heavily injured, but you got poisoned by Seven Tails Centipede, how long you think you can survive? Now hurry and give me Sinister Orb.”

Puzhi’s eyes start to spout out black blood, “even if I am going to die, I need to kill you, devil!”

All the beads lit up, flew toward the black smoke, the bead that chased the Seven Tails Centipede went behind and ambushed him.

“Bang, Bang, Bang” green light shone everywhere, all the black smoke dispersed; a man in a black cloak descended slowly, his face could not be seen; only his eyes, a sword was tied on his back.

Puzhi said, “Sir, you are very strong, why not show your face?”

“Bald head, today I must kill you!”

He took his sword out, the sword has soft light, luminescent but not hurting the eyes.

“Nice sword,” Puzhi said.

The man walked seven steps, sword pointing toward the sky, saying:

煌煌天威,以剑引之!” (Note 2)

Dark clouds gathered, lightning began flashing, huge storm started roaring.

“Thunderblade!” Puzhi said with surprise.

“You are Jadeon!”

Note 1: Zhi mean wisdom
Note 2: “Rage of Nine Skies, turn to divine thunder.
Might of heaven, arrive at this sword!”

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