Zhu Xian Vol 1 Chapter 6 Meeting Master

Shaw Danon awoke, startled for a moment then slowly sat up; the things that had happened over the past rushed into his heart like the tides onto the sh.o.r.e.

Feels like waking up from a nightmare!

“You’ve woken up; that’s good.” A voice issued from the door; a person entered.

Shaw Danon looked up and recognized that he was Xavion, the disciple he had seen in Peak of Widow. In his mind, seeing familiar people, he felt slightly warmer.

“Song big brother.” Shaw Danon cried.

Although Xavion is a large fellow, his heart cannot help but feel sorrow. He went to the bed, touched Shaw Danon’s head, said softly: “xiao shidi, don’t be sad; from now on, we are one big family.”

Shaw Danon not understanding, asked: “What family?”

Xavion smiled and told him that Tian Bolis had adopted him as a disciple. Of course, the minor conflict between the Jadeon elders during the day at the Peak of Widow’s Crystal Hall, he will never learn of.

Shaw Danon listened, feeling a bit lost. Jadeon, in such a farm boy’s eyes, are like immortals; never having thought for one day that he will have the opportunity to join Jadeon. However, the price is not what he would have willingly paid for it.

He grit his teeth, feeling that it’s useless to think about the matter any longer. Then he said: “Song Shixiong.”

Xavion smiled, nodded, said: “Good. Xiao Shidi, you have slept for a day and night; you are probably hungry, right?”

Shaw Danon did not think that he was; but, after Xavion asked this, his stomach growled twice.

Xavion laughed: “Come, Xiao Shidi, we will eat something first, and then you can learn a bit about our faction; after, you can go see master and shi niang, and the other shixiongs.”

Shaw Danon nodded his head then got out of bed. Noticing the room he is in is quite similar to Peak of Widow Jadeon disciples’ room, but it seemed even larger.

Xavion walked with him as he explained: “Bamboo Peak is different from the other houses in Jadeon. We have very few people, the total number of people is ten, including you, so the room is larger.” Walking to the entrance there is also a similar small courtyard. Once out of the yard, there is also a hallway; but, there is only a dozen houses, far less than Peak of Widow.

Shaw Dannon followed Xavion toward the kitchen. Learning from his speech, Bamboo Peak has stood since Master Jade Leaf, reaching Tian Bolis’ hands now as the sixth generation; has always been the same way, not many people. Now the elders, except Master Tian Bolis, remain only as Shishu Surin, wife of Tian Bolis. The two have a daughter, Hidi, thirteen years old, two years older than Shaw Dannon; as such, Shaw Dannon is the true Xiao Shidi.

Among all of the disciples of Tian Bolis, Xavion is the oldest shixiong, following him is Wu Dayi, Zheng Dali, He Dazhi, Ludaxin, and Dubishu.

Shaw Danon trying his best to remember: “Oh, Dayi shixiong, Dali shixiong, Dazhi shixiong, Daxin shixiong, Dashu shixiong……”

Xavion laughed: “it’s Dubishu shixiong.”

Shaw Danon was slightly startled, then realizing, asked: “Why isn’t sixth shixiong the same?”

Xavion said: “Originally, he was indeed called Dashu, but you say that again and listen to it.”

Shaw Dannon murmured: “Dudashu, Dudashu, Uncle Du… …” then understood and began laughing.

Xavion also laughed: “You know, in fact, master does not really care about it. However, shi niang is very annoyed and, after a few times, she said how Du shidi does not respect his master and that he needed to learn some lessons; the Du shidi was scared half to death and quickly asked master and shi niang to provide a new name for him. Later, shi niang gave him the name ‘Dubishu.’ Say this name a few more times.”

Shaw Danon lightly said: “Dubishu, Dubishu, gambling must lose … …” broke out in laughter so hard that he bent himself forward.

Xavion had originally planned to make him laugh, perhaps it would help diminish his feelings of grief; seeing Shaw Danon happy, he smiles: “Sixth shidi was really addicted to gambling before he arrived her. Later, by chance, master brought him here; although he does not gamble anymore, he usually loves to put bets down for fun, shi niang doing this is also a warning.”

Shaw Danon smiled, the mournful mood had been softened a lot. Also seeing da shixiong is so kind, the fear of the future also gradually settled down.

After eating in the kitchen, Xavion took Shaw Danon to the Bamboo Peak’s main hall “Hall of Quietude.” All of the people from Jadeon’s Bamboo Peak at the moment are all in the Hall of Quietude. Paved with red bricks, red tiles and stone pillars; a “Tai Chi” carved on the ground, everything is simple.

There are two people seated on chairs, one is Tian Bolis, the second person is a quiet, graceful woman of about thirty; there is an adorable little girl standing beside her with a pair of watery bright eyes.

The other five male disciples lined up, standing below, tall or short, strong or thin, at that moment all of their eyes were peering at Shaw Danon.

Xavion stepped up and said respectfully: “master, shi niang, disciple has brought Xiao Shidi here.”

Tian Bolis snorted, slightly impatient, Surin looked at Shaw Danon, said: “Daren, he had slept for a day and a night. I fear he is hungry, you should take him to eat something first.”

Xavion said: “In reply to Shi niang, I had just went to the kitchen with Xiao Shidi.”

Surin nodded, looked at Tian Bolis, no longer speaking. Tian Bolis snorted again, said: “let’s begin.”

Shaw Danon, uncertain what to do, heard Xavion whisper behind him: “Xiao Shidi, quickly kneel down and kowtow to master.”

Shaw Danon immediately knelt down, “dong dong dong” kowtowed more than ten times in a row, heavily and loudly.

“Ha ha.” Hidi, the little girl could not help laughing. Surin smile: “Good boy, nine times is enough.”

Shaw Danon replied “Oh,” then stopped and looked up. People saw his large, red forehead; could not help laughing aloud. However, in Tian Bolis’ eyes, Shaw Danon was so stupid that he could not even be more stupid; the thought of teaching another idiot in the future, his large head seems to grow slightly bigger.

“Well, that’s it,” Tian Bolis was in a very bad mood, waving: “Daren, you take care of him first, teach him the rules of our faction and some basic methods of Taoism.”

Xavion answered: “Yes,” hesitated, then said, “But Master, xiao shidi was still little, this entry disciple’s homework … …”

Tian Bolis rolled his eyes, responded: “do it.” Stood up, and, without looking back, went to the back hall; all the disciples bowed together, said: “escort master.”

After Tian Bolis left, and before anyone said anything, the little girl Hidi already jumped in front of Shaw Danon and started staring at him closely. Shaw Danon, seeing her cute face in front of his eyes, although still young, but already beautiful; when he was in Gra.s.stemple Village, he had never seen such a beautiful girl around his age. He could not help blushing.

“Ha,” Hidi seeming like she had found a treasure, pointing to Shaw Danon, laughed out loud: “shixiongs, you see, he blushes when he sees me.”

Bursts of laughter filled the hall, Shaw Danon’s face became even more red. Surin came over and said: “Ling’er, don’t make fun of shidi.”

Hidi made a face, but does not take her mother’s words into mind; standing straight up she tells Shaw Danon: “Hey, call me shijie.”

Shaw Danon’s heart was angry, but seeing Hidi’s bright eyes and beautiful body, his heart grew confused, can not help but respond: “shijie.”

Hidi was always the youngest in Bamboo Peak, but now she has gained a shidi that is younger than her, she was very happy. She was pretending to be an elder in front of Shaw Danon, said: “good boy, xiao shidi, you need to listen to shijie oh.”

Shaw Dannon answered: “Yes.”

Surin pulled her daughter aside, said: “don’t speak anymore nonsense.” Then, she turned to Xavion and said, “Daren, xiao shidi is still young, I am worried that homework may be a little difficult; so, take good care of him.”

Xavion said respectfully: “Yes.”

The other five shidi stood together laughing, looking at each other; all are happy that Xavion is the one tasked with taking care of Shaw Danon.

Just then, Surin suddenly made a strange movement; turning the neck as though she were stretching muscles, significantly different than her graceful temperament just moments before. Just at that moment, all Bamboo Peak disciples stopped laughing, tongue-tied; they seemed like they sensed disaster coming.

Surin cleared her throat, said: “You ……”

“Shi niang,” Xavion shouted, forehead sweating.

Surin frowned and said: “what?”

The remaining five shidi also said at the same time: “da shixiong, what are you doing?”

Xavion hurriedly said: “Shi niang, Xiao Shidi just started, disciple is following master’s order to teach him the rules of our faction and the daily homework. So, we need to go now.”

Surin was quiet for a moment, then nodded and said: “you are right, go.”

“What?” The remaining five shidi shouted.

Xavion laughed hollowly, stepped forward and picked up Shaw Danon, not waiting for anyone to say anything, immediately they went outside, he said: “xiao shidi, let shixiong find a quiet place first, then teach you the rules.”

Hidi followed with a smile. Someone behind him scolded loudly: “Shame on you Da shixiong!”



Shaw Danon heard these and was puzzled. Thinking to himself: “why would people call da shixiong coward for teaching him the rules?”

As his mind was thinking, Surin suddenly shouted, as cold as ice and snow: “Shut up!”

The hall was quiet immediately.

Surin said: “All of you are useless; all of you got scared once you saw that I want to test your cultivation. Another five years from now is Jadeon’s ‘Seven Peak Tournament’ held every sixty years; the last time you had your master and I angry half to death, if this time you do not try harder, we will look shameful in front of other houses! Come on, all five of you come together… …”

Xavion ran faster and faster, ran out of the hall and went straight to the back hill. Shaw Danon sprawled over his shoulder, the brushes on both sides pa.s.s by at high speed. Hidi had taken out a red silk with light amber coloring; half transparent, radiating soft red light, apparently a cultivator esper. At this time Hidi, standing on top of the red silk, made a random sign with her hand and the silk carried her flying in the air, following Xavion from behind.

Shaw Danon had never seen such a miraculous thing, he was more than surprised. Seeing Hidi flying, his eyes showed admiration.

Hidi saw his expression and felt very proud, catching up with Shaw Danon flying next to him, she said: “what is it, aren’t I powerful?”

Shaw Danon kept on nodding and said: “Yes, yes, yes, yes, shijie you are really powerful, shijie you can run very fast while standing on red cloth!”

Hidi thought for a moment, then realized, figuring out what he meant by the red cloth, she could not help laughing: “fool!”

Shaw Danon, puzzled, heard Xavion laugh: “xiao shidi, what you are talking about, that is ‘Phoenix Soul’ crafted by shi niang while she was young, her famous esper. Very powerful. One of the most well known cultivator espers in Jadeon, how is it become the, the red cloth?”

Shaw Danon blushed and secretly looked at Hidi, only saw her laughing at him.

After running for a while, the three went to the slopes of the small back hill. Xavion stopped and put down Shaw Danon. Hidi also landed on earth, hand’s sign to return, seeming like there is a spirit within “Phoenix Soul,” it automatically rolled up, plate around her waist, appearing like a nice red belt.

This hillside was covered with bamboo, some thick some thin, flourishing across the forest. But, looking closely, the bamboo is different and unusual; it had black bamboo joint.

Xavion, pointing to the bamboo forest, tells Shaw Danon: “Xiao shidi, we Bamboo Peak house have a rule; the early entry disciples need to cut down bamboo here daily. You are still young, just chop one down daily for the first three months; as for the thickness, that is up to you.”

When Shaw Danon heard Xavion talk about homework at the beginning, Surin also needed Xavion to take care of him, his mind thought it should be difficult, but he found out it is like chopping firewood. He was born in Gra.s.stemple Village, as a farmer’s child, he went with adults to the hill several times to cut firewood; his heart widened with a smile, he said “da shixiong, I have chopped wood before, don’t worry.”

Xavion wanted to say something, but paused; smiled for a moment and said: “That’s good. We will walk back slowly, I will let you remember the trail, then you can come here alone in the future. On the way back, I will teach you the rules of our faction.”

Hidi laughed: “Da shixiong, why do you run in such a hurry to say something so useless and then slowly walk back; are you afraid my mother will beat you up?”

Xavion’s face grew red, not bothering with her and instead telling Shaw Danon: “xiao shidi, you must remember well, the faction’s first regulation, must respect master… …”

In fact, Jadeon Bamboo Peak’s head Tian Bolis is just lazy, although he seeks reputation he has always been too lazy to discipline his disciples. Generally, he just teaches them the basics of Taoism then later pays no attention, letting the disciples off on their own self study. But his wife, Surin, always loves to compete with others, often getting into fights. Very famous when she was young, but after marrying Tian Bolis, her temper had reduced significantly but then often felt bored. Also, secondly, the disciples are so useless, in Jadeon’s “Seven Peak Tournament” held every sixty years, for many sessions, all the Bamboo Peak disciples were defeated; aside from Da Shixiong Xavion who won one round, the rest had all lost and become Jadeon’s joke.

Surin always wants to win, how could she bear such a shame of loss, so, often, she “teaches” the disciples on her husband, Tian Bolis’, behalf. Although she looks soft, her temper is quite urgent; her cultivation is extremely high, she may beat the disciples black and blue all over if not careful. People fear the beautiful shi niang far more than the fat, short master.

By this time, it was already late, the sun sunk to the west; a brilliant sunset painted the sky. Sun shining down on Bamboo Peak, they walk slowly to the mountain. The barking of a dog came from the house on top of the peak mixed with scream of some poor men

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