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Defense specialization and quest 2

「Now that we can see the forest, There’s the Entrance, go in from there」

「This, Can’t we just go flying?」 Maple get off in front of the forest and called back syrup into the ring.
「Saa, Let’s Hurry up!」
「Un(yes)! This way is good right?」 There was a small path in front of them. Because the woman points at that path, there should be no mistake. Maple goes deeper and deeper. Because the woman is always at the range of【Cover】, protecting her will be easy. Originally there should be battles before they can reach the forest, but because Maple has her own special way, she was able to avoid that. Of course, that way is Syrup.
「【Paralyze Shout】!」 Because Maple’s attack doesn’t affect the woman, even if Maple is surrounded, she just needs to use this skill calmly.
「For now its okay not to beat them right?」 But Maple is different from other players, she is slow. And it increases the chance of being attacked. Guided by the woman, when they arrive at the middle of the forest, her skill “Bizarre Eater (akujiki)” already run out of use.
「Let’s change to crystal shield」 Changing equipment with a shield that emits purple color, Maple followed the woman.
「That’s! That’s the 【Tree of Life】!」 The tree that the woman came over to was only half as large as the surrounding trees
「Nanka(It Looks), different from what I thought」 What Maple imagined was a huge tree that emits holy light
「This Leaf work well for illness」  Woman takes several leaves from branches and shows it to Maple.
「hee…. Is that so. Is it okay if I take some too?」 Maple tried to take some but was blocked by an invisible wall. She can’t go near the tree. It looks like players can only collect it as a limited event item.
「It’s okay now」
「Jaa(Then), Let’s go back」 Maple summons Syrup and make him fly. After that she uses “Kyodai-ka/Enlarge” because there is not enough space down there.
「Syrup Please!」 Syrup’s altitude is higher than the usual. Maple thinks of what to do for a moment but she came up with a good idea.
It’s not climbing the tree.
Of course, it’s not a jump too.
「【Crystal wall】!」 From Maple Feet Purple Crystal extend and bounce maple up.
Of course it’s not how this skill is originally used
「Syrup!」 Bounced up Maple was bit by Syrup from head till around her shoulder. If other people see this, it will become a shocking spectacle for sure.
Doesn’t matter how you see it, Flying Turtle that eats people can only can be seen in paintings. And like that Maple was thrown away into Syrup’s back and got in place.
「A…. What should I do with her…?」 When Maple wants to check the woman NPC under her, she just jumped from up the tree and fly to Syrup’s foot.
「Let’s go. My daughter’s already waiting」
「Ye-yes」 Maple Fly up to the sky. That time Maple muttered what comes inside her mind
「This person can absolutely go alone….」 It can’t be helped if you think with that woman’s power, she can go to the forest normally
And After that when they flew out from the forest.
「Haa…. Haa…. Thank you for protecting me. If it’s like before, I must be already done for…」 「Ee!? W-What are you talking about so suddenly?」 Maple didn’t do anything special. She just fly in the sky.
Nope, just flying in the sky is already counted as abnormal. Originally, stronger monsters will be their opponents. Large Shield Equipment with lack of Attack power will be easily defeated. The woman words, can be heard after overcoming that. Because Maple just goes through it without encountering any, it became a weird.
「Kishi-sama(knight) you sure are gentle」
「Ee…to….Somehow, I’m sorry」 Maple somehow feels sorry but she doesn’t say anything. Because Maple can’t bear the atmosphere, she hurry up to go back to the town
「Yoshi! Arrive!」 Maple Get down from Syrup in front of the town, and unsummon syrup back to the ring. Next aim is this woman’s house.
「Thank you very much! I will go first」 The woman hurried up and run towards her home. Maple speed can’t follow her.
「….Let’s go slowly」 Since the event will not continue till Maple arrives in there, it’s not like everything will be done before that. This is how the setting is set up.
After walking for a while, Maple arrives at the woman house. When Maple opened the door, the woman was just about to let the girl drink something. A Dark Deep Green Liquid is in a container.
For Maple, just from seeing it, it looks bitter and makes her doesn’t want to drink it. The girl who drank it also makes a stiffed face.
「Kehoo,kehoo…..Un… I feel much better….. gohoo,Gohoo」(cough voice)
「What a terrible cough…! aaa! What should I do!」 The woman Mourn/grief/sorrow (EDN: can’t find good one) That time, in front of maple a blue window appear.
Quest【Benevolence knight (Hakuai no Kishi) 2】
A new quest skill occurred. Of course Maple accepts it.
「Kishi-sama(knight), do you still want to help me?」
「e,un…as expected I can’t leave it alone.」 Even now the girl is still coughing non-stop, it looks her condition is getting worse.
「Then … please take me to the 【fountain of demons】the Place is northwest after you go out from the town!」
「un, Understood」 After saying that the woman go out first to the town.
「N?…I acquired a skill」
【Benevolence knight (Hakuai no Kishi)】
Even though the name is already at her skill column, it doesn’t have any effect. What in there is just the name of the skill.
「Nn? There’s no effect?…. is it because the event is not done yet?」
If it’s like that, then Maple right now can’t just drop the quest. Maple goes out to the town.
「It’s to the Northwest!」
「Ookee. Northwest dane (right)」 It’s already become natural for Maple to use Syrup and fly and head toward northwest. Surrounding players too are not surprised, as the number of people who saw it and the people who hear the rumors about Maple already increased.
Oh, it’s just Maple like always. It became that kind of way of thinking
When you always come across with unnatural things, it will become a natural one. Maybe the day where all players will think something like, “aa today, Maple is flying in the sky huu”, is not that far away.
「It will not end with the 2nd right…. there must be a third…」 Maple muttered Because it felt like it will be a half-hearted quest if it ends at number 2. And the content of the quest doesn’t change at all. It doesn’t seem it will end with this one.
「Aa!?【Bizarre Eater (Akujiki)】still not recovered!」 Maple noticed something while at Syrup’s back. It will probably become dangerous if she needs to fight.
「uun…. If it doesn’t look good, we can just go and retreat.」 It will be meaningless if the woman dies. For now Maple will just go toward their destination and after that she will check from sky the situation around the fountain before going down.
– –

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